Science Centre Singapore celebrates Mid-Autumn with first-ever lantern carnival

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SC Alien Lantern 1

Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di have been looking forward to visit this place ever since they knew that it is having its first-ever lantern carnival.

We are going to see “aliens”! How exciting!

Can you guess where is it?

SC Alien Lantern 2

It’s Science Centre Singapore (SCS)! It is hosting the first-ever lantern carnival by the lake just besides Snow City. 

Science Centre Singapore is one of the boys’ favourite places to visit. As we are members, the boys are often at the Science Centre. Gor Gor now at Primary 3 is very interested in Science and will often visit Science Centre to satisfy his curiosity and eagerness to learn more.

SC Alien Lantern 3

Now for the first time in 37 years, the aliens have landed! 22 human-sized aliens and UFO-inspired lantern designs will line SCS’s iconic lakeside to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. 

SC Alien Lantern 4

“Alien is here!” Gor Gor and Di Di are so happy to be able to see the “alien”.

Look out for the aliens character mascot which will be roaming around the lakeside. 

SC Alien Lantern 5

The boys started their adventure to explore the lakeside and get to know each of the alien that has landed!

SC Alien Lantern 7SC Alien Lantern 9SC Alien Lantern 8SC Alien Lantern 6

So many aliens, all unique and colourful!

SC Alien Lantern 10

“What happened to the alien?”  Found out what happened to this alien at SCS’s lakeside. 

SC Alien Lantern 11 SC Alien Lantern 15

The boys having fun poising with their alien friends. 

SC Alien Lantern 12 SC Alien Lantern 13 SC Alien Lantern 14

Carry your lanterns, stroll along the scenic SCS’s lakeside, enjoy the breeze, explore and admire the first ever alien lantern displays.

Children will receive free lantern while stocks last with very purchase of the Lantern Carnival By The Lake tickets.

Bring your camera, take lots of photos as individuals with a flair for taking fun photos could also stand to win up to $300 in cash as part of an Instagram contest.

To participate, visitors just have to post a wacky, funny and creative photo of themselves at Lantern Carnival by the Lake on Instagram between 8 September to 5 October, with the hashtags #ILoveScienceCentre and #CarnivalByTheLake.

Come and visit Mid-Autumn Carnival by the lake beside Snow City from now till 5 October!

Additional Information:

Mid-Autumn Carnival by the Lake

Venue: Science Centre Singapore Lakeside (beside Snow City)

Date: 8 September – 5 October 2014

Opening Hours: 

5.00pm – 10.00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Ticket prices*: $5 (normal), $3 (PAssion Card holders) – no difference in adult and child ticket prices.

* Normal entry fees apply for other Science Centre attractions.

This year’s event will play on children’s interest in extraterrestrial beings, with 22 human-sized alien and UFO-inspired lanterns lining SCS’ iconic lakeside. In addition, visitors can look forward to other highlights, such as lantern-making workshops, liquid nitrogen demonstrations and star-gazing sessions. 

1-Snow City Activities Timetable

Please click HERE for more information. 



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