Science Centre Singapore’s 35th Anniversary Open House and the first ever Science Street Fair

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Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di were invited to the first ever Science Street Fair at Singapore Science Centre. We learnt that it is going to be an exciting, high energy mega celebration of explosive science performances, thrilling street challenges, mega exhibitions, unique game stalls, good food and hands-on activities that will fill up your whole day. The kids were thrilled when they heard of the interesting activities that will be held at the Fair.

Let Gor Gor and Di Di show you around and introduced some of the interesting booths that we have tried.


Rescue Diver, you have to squeeze the bottle of water to sink the diver and attempt to hook the beacon onto the diver. Float both the diver and the beacon back to the top to win standard tokens which you can exchange for prizes.

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Nuts! It was a game that required you to stack a series of 6 nuts and balance a tray on the palm of one hand.

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Stack Them Up, while holding onto a flat popsicle stick between the teeth, you are required to stack 6 dices, one at a time within the given time frame.

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Yay, we also took the train ride!


“This is the Puzzles game and I am supposed to piece everything together within 20 seconds. It can be challenging!”

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Rocketing With Water, you will get to build your own “rocket”, filled it up with water and launched it. 


Hole-in-One, Gor Gor had fun playing golf and going around the different booths to try out the activities to collect the tokens.


Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di would like to thank the kind and lovely organisers and Science Centre team for inviting us. We are Science Geeks and we love Science!

More information about the Science Street Fair held at Science Centre Singapore,
15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081 on the following dates:

8 & 9 Nov (9.30am – 9pm)
10 & 11 Nov (9.30am – 7pm)

Admission is free and free entry to Science Centre in conjuction with the open house. You can purchase the street fair (full value) coupon at $20 which can be used at any F&B stall, activity booth and workshop.

For information, please click HERE. Have fun!



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