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Our Parenting World junior journalist, Vincent is very excited to share the new Science Spy Magazine by Science Centre Singapore. Science Spy magazine is a supplementary Science magazine developed by Marshall Cavendish Education and Science Centre Singapore for Primary Science. It features a wide range of Science articles and activities to stimulate interest, engage pupils and extend learning beyond the classroom. The magazine complements the primary school Science curriculum by introducing Science to students using real-world content, targeted for Primary 3 to 6 students.

Vincent has always been interested in Science and Science Centre Singapore is his favourite place to visit and learn more about the wonders of Science. Thanks to the inspiration from Science Centre that helps to cultivate and grow his interest and passion for Science, he has been constantly doing well for his Science subject scoring high marks in Band 1 category ever since Primary 3. With the new Science Spy Magazine, he is looking forward to increase and broaden his knowledge further in Science! 

What does the magazine offer?

  • Wide variety of articles on Science topics
  • Select highlights of exciting exhibitions or events in Science Centre Singapore
  • Stunning photographs and colourful illustrations to bring Science to life
  • Exercises that are mapped on the latest MOE syllabus
  • Intriguing experiments and contests with exciting prizes

Editorial sections of the magazine include the following:

Section Title Description
Hot Stuff Hot Stuff puts the spotlight on highly interesting, informative or fun stories about research or news that are in discussion around the globe.
What’s new at SCS What’s New at SCS highlights current or upcoming offerings that include events, exhibitions, educational programmes or competitions at Science Centre, KidsSTOP, Snow City or Omni-Theatre.
Science Rockers Science Rockers profiles the fascinating careers of industry practitioners (STEM professionals), as well as their personal interests, and advice to curious children.
The Experimental Corner The Experimental Corner presents simple Physics or Chemistry – related topics, experiments and their real world applications!
Amazing World Amazing World talks about events, places and topics relating to earth science, space science or astronomy.
Tech Talk Tech Talk describes interesting life-hacks as well as disruptive, clean, awe-inspiring, futuristic technologies.
Science in a Nutshell Science in a Nutshell gives quick commentaries on the world of Science by taking a look at everyday questions or explaining the Science behind shows, demonstrations and exhibits out there.
Incredible Finds Incredible Finds uncovers discoveries around the world about fascinating animals, plants or finds in the fields of palaeontology, archaeology and history.
Bio Buzz Bio Buzz examines human biology as well as health- and medical-related topics, including discoveries about new experimental drugs for diseases.
Cover Story The Cover Story features the most interesting Science discoveries and facts that have changed the way we see the world.
Adventures with Dr Atom This colourful comic of Dr Atom and friends chronicles their adventures as they use everyday Science in their quests, battling their misguided nemesis!
Test Prep Test Prep gives children authentic exercises with questions that help children practice and grow their confidence.
Spy News Spy News gives compact information about an interesting topic in a way that children can easily relate to.
Science at Work Science at Work provides step-by-step instructions, teaching children how to conduct and experience safe experiments in the comfort in their own space.
X-Factor X-Factor looks at what’s noteworthy and special about things we see everyday.
Ethics Watch
(new feature)
Ethics Watch reminds children that ethics is an important aspect of Science. It provides a brief but insightful look into the morals of Science learning.
Young Edventurers Young Edventurers calls out to budding scientists to send in their edventure works – riddles, puzzles, jokes, drawings, stories, photographs of pets – and win cool prizes.
Puzzle Tussle & Search Saurus Puzzle Tussle & Search Saurus will challenge curious minds that will discover there is fun in learning.

Issue 92 of the Science Spy magazine will mark the beginning of a new collaboration between Marshall Cavendish Education and Science Centre Singapore. It will be circulated once every two months (from the July/August issue) at SGD $40 for 1-year subscription (6 issues). 

To subscribe, please email: [email protected] 

For more information on the new Science Spy magazine, please click HERE


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