Shake up your stationery game with Pilot Pen’s latest addition to its beloved ‘The Shaker’ line

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In every stationery collection, a reliable mechanical pencil serves as a companion for users in their daily tasks or creative endeavours. This February, Pilot Pen is enhancing its adored ‘The Shaker’ mechanical pencil line by introducing a new, economical Japan-made model, along with three limited edition barrel colours for the 0.5mm nibs. With a more accessible price point, this latest release ensures that the writing experience with ‘The Shaker’ is now within reach for everyone.

Originally launched in 1985, this dependable line of mechanical pencils transformed the industry and has consistently upheld its status as an iconic presence in the world of writing instruments. Featuring a unique “Shake” or “Press” feeding mechanism, which allows users to extend the lead by simply shaking their pencil up and down, it remains a favourite writing companion for students, working professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

Introducing the economical ‘The Shaker’ mechanical pencil

As the most pocket-friendly option in The Shaker line-up to date, the newest addition retails at S$2.20 (with GST) while retaining the renowned Shaker mechanism, delivering quality and functionality at a more accessible price point.

Simply shake the pencil a few times or press on the pencil cap to advance the lead. Once users have finished writing, the pencil lead can be retracted quickly by pressing it back into the writing unit. Cleverly engineered to prevent lead breakage, ‘The Shaker’ also includes a retractable tip to ensure a clean and mess-free writing experience.

‘The Shaker’ is available in two different lead sizes – 0.5mm and 0.7mm, easily differentiated by the distinctly-coloured silver or gold stamping on the clip of the pencil. While the 0.5mm pencils come with three additional limited-edition barrel colours, ‘Pastel Mint Green’, ‘Pastel Pink’ and ‘Pastel Purple’ both the 0.5mm and 0.7mm pencils offer a spectrum of eight different colours including and ‘Black’, ‘Light Green’, ‘Navy’, ‘Orange’, ‘Peacock Green’, ‘Pink’, ‘Purple’ and ‘Sky Blue’ to suit every preference. 

Top to Bottom: Pilot Pen ‘The Shaker’ limited-edition 0.5mm in Pastel Mint Green, Pastel Pink and Pastel Purple

This tried-and-true mechanical pencil is designed with an ergonomic rubber grip, ensuring a comfortable writing experience for everyday use. Additionally, the pencil also comes equipped with a handy-dandy built-in eraser, allowing mistakes to be rectified effortlessly. ‘The Shaker’ is also perfect for those who are constantly on the go! With its attached clip, users can securely and conveniently attach the pencil to notebooks, pockets and bags as they take on the day.

Thoughtfully designed as an effortless, no-frills and user-friendly mechanical pencil option, the latest addition to ‘The Shaker’ line still embodies the classic features that users have come to love. Step into the realm of writing possibilities with ‘The Shaker’ and embrace the latest economical addition to the fan-favourite mechanical pencil line today.

The new Pilot Pen The Shaker mechanical pencils are available at all major bookstores* from 27 February 2024.

* The new Pilot Pen The Shaker mechanical pencils will be available at all major bookstores including NBC Stationery & Gifts, Hands, Popular Bookstores and THINK Bookshop.

To find out more about Pilot Pen Singapore, please visit their official Facebook , Instagram and TikTok page.


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