Shilin Stone Forest, Colourful Yunnan and eating Cross Bridge Noodles

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The next day, we went to Shilin Stone Forest which is a renowned Heritage Site, this gallery of stone sculpture was created after long process of erosion.

Beautiful blooming flowers at the entrance of the Stone Forest.

Main entrance to Shilin Stone Forest

Shilin Stone Forest is so amazing, look at the formation. Gor Gor has not seen such huge rocks before.

Look at the rocks! Our local tour guide advises us when we take photos of the rocks to include parts of the sky as it will better portray how majestic the rocks are!

Our guide told us that according to a legend, one of the Eight Immortals actually took a rest here and since then, it has been called the best place to rest.

One of the main attractions of Shilin Stone Forest is the Jianfengchi (Sword Peak Pond). It used to look like a sword until an earth quake struck and the upper part had fallen. Our guide told us to take a good picture of the Jianfengchi, you must capture the reflection of it by including the water. You can see the reflection of the sword and its wording on the pond.

Next stop is to climb up to the peak of the Shilin Stone Forest to have a bird’s eye view of the breath taking rock formation.

Wow! I am at the peak. 

That day was very sunny and look at Gor Gor’s expression.

We stayed at the peak for a while to take pictures and admire the scenery. On our way back to ground level, our guide pluck a leaf and struck it at Gor Gor’s shirt.

He said when he was a little boy, he used to play with this type of leaves as it will stick to clothing. 

Gor Gor saw a group of locals dancing and he can’t help but to dance with them. Our tour members felt that Gor Gor was so adorable!

This place is known as the little Shilin Stone Forest.

This is the most famous rock formation. In the Yi ethnic group, women are called Ashima. 阿诗玛. This rock looks like a girl of the Sani people which is a branch of the Yi ethnic group. The rock looks like a girl with a kerchief on her head and a bamboo basket on her back. 

During lunch at the restaurant, we saw these meaning words in the picture below which we would like to share with everyone.

Gor Gor making funny faces.  

After lunch, we were led to do shopping at Colourful Yunan. It is a huge shopping place with individual buildings selling jade, herbs, aromatherapy oils, chinese teas and so on.

We are at Colourful Yunan.

We were first brought to the building that specialise in selling jade and our guide told us that this piece of jade rock is priceless.

We were given lots of time to shop around and we went to explore a few places.

Gor Gor made a wish at the wishing pond. What did you wish for?

There is a huge pond full of fishes.

Look how big the fishes are, look at their mouths!

I want to feed them.

The uncles at our tour group are so nice to Gor Gor, they got him fish food to feed the fishes. Thank you!

Gor Gor feeding the fishes. He is so focus on feeding them.

After visiting Colourful Yunan, we were brought to eat dinner at a restaurant cum performances.

I am hungry and I can’t wait to eat dinner.


This is the famous dish of Yunan called Cross-bridge Noodle.

Gor Gor had a good time eating dinner and watching the spectacular performances. 

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to celebrate two of our tour group members’ birthdays.

 The two lovely birthday girls 

Making a birthday wish.

Blowing the candles together.

Happy Birthday!


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