Sidersonline – Local Brand that creates Fun Tees, Bags and Accessories


Sidersonline, a local brand that was created in 2018 known for their in-house designed humorous tees and bags that are designed to bring joy and laughter!

Sidersonline designs and offers a range of products ranging from tees to bags to desk and other accessories. Their “Positive Totes” series and range of illustrated tees are currently the fans’ favourites. The positive totes are their abstract-based designs on bags which they have specially created to represent positivity and optimism through colours, lines and objects. As for their tees, they are illustrated with cute drawings and phrases, typically with a twist or a funny pun, which makes them relatable and funny! Their brand motto of #wearhappy, hopes to provide joy and happiness when customers wear their products.

To commemorate the upcoming National day, Sidersonline has a specially designed range of nostalgic items ranging from tees, bags to small accessories/wearables featuring Singapore’s favourite food/items. Sidersonline has also created a super fun packaging which they promise would be an exciting experience when you first see it! Sidersonline feels this is a great opportunity for them to showcase their range of products, especially their nostalgic designs of tees and bags which will definitely resonate with a majority of Singaporean families. They also hope their cheerful merchandise can boost the morale of fellow Singaporeans as we tackle the latest Covid-19 challenges currently facing us.

To find out more about Sidersonline’s innovative and creative range of local series products including a line-up of tees, shopper totes, accessories (brooches, enamel pins, stickers) and to purchase their products, please go to


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