SingaPlural 2015 celebrating Singapore Design Week Returns From March 10th – 15th 2015

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Our Parenting World team had earlier attended the media preview of the opening of SingaPlural 2015. Please scroll down to find out more about the exhibition that showcase the finest design elements from talented designers both locally and internationally.

SingaPlural Tour

Photo Credit: SingaPlural 2015

We had the opportunity to join ‘Follow the Dots: Tour’ where participants were brought to a process journey of design starting from visiting the designers’ studios where designers shared with the participants their work approaches and ideas, to manufacturers’ production facilities where prototyping and production take place, and finally to design retailers where creations are sold with a story. This experience accords participants a holistic view of the design industry.

The half day tour consisted of 3 locations that included a visit to a design studio, workshop and ended with a visit to a retail/showroom.

There were four different tour routes and our team went for Route 3. First, we started off with ‘Location A: Studio’ where we visited Stuck, a multi-faceted design consultancy that creates innovative products and services sensitive to business, people, technology and environment. Stuck is founded by 5 partners, Jieyu, Donn, Hans, Edwin and Tze. They have worked with many clients which included Dell, World Kitchen, Singapore Polytechnic, Motorola, HP and many more. 


Photo Credit: SingaPlural 2015

At Stuck, we get to hear from the designers and understand how they develop their thoughts into products that will work. As the products they showcase to us are still work in process, we are not able to take any photos in the studio however all the participants have a deeper understanding of what goes behind in developing a product. Please click HERE to find out more about Stuck and be amazed with the talented team and their designs. 

SingaPlural 1

Next, we moved on to ‘Location B: Workshop – Polystone’ for many of the participants they have not been to a Polystone workshop before and it was an interesting and educating experiences for us. 

SingaPlural 3SingaPlural 4

Polystone company is founded by Mrs May Koh who passionately shared with us about the uses and wonders of natural stone. She shown to us the various types of natural marble, onyx and explained why these natural stones are good to us. She also shared with us how the factory processed these beautiful natural stone into finished products. 


To find out more about Polystone, please click HERE and we can’t help admiring the beautiful stone in the factory. Thanks to Mrs May Koh and her team for sharing with us and participants brought a wealth of knowledge about natural stone back with them. 

SingaPlural 10

Our final stop, we visited ‘Location C: Retail/Showroom – Noden’ which is an independent lifestyle store offering authentic vintage Scandinavian furniture, lifestyle and design goods established in 2013. 

SingaPlural 11 SingaPlural 12

At Noden, it has meticulously selected range of apparel, art, beautifully crafted vintage furniture and design goods to put in their showroom. It hopes to offer a way for consumers to engage with tales from another lifestyle and era. To find out more about Noden and look at its range of products, please click HERE. Noden also offers free delivery across Singapore.

If you would like to know more about ‘SingaPlural Follow the Dots: Tour’ and other routes, please click HERE


{Media Invite and Event Highlight} – Article posted on 10 March 2015

The highly anticipated SingaPlural 2015 organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) has finally started and Our Parenting World team attended the media preview to indulge in the finest design elements from the talented designers showcasing their artworks. There are so much to see and explore at SingaPlural 2015 which for the first time, the main programmes are all housed in one iconic location, former Central Police Station at 99 Beach Road. The theme for SingaPlural 2015 is known as ‘Process’ and it is the anchor event of the Singapore Design Week by Design Singapore Council.

Here are some of the key highlights from SingaPlural 2015 :

SingaPlural 1

The Marriage by Miun where her installation begins from the essence of a flower which is her favourite material. She creates new species of flowers fused from the real and the fake as a result, this is marriage. 

SingaPlural 2

A closer look at her creative and beautiful flowers where she extracts the essence of the real flowers’ petals, patterns, original details and create abstract laminate flower parts. She will then fuse these parts with real flower parts to form the new species. 

SingaPlural 3

PACK by wynk;collaborative. PACK is a modular reinterpretation of the pet house and an easily configurable solution to deal with pets as they grow. 

SingaPlural 4

This creative design enables the pet house to expand as the pet grows and it is compact allows you to carry it along. It is made compact so as to reduce assembly/maintenance fuss while maintaining cost efficiency. How innovative and smart! 

SingaPlural 6 SingaPlural 5

Pick and Play by In Merry Motion where the designers create customisable decorative laminate parts with the aim to create dialogues within the community and to get others involved and interested with their experiential and interactive nature. 

SingaPlural 7

Hundreds and Thousands is a table and wall-cladding by Tiffany Loy that explore the unexpected combination of texture on texture using textured surfaces to create graphic motifs. It is interesting to see that by inlaying the laminates, a new range of surface design is achieved.

All the above is known as Project X which is anchored by Lamitak, a leading home-grown brand of high pressured laminates (HPL). This project is the key expression of ‘Process’ for SingaPlural. 

SingaPlural 8

My Singapore Memory by Raffles Design Institute showcases work-in-progress pieces from a joint project between Ayam Brand and the talented students from Raffles Design Institute whom build sculptures out of Ayam Brand to represent the concepts.

SingaPlural 9

Exhibition by Singapore Institute of Planners with the design concept of re-inventing Singapore’s future urban spaces. 

SingaPlural 10

‘You Have To Know Me To Love Me’ by Ezzam Rahman who has been working on this since 2014. This exhibition is an extension performance art cum site specific installation art piece where he uses one main material that is talcum powder. 

SingaPlural 11

Icons of Sembawang by Chan Wai Lim showcases a range of outdoor children rocking furniture which is inspired by her childhood kampong days. She would like to share her memories where simple pleasures came from playing with animals and hand-made objects from kampong days.

This year SingaPlural’s festive theme ‘Process’ also reflects six festival pillars which include Project X, Design Installations, Talks and Symposiums, Tours, Partnering Events and Recognition. To find out more about the six festival pillars, please click HERE.

SingaPlural 2015 starts now till 15 March 2015, this is a place this is for suitable for everyone. Bring your family and friends to visit and partake in Singapore’s showcase of the best design elements. There are more than 50 installations, retail and F&B pop-up stalls on-site to spend a meaningful and enjoyable time.

Additional Information: 

Dates : 10th – 15th March 2015

Location : 99 Beach Road

Hours : 11.00am – 10.00pm daily

Remarks : Free Entry, Open to public

Information :

Official hashtag : #SingaPlural2015


field_s mark

Photo Credit: SingaPlural 2015

{Event Highlight} – Article posted on 6 March 2015

SingaPlural returns for its 4th edition from March 10th – 15th at 99 Beach Road, to showcase the best design elements from the multi-faceted creative spectrum – advertising, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, as well as interior, furniture, graphic and fashion design.

For the first-time ever, the main programmes of SingaPlural will be housed within one iconic location at 99 Beach Road, the former Central Police Station. Located in proximity to Singapore’s Arts & Heritage District, this move purports to consolidate the festival’s contents into a single venue, allowing the public to have an immersive experience of SingaPlural and its theme ‘Process’.

Organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) since 2012, the name ‘SingaPlural’ is derived from a combination of the terms ‘Singular’ and ‘Plural’; and was conceived from the need to create a common platform to bridge designers with the industry. SingaPlural 2015 is the anchor event of the Singapore Design Week by Design Singapore Council.

This week-long design celebration is hosted together with 8 other network partners of DesignS, representing an international platform for talents across the creative industries to engage and evoke the design senses of visitors; through installations, exclusively curated design spaces, symposiums and many other exciting activities. It will be held in conjunction with the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2015 / 32nd ASEAN Furniture Show, The Décor Show 2015 and Hospitality 360°

SingaPlural 2015 marks the curatorial collaboration between GOVT, an ad agency and PLUS Collaboratives, a design thinking studio. GOVT and PLUS approached the curation of SingaPlural with two distinctive starting points; the first to capture the public’s interest and the latter to understand context and to tighten content through structure, programme and people.

As the first local curators of SingaPlural, GOVT and PLUS undertook a rigorous process of streamlining the objectives of the festival, in order to formulate the festival construct and approach. This allowed the curators to engage members of the design industry to build stories of their own design involvement in representation of the design industry for SingaPlural.

SingaPlural a home-grown festival started by Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) four years ago in conjunction with their annual trade fair, International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), there are two prongs to the purpose of SingaPlural: SingaPlural in the City nurtures design talents and serves as a breeding ground for partnership between multi-faceted designers and industry players; SingaPlural @ IFFS is a platform to showcase designers’ work, with the objective of trade – where design empowers business.

Highlights of SingaPlural :

1. Look out for a total of 6 pillars that shapes the festival, namely Project X, Design Installations, Talks + Symposiums, Tours, Recognition and Partnering Events (Retail and F&B Partners).

2. Expect to see a bevy of collaborations from local and global designers, exhibited through their various interpretations of design, conveyed through the respective pillars.

3. Over 9000sqft of design at 99 Beach Road.

4. More than 50 installations involving more than 100 participants, across 6 pillars.

a. Project X: Collaboration between a laminates brand and 4 different designers.

b. Design Installations: An array of diverse installations from visual showcases to experiential and even interactive installations.

c. Talks & Symposium: Featuring key design talents – ASIAN Stars, Winners of President Design Award 2014.

    d. Partnering Events: Includes key partners who will joining us at the festival – Naiise (retail); The Quarters (F&B) and Band of Doodlers (who will be doing live sketching on-site).

    e. Recognition: A showcase of some of the best design works of 2014.

      f. Tours: A curated tour route leading tour participants through designers studios (eg Ministry of Design), manufacturer’s production facilities (eg Typesettingsg) and design retailers (eg Bynd Artisan).

      front_s mark

      Photo Credit: SingaPlural 2015

      Festival Details

      Dates : 10th – 15th March 2015

      Location : 99 Beach Road

      Hours : 11.00am – 10.00pm daily

      Remarks : Free Entry, Open to public

      Information :

      Official hashtag : #SingaPlural2015


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