Singapore-Made Family Food Taleii Launches Exciting New Product Line To Transform Children’s Eating Habits

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KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) published a study in February involving over 1,000 caregivers in Singapore, revealing that children’s eating behaviors and caregivers’ feeding practices were less than ideal. The study highlighted that children were often offered a limited variety of foods, leading to an imbalanced nutritional intake. Taleii, a local baby and children’s food brand, aims to address and transform these dietary concerns.

Taleii, founded by a mother-daughter duo—Carole and her daughter, Talei—has undergone a rebranding to focus on providing nutritious and delicious options for older children. Initially catering to weaning babies aged six months and above, Taleii’s products now serve as nutritional supplementary snacks or meal toppers for older kids as well.

A Commitment Rooted in Personal Experience

The inspiration behind Taleii dates back to Carole’s experience as a new mother in the Fiji Islands. Faced with limited options for tasty and nutritious baby food, Carole began preparing homemade meals using the best ingredients from local markets.

Over thirty years later, Taleii’s Co-Founder, Carole, recognized a significant nutritional gap in children’s diets. Determined to make a change, she enlisted the expertise of her daughter Talei, a trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu. Together, they aimed to address the unmet demand for fresh, high-quality baby food. This led to the founding of Taleii in Singapore. The name “Taleii,” meaning “precious one” in Fijian, reflects their unwavering commitment to providing the best nutrition for every child. Taleii ensures that its line of fresh blends is meticulously created to support children’s various developmental stages, expand their acceptance of plant-based nutrition and textures, and cater to even the pickiest eaters.

Innovative and Nutritious

Taleii is the first baby food brand in Singapore to utilize High-Pressure Processing (HPP), a method of cold pasteurization that retains up to 95% of nutrients. This ensures that Taleii products are both nutritious and delicious. Talei, the daughter and chef behind the brand, curates unique recipes tailored to meet the evolving tastes and nutritional needs of growing children. Collaborating closely with clinical dietitians and pediatricians, Taleii ensures that their recipes are optimized for different developmental stages.

Official Launch of Taleii on 16 May 

Taleii celebrated its official launch last week on 16 May at the new DA Orchard MedSuites at COMO Orchard. Honored as parents’ most trusted purée brand in The AsianParent Awards 2024, Taleii introduced their latest products, redesigned to cater to a broader spectrum of children. The brand hosted an exclusive event where guests were treated to a tasting of the nine varieties of Taleii fresh blends, featuring a convenient spout and adjusted weight size. 

The culinary experience was elevated with canapés and drinks from Como Cuisine, complemented by pastries from the acclaimed Chef Pâtissier, Cedric Grolet.

Co-Founder and Chef Taleï Butel expressed her excitement for the official launch of the fresh blends, “The positive reception to our new product line truly humbles me. At Taleii, we are committed to providing safe, nutritious, and delicious options for growing families. It brings me great joy to see our vision come to life. Carole and I are excited to see how we can play a part in positively impacting the lives of children and families in Singapore.”

Expert Collaboration

Taleii works with a panel of experts, including clinical dietitians, pediatricians, and family wellness physicians, ensuring that its fresh blends support children’s various developmental stages and expand their acceptance of plant-based nutrition. Holistic nutritionist Riyana Rupani highlighted the impact of nutrition on a child’s development during the event.

Partnership with Doctor Anywhere

The launch was presented in collaboration with Doctor Anywhere and their DA Little Warriors program, dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of children aged 12 and under  by providing 24/7 access to affordable healthcare, as well as valuable resources for parents. “We are thrilled to support Taleii’s event, which aligns perfectly with Doctor Anywhere’s dedication to child health and reflects our ongoing efforts to enhance and expand our services, including home-based child vaccination and online paediatric consultations,” said Sharon Liew, Head of Partnerships at Doctor Anywhere.

A Vision for the Future

Carole and Talei’s journey from Fiji to Singapore embodies a dedication to quality and love that is infused in every Taleii product. Their rebranding signifies a renewed commitment to excellence in children’s nutrition. Taleii’s use of High-Pressure Processing (HPP) preserves the nutritional integrity and taste of the ingredients, making healthy eating an enjoyable and easy choice for parents and children alike.

As Taleii continues to grow, their vision remains steadfast: to ensure that every child has access to the best possible nutrition, enabling them to thrive. With a foundation built on love, tradition, and scientific expertise, Taleii is poised to make a significant impact on the way children eat and grow in Singapore and beyond.

All Taleii fresh blends are cold pasteurised using high-pressure processing that can effectively retain up to 95% of nutrients in food. The products are periodically sent to government-approved labs for rigorous testing to ensure they are free from heavy metals and other contaminants. Each 100g pouch is priced at $6.80 and is available in 9 different fruit and vegetable variants made with selected unique ingredients to choose from. Taleii fresh blends can be purchased from their online shop:


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