Singapore’s first ever Scent Walks!

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During the school holidays, we are excited to make history with our noses and join AllSense on Singapore’s first ever scent walks! 

A Scent Walk is a guided tour around a city or location where the “ScentScape” (the smells of the landscape) are documented in order to produce an olfactory picture – the ‘Scent Map’ of that physical space. 

There are 8 different routes for the participants to choose and each route will take approximately 1 hour, spanning 1 km. Participants are encouraged to detect and capture the various smells of the environment, take down the various aromas and document any feelings or opinions about them in the short form provided. 


Our team is ready to use our noses and start our sensory journey hosted by noted sensory academic Kate McLean. 


We began at Joo Chiat Road which is located between Geylang Serai and Marine Parade Road at the eastern part of Singapore. It is a residential conservation area with rows of shophouses some with rich history that are used for residential and commercial purposes. 


As we walked along the streets, we will use our keen sense of smell, once we sniff something or detect a smell, we will document down, what is the smell, where it is from and how we feel about the smell. 


We passed by a number of interesting shops like this old furniture shop that sells bamboo or rattan furniture and sniff the smell of bamboo made furniture. 


Hmm … smell of freshly handmade buns.


Our journey continued onto Koon Seng Road where we saw rows of beautiful conservation houses/shops. 


Our team proceed onto the back alley to gather more smells in our sensory walk. 


Our journey will take about an hour and will end at Ceylon Road. All data obtained during the walk will be captured by Kate McLean, an academic and mapper from the UK commissioned by AllSense. She will be designing a Scent Map and AllSense will be holding a gallery exhibition in August to showcase this art and science work to the public. 


Yay! We have completed our mission and it will be interesting to see the final results for Singapore’s first ever Scent Map in August. 

Additional Information 

It’s SG50, AllSense is passionate about scent and also about our city of Singapore and it decided to design Singapore and Asia’s first Scent Map and create history. AllSense wish to create Singapore’s first ever Scent Map, using data and input compiled from a series of sensory walks, held from 3rdJune to 10th June, hosted by noted sensory academic Kate McLean. Please click HERE for more information. 


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