Singapore’s HST Medical Introduces Supplements designed for Children – Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks and Flu Resist Sachets

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As parents, we are concerned of our kids’ health and to protect them from virus and infections. Choosing the right supplement for our kids is very important. 

HST Medical has launched two new products, the Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks and Flu Resist Liquid Sachets that are formulated to provide support to kids’ immune system. The products are developed by the product team of HST Medical who are parents themselves. Being parents, they know the undesirable consequences and pain when a child falls sick especially during exam time or during a family vacation overseas. Parents would want to avoid such situation as much as they possibly can.

The Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks (box of 30 sticks) at SGD$39.90 

It contains perilla seed extract that helps to counteract inflammation associated with allergic response. The formula is also enhanced with probiotics, vitamins C, E and zinc to strengthen the immune system and prevent cell damage. It come in jelly form that make it very easy for the kids to consume on their own.

Our kids enjoy this delicious strawberry jelly and they took it like a snack, slurping it up easily. It is a great tasting jelly stick that helps to boost their immunity and reduce or minimise allergic reactions. 

Zoo-Vite Flu Resist Liquid Sachets (box of 15 sticks) at SGD$39.90

This is rich in bioactive flavonoids, elderberry & echinacea that help to relieve nasal inflammation and allergies. It contains natural elderberry extracts and has no artificial colourings, sweeteners or preservatives. Our kids like the pleasantly-sweet taste and by taking this supplement, it helps to protect them from upper respiratory infections by boosting their immunity. 

The Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks (box of 30 sticks) and Flu Resist Sachets (box of 15 sticks) are available at a price of SGD$39.90 at authorised retailers including Essentials Pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons, Mustafa Singapore, and Nishino.



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