Solution to a Healthier Scalp with TK Trichokare Customised Hair Treatment

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We often show more concern for parts of our body that is more visible such as our face, body shape and skin condition. One area that we often neglect is the healthiness of our scalp. Greasy scalp can be caused by many reasons, stress, diet, climate change, and even change in life stages.

As a mother to be, my biggest concern will be maintaining a healthy scalp as I may not wash my hair regularly during the confinement period. Controlling the amount of hair fall is also one of my concern. This is when I was introduced to TK TrichoKare, the multi-award winning hair and scalp centre. TrichoKare has helped well known celebrities such as Xiaxue, Jaynesh and Anand to have their hair problems solved too. This proves that TrichoKare treatment is effective when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss. TrichoKare’s effective customised hair treatments can be recognized to the numerous awards it has received over the years:




I was approached by the friendly hair expert, Christabel for my first consultation. What’s a Trichologist? A trichologist is someone who is well-studied in the area of hair care and scalp. They adopt a holistic approach and look at an individual’s lifestyle, diet and general wellbeing when diagnosing a hair condition. They treat wide range of common hair problems such as hair loss after child birth, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Female Pattern Hair Loss and many more.


She did a Tricho-Scan Scalp Analysis for me and patiently explained the importance of having a healthy scalp so that my hair fall issue will not worsen after my delivery. Usually a pregnant person will not experience any hair fall because of the hormone boost, however the chance of it worsening is very high. 

So, how is my scalp doing??? Although I can’t see with my raw eyes, under the scan, it clearly shows that I have a very greasy scalp, which is the cause of potential hair loss and dandruff. 


See the oil flakes (white in color) that is settled near the hair follicles? Oil flakes are formed due to the blockage at the pore due to dead skin cells accumulate under the scalp. If it is left untreated, it will definitely worsen.

Through my consultation with my hair expert, I learned that the weather, the food we consume and hormonal change especially in women can contribute to various hair problems.

I am glad that the treatments provided by TrichoKare uses premium European herbal hair remedies validated by certified Trichologists. The customised treatment does not contain any chemicals at all, which explains why it is also suitable for pregnant women. 

After analyzing my hair and scalp, my trichologist have recommended me the Award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment. It consists of 3 Stages Treatment Programme:


Regulate – remove impurities and excess sebum while regulating the scalp sebum

Strengthening – nourish the hair follicles and boost blood circulation to the scalp

Densifying – promote cell growth which helps stimulate new hair growth

The hair expert did a Scalp Cleansing Mask for me which help to deeply cleanse the hair by removing excess sebum and dandruff while purify my scalp. As all treatments are customised based on your hair and scalp conditions, the recommendation provided by trichologists might vary.

TK Trichokare Customised Hair Treatment

My hair expert applied a cooling scalp mask to soften the dandruff, dissolve the dirt and impurities on my scalp surface. It also helps to regulate the pH balance of my scalp.

The therapist is very detailed in putting the mask on every single bit of my scalp, to ensure that every spot was coated generously. To be honest when my hair expert told me that she is going to put the mask on my scalp, I was thinking of those thick creamy messy mask. But to my surprise, their mask come in a clear gelish and odourless form which gave me a very clean feeling.

Cindy having Customised Hair Treatment at TK Trichokare

After applying the mask, a scalp massage was done, they massage each and every single pressure point to improve the blood circulation, release tension, open pores to increase nutrients absorption.


Now, ready for second round of scanning. Let’s see the difference!


Top – after treatment is done 
Bottom – before the treatment is done

Picture speaks a thousand words. I was really impressed. The treatment was really effecting in unclogging my follicles. My pores were free of clogged oil, disgusting flakes are gone and my scalp is squeaky clean! 

Even without the infrared treatment, which would be suitable for non-pregnant ladies, there is still visible results! My scalp definitely feels much cleaner and looks healthier.

Throughout the day, my scalp felt squeaky clean and fresh, lasting up to the next day without washing. No hair fall throughout the day and the next.

I would strongly recommend TrichoKare not just to fix a scalp and hair issue, but also to do regular treatment to maintain a healthy scalp.  A consultation to check your current hair and scalp condition can go a long way. For mothers to be, you can be sure the treatment is safe for you. 

If you have hair loss or scalp problems and want to do something about it before it’s too late, good news!

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*Article contributed by Cindy Leong, a member of Our Parenting World  (OPW) Team 


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