Spice World Hot Pot Celebrates First Anniversary with 8 New Menu Items

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Hot Pot fans will be pleased to know that Spice World Hot Pot  (香天下火锅) well-known for serving fresh and premium ingredients, robust soup broths, beautifully plated and playful food presentations with impeccable service, is celebrating its first anniversary with the release of eight new menu items! 

We first attended Spice World Hot Pot’s media launch last year, we are so impressed with this hot pot restaurant that we have been back visiting it with our family and friends many times. Happy 1st Anniversary to Spice World Hot Pot and we look forward to try out its new dishes!

Here’s the highlights of some of the new dishes as follows:

If you like seafood, you can indulge in sustainably sourced US scallops (秘制带⼦子 $19.90) that are marinated in 16 herbs and spices or Australian hairy abalone (秘制⽑毛⻉贝 $12.90 per piece); both exquisite pairings with hot pot.

This new bacon enoki wrap dish is a delightful bite-sized nibbles for the hot pot. 

Spice World Hot Pot’s popular dish include the Premium Barbie Beef Wagyu that is arranged around a doll that has impressed many diners. It is a great conservation piece at the table.

Image Credit : Spice World Hot Pot 

It now has a fish version, its new The Mermaid (美⼈人 ⻥鱼 $18.90) features Red Tilapia slices delicately arranged around a doll to form the shape of a mermaid. 

Image Credit : Spice World Hot Pot ( Bullish Day )

Meat lovers will enjoy its three new beef dishes,  Bullish Day (⽜牛⽓气冲天 $36.90 ), a combination platter of different cuts of sliced beef, tripe and tongue. Traditional handmade beef balls (⽜牛⾁肉丸 $15.90) made fresh daily. Tender Milk Beef (⽜牛奶嫩⽜牛⾁肉 $15.90), a picture perfect dish that is made with sirloin slices marinated in milk and playfully presented on a plate embellished with a guardian Minotaur, complete with dry ice blowing out of its nostrils. 

Do you like bubble tea?

We sure do and kids are excited to know that there is a milk tea hot pot with toppings included and this is one of the biggest highlights on its latest menu. 

This new Bubble Milk Tea hot pot will be a permanent addition to the menu. Diners will be given straws, you can drink the milk tea directly. A fun way to enjoy your meal. 

This hot pot was introduced two months ago as a trial and very soon it became a hit with regulars. The unique hot pot is also a hit with our kids, they simply love to dip and simmer their food into the milky broth.

After a hearty meal, this broth can be used as a dessert creation, with a choice of sweet and savoury toppings such as taro, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, coconut and fruit jellies, mala bakwa and tender milk beef. It comes in different flavours, choose from the bubbly, chocolatey, choice of Assam or Matcha milk tea hotpot. The Ying-Yang mala and Bubble Milk Tea hot pot combination goes for $39.90.

Dining at Spice World Hot Pot is always a pleasant experience, a feast for the eyes and the stomach with its visually stunning presentation and premium food ingredients for the hot pot. 

Bring your family and friends to Spice World Hot Pot to try out its new anniversary dishes especially the hot pot combination of bubble tea and the iconic bear mala soup. 

Hot Pot lovers, Spice World Hot Pot is currently running promotions as below and this is the time to visit the restaurant. Promotion details as follows: 

All That You Can Eat Rebated to You For Subsequent Visits – Order as many food items as you can eat and the total amount spent will be rebated to you in the form of a gold VIP membership stored-value card. The amount rebated can be utilized during subsequent visits (no time limit on when you have to used up the amount in your stored value VIP card). This promotion excludes beverages, alcohol and soup-based and does not apply to take-away orders.

Hot Pot Lovers can enjoy 4 out of 9 selected food items at half price when they follow Spice World Hot Pot’s social media accounts – Facebook Spice World Hot Pot and Instagram @spiceworldsg.


For a limited time, the first 200 customers on CHOPE can purchase $80 vouchers at only $19.99. The promotion is limited to one voucher per customer per table and cannot be used in conjunction with other in store promotions. 

Spice World Hot Pot  (香天下火锅)

Address: 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-06/07, Singapore 179021

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:30am to 4am

Friday and Saturday 10:30am to 6am

Open on public holidays.

Tel: 6265 9777

Capacity: 200 seater, 6000 sqft

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceWorldSingapore/

Instagram: @spiceworldsg #spiceworldsg #spiceworldhotpot  


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