Spooky Seas 2018 : Meet Quirky Sea Creatures, Embark On A Scavenger Hunt at S.E.A. Aquarium

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Halloween is coming! S.E.A. Aquarium’s reveals its latest Quirky Sea Creatures for Spooky Seas 2018!

Visitors can look forward to come up-close and discover these quirky animal residents at the annual family-friendly Spooky Seas event from 1 September to 28 October!

The stars of this year’s Spooky Seas are follows:

The bumphead parrotfish – recognised by its bulbous forehead and powerful parrot-like beak

Bumphead parrotfish have an unusual shape to their heads and another outstanding feature they have is their teeth which looks like a huge beak sticking out, the beak is powerful enabling them to scrap and crush coral colonies. Bumphead parrotfish have an important role in maintaining healthy reef eco-system and they also produce sands, known as sand machines. One giant humphead parrotfish can produce 11,000 pounds of sand per year, the sand for example is used to form the beaches.

The elephant fish – a deep sea creature with a trunk-like snout

The elephant fish is also known as ghost shark but they are not a shark, they are distant cousins of sharks and rays. They are usually found in shallow waters along the southern coast of Australia and New Zealand. 

The paddlefish – a freshwater giant who feeds by swimming through the water with its mouth wide open

They are freshwater fish commonly called paddlefish, with a paddle-like snout, wide mouth, smooth skin, and cartilaginous skeleton.  It feeds with mouth gaping open and feeds on its favourite food, plankton. 

The vampire fish – a toothy Amazonian beasts that pierces its prey with sharp fangs

This fish also known as the payara or vampire fish may look scary with its sharp fangs to most people and it is considered one of the scariest freshwater fishes in the world. Not to worry, it does not suck blood but feeds on smaller fishes, they can be found in the Amazon basin. 

The tasselled wobbegong – a carpet shark known for its ambush attack

The tassled wobbegong is a species of carpet shark that has a broad, flattened body and head often found on the ocean floor. They lures their prey by waving its tail to mimic the appearance of a small fish and ambush their prey. They don’t move around much.

Bring your kids and participate in the family-friendly Scavenger Hunt in S.E.A. Aquarium annual Spooky Seas event when you can come up close and see these quirky species and learn more about them at the interactive stations around the aquarium.

See who is the fastest, race to grab a pumpkin card and be careful not to step on the wobbegongs and vines.

Learn more about the Elephant fish, at the Touch & Guess interactive station and find out what does the elephant fish feed on?

Find out more about the paddle fish at the interactive station and have fun forming the complete picture of a paddlefish.

Meet Mai the Manta Ray and Sam the Hammerhead Shark, take pictures with the adorable mascots.

Come and see S.E.A. Aquarium’s latest Quirky Sea Creatures at Spooky Seas 2018 and learn more about the bizarre anatomical features and weird behaviours. Observe and find out interesting facts about these sea creatures like the bumphead parrotfish which poops sand and has a parrot-like beak; the elephant fish with a trunk-like projection that detects food; and the vampire fish which impales its prey with two-inch-long fangs, and more!

S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the few institutions worldwide to feature the bumphead parrotfish and elephant fish. Through these creatures, the aquarium hopes to educate guests on the wonders and diversity of marine ecosystems. It will be a fun, interesting and educating experiences for all, visit S.E.A. Aquarium’s latest Quirky Sea Creatures at Spooky Seas 2018 from now till 28 October 2018! 

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