SRT’s The Little Company is back with the first children’s production, Gretel and Hansel since the pandemic

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SRT’s The Little Company is excited to bring back the beloved Grimm’s tale of Gretel & Hansel, now in Mandarin. This is their first production since the pandemic, the ever-popular Gretel and Hansel, a reimagined tale from the Brothers Grimm about sibling rivalry and love. Parents and children loved it:

“The presentation was engaging and fast-paced for the children. The content was good as it provided a talking point to speak to the children about family values. As an adult, I was amazed at the way the two actors managed to pull off the whole story with multiple roles, all by themselves.”

“The show is highly entertaining and share the importance of sibling relationship.”

“Very entertaining for both kids and adults. Very intelligent style of narration that is clear and humorous.”

First staged in English in 2019, Gretel and Hansel (in Mandarin) is a heartfelt, humorous and exciting tale about sibling rivalry, family love, courage and understanding what it means to be a big sister! The two children become both characters and storytellers as they bring audiences on a thrilling and imaginative journey. Gretel and Hansel will help encourage children to work together, appreciate their siblings and understand the importance of family love.

Gretel’s life is turned upside down when her new brother Hansel arrives. He gets all the attention, the cuddles and the kisses. Poor Gretel is told to ‘grow up’ and remember that she’s ‘a big girl now’! But Gretel doesn’t want to be big! And she doesn’t want the annoying little brother who’s too small to play.

When Mother and Father take the children to the forest, Gretel has a chance to get rid of the little brother once and for all. But the forest is full of danger and Gretel will have to learn to get along with Hansel if they are both going to survive the adventure.

自从韩赛尔(Hansel)出世以后,格雷特(Gretel)的生活有了翻天覆地的变化。弟弟 饱受了关注、拥抱和亲吻,而可怜的姐姐时常被提醒说:“你已经长大了!”,是个“大女 孩”了。但是,姐姐并不想长大!她不想要有个弟弟,一个惹人厌的,无法和她相处的 弟弟!

这天,爸爸和妈妈带着孩子们到森林里去。姐姐终于在这一刻找到了摆脱弟弟 的机会!然而,森林里非常危险。为了生存,姐姐必须学着与弟弟融洽相处, 才能够摆脱重重困境,在这场冒险之旅中存活。

STARRING: Sharon Sum and Jaden Lim Jun De

Event Date:
From 27 July 2022

Weekdays: 10am

Weekends & Public Holiday(s): 11am, 2pm

Duration: 50 Minutes

Recommended for 4-year-olds and above

KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT

Ticket Pricing:

Standard: S$29, S$26
Family Package of 4: S$99

Weekends (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

Standard: S$39, S$36
Family Package of 4: $133

Prices quoted exclude booking fee.

For more show information and to purchase the tickets, please click here:


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