Stay Protected from 99.9% of Germs, Dust-Mites & COVID-19 Virus with the New Walch® Anti-Dust Mite Laundry Sanitiser

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It is important for you and your family especially elderly and children to stay protected from any possible germs or viruses especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Daily hand washing routine and personal hygiene ritual are essential steps in staying protected but that is not enough to be fully protected from viruses that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Using high-temperature setting on your washing machine will provide thorough enough cleaning. But did you know that even with such harsh cleaning practices, there can still be invisible viruses and dust mites within the fibres of your clothes? Dust-mites, which feed on dead skin and hair of humans and pets, often come unsolicited and naked-to-the-eye onto our clothing and bedding, causing allergies like dry skin, itchy skin, asthma, and even making our clothes smell odorous. When you thought you had a persistent flu bug or sinus infection, it could also have been this tiny bug lurking around your house that was giving you such allergic reactions and discomforts.

The new Walch® Anti-Dust Mite Laundry Sanitiser, helps to eliminate these worries from your to-do list as it can kill 99.9% germs and dust-mites that hide within your favorite shirt, without damaging its delicate fibres. Specially formulated to be tough on dust-mites and bacteria, but gentle on fabrics, it provides protection for you and your family every day. Even in Singapore’s humid weather, the laundry sanitiser is suitable for indoor drying as well, so leave no chance for any damp smelling clothes to ruin your day. In addition, it works perfectly with top or frontloaders. 

Now you can keep yourself and your family doubly protected with just three simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Pour detergent into the detergent drawer.
  • Step 2: Pour Walch® Anti-Dust Mite Laundry Sanitiser into the softener drawer.
  • Step 3: Load laundry and start the wash cycle.

Walch® Laundry Sanitiser comes with different variants such as Lemon, Lime & Lavender, Pine or Original to suit your preference. Try it today, Walch® Laundry Sanitiser can be purchased at their newly launched eShop.


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