Stylish and Comfortable Lighting with 3M Polarizing Task Light LED5000

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A survey conducted by 3M revealed that over 70% of Singaporeans do not have good lighting habits and majority of them do not understand the importance of having a good task light to protect their eyes.

With these findings, 3M introduces the new LED5000 Polarizing Task Light with the aim to prevent our eyes from straining and improve our optical health.

The task light is also stylish, sleek looking, cleverly designed to fit into any rooms be it in the living room, bedroom or work station. It has a slim, streamlined body that is retractable to save space when you are not using the LED5000. 

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The LED5000 is so easy to use, there is no need to assemble, it comes with a one-touch panel that you can easily adjust to your preferred level setting. It comes with five different brightness levels shown on the touch sensor panel. If you are doing work that requires you to focus for example, studying and working, you can adjust to Level 5 and for doing relaxing activities like watching television, you can adjust to a softer glow of Level 1.

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As website owners, we have to do a higher degree of focus work and spending lots of time in front of the computer as a result choosing a good task light is very important to us. 

LED5000 Polarizing Task Light features 3M’s trademark Polarizing Filter Technology which helps to reduce harmful glare by up to 80%, it increases our reading comfort and our eyes won’t feel so strained and tired after working in front of the computer for a long time. 

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Gor Gor has been studying very hard for the coming exams. Thankfully, with Gor Gor’s regular hard work and determination, he has been constantly doing well in school. During his free time, Gor Gor loves to read books. Having good lighting is crucial to support his good studying and reading habits. 

It is important to have a good task light, it helps him to concentrate and make his eyes less tired especially during exams preparation period. He is able to spend longer time studying and revising for his exams without feeling uncomfortable. It also makes his study time more effective and helps him to do well in school. 

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“I have to spend longer time studying for my coming exams. This task light is bright, not glaring, it makes my eyes comfortable and I don’t feel so tired studying.”

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It is no secret that the key to good eyesight is proper lighting and thus choosing a good task light is very important. Our Parenting World family is very pleased and delighted with the new 3M Polarizing Task Light. It is so easy to use and even Di Di knows how to adjust the brightness of the task light whenever he wants to use it to read his story books. 

Daddy who is a medical doctor and specialist in preventive medicine always advocates the need to have proper lighting as part of good reading habits especially in children. The other good reading habits include keeping the distance of the book to the eye to about 30 cm and having regular rest intervals (e.g. take a 5 minutes break for every 30 minutes of reading). A good lighting can help to reduce the strain on the child’s eyes and thus reduce the risk of myopia.

We simply love the new LED5000, it is stylish, easy to carry around and able to fit into any room or workstation. It is easy to control using one touch panel. Most importantly, it is a glare-free lamp and helps to protect our precious eyes, you won’t feel exhausted even after working for a longer time. We often have to spend many hours on our workstation and using the task light, our eyes actually feel more comfortable! 

Additional features and benefits of LED5000 Polarizing Task Light which include:

1) Longer lasting for more cost savings – the LED light lasts for up to 40,000* hours, saving costs by reducing the need for bulb replacements.

2) LED technology for a greener and safer home – unlike traditional fluorescent tubes or light bulbs, an LED light bulb does not use mercury, minimizes ultraviolet rays and does not heat up; it is more durable and provides a constant and steady source of light that neither flashes nor flickers.

3) Electromagnetic Interference Test Certified – the lamp minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI), preventing disruptions to other devices such as smartphones when the lamp is in use.

* Based on 3M internal testing of the LED5000 on a average of five-hour daily utilization.

The 3M LED5000 Polarizing Task Light is now available in two colours –Sleek White and Jet Black – to comfortably illuminate with style. It retails at $239 (w/GST) and is available at Best Denki, Popular Bookstores and other leading retailers.


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