SUPER Is On a Mission to Help Singaporeans Reconnect More Meaningfully Through a Nationwide 5-Day Challenge

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SUPER, Singapore’s pioneering pre-mixed beverage brand, invites Singaporeans to take a nationwide 5-day SUPER Challenge that helps them connect more meaningfully with friends and loved ones especially during this Covid-19 pandemic that has tested the endurance of Singaporeans and as we are now moving on the prevailing ‘new never-normal’ landscape.

The Challenge encourages people to revive the social connections lost during pandemic isolation and reconnect through real conversations that make these ‘little wins’ an everyday thing.

The SUPER #LittleWinsOverCoffee campaign led by celebrities and influencers including Mark Lee (comedian), Taufik Batisah (former Singapore Idol), Tay Kewei (Singer-songwriter), and Eswari Gunasagar (Actor), who will reach out to reconnect with friends and loved ones, while encouraging their social media followers and SUPER consumers to do the same in the 5-Day SUPER Challenge from now till 15 January 2022.

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The 5-Day SUPER Challenge
As essential as a regular workout, the 5-Day SUPER challenge is a social exercise that aims to bring back real conversations. The Challenge invites people to find their #LittleWinsOverCoffee through meaningful one-to-one sessions over five days with family, friends, or the community around them. Each new day presents a different challenge to participate in
Day 1— Connect with a family member, neighbours or an old friend over coffee—at home or on Zoom.
Day 2—Make a cup of coffee for someone today.
Day 3—Find out something new: ask someone five questions.
Day 4—Over coffee, ask someone something you’ve been wanting to know about them
Day 5—Take a 15-minute walk with someone you care for and catch up.
SUPER will release a series of conversation prompts via their social media platforms to help people kickstart their own SUPER moments as part of the Challenge. The questions can be used during the daily Challenge to create meaningful conversations.
A snippet of our 5 days challenge and conversation with our neighbour as follows:
Day 1 – We connect and bond with our neighbour on Zoom at home to find out how is she coping with her life.
Day 2 – As we are connected through Zoom, we both make a cup of SUPER coffee to chit chat and catch up with our daily happenings. Before we start the 5 days challenge, we have bought packets of SUPER coffee for our neighbour to try. 
Day 3 – As the New Year is approaching, we both ask each other 5 questions to find out something new such as what are our plans to celebrate the New Year, resolutions for the coming New Year, how’s our preparation for the coming Chinese New Year, what’s our favourite dining place to celebrate the festive season and any good buys? 
Day 4 – Over coffee, we ask our neighbour something we’ve been wanting to know about her like how does she manage to keep her house so clean and neat despite having three young children and she has no helper. 
Day 5 – We arranged with our neighbour to take a walk at a nearby park to enjoy gentle breeze and catch up after dinner while keeping safety and social distancing in mind.
As part of the Challenge, SUPER will also release a series of conversation prompts via their social media platforms to help people kickstart their own SUPER moments. You can use the questions during the daily Challenge to create meaningful conversations. 
Check out the Challenge which will culminate in a social media competition released through SUPER’s Instagram and Facebook platforms, inviting participants to take part and record their experiences from the 5-Day SUPER Challenge to stand a chance of winning 1-year’s supply of SUPER coffee plus $200 worth of hospitality gift vouchers.

Come and join us to participate in the 5-Day SUPER Challenge that encourages people to re-connect with each other—meaningfully and deeply. The #LittleWinsOverCoffee campaign and SUPER 5-Day Challenge kicks off from now till 15 January 2022. More information on the activities can be found on Instagram (@super_singapore) and Facebook (@supersingapore) channels. Find out more about the SUPER story at    


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