The Adorable Furby is back with Furby Connect

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We LOVE Furby! We have the first Furby that was released in 1998 and it is still being cherished and kept well. Now, Hasbro has released its latest Furby, Furby Connect that is even more interactive, full of personality with Bluetooth® technology that connects with smartphones and tablets that will entertain your kids through catchy songs, Furby phrases, entertaining videos and more!

furby-connect-2Front of the Box, Furby Connect

furby-connect-3Back of the Box, Furby Connect

Our kids jumped for joy when they saw Furby Connect, it is so irresistibly cute and comes with much more interesting functions that will make your kids excited and make their playtime more enjoyable! 


Photo Credit: Hasbro, Inc.

Furby Connect comes in a wide variety of colours consisting of Blue, Pink, Purple, Coral and Teal. Besides the more advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connectivity, the all new Furby Connect comes with full-colour LED eyes that are more expressive and a new LED antenna right on top of its head that acts as a joystick. 


Furby Connect is far more advanced than the earlier versions that we have. It has multiple sensors throughout its body that are more expressive and responsive towards touch and sound. It speaks more than 1,000 phrases and is able to express its moods and feelings through an impressive of more than 100 colourful and unique animations that are displayed with its full colour LED screen eyes. 

When you see the Furby’s antenna on top lights up, it means that new content has arrived. With the Bluetooth technology, you will be able to update your Furby Connect with new content. With the app, you can use it to raise virtual FURBLINGS, to play games together and discover more entertaining video clips available at the FURBLING theatre. 

Hasbro is teaming up with leading names in the entertainment space including KIDZ BOP and Jukin Media, to curate music and videos to regularly update FURBY CONNECT creatures with kid-friendly content to bring delights to children. 


Aww … so kawaii!! (cute) 

Furby Connect brings joy to children and even parents can’t resist playing with it. With its bigger and colourful LED eyes and larger ears, it can display a lot of emotions and be connected with you.


I love Furby!

Furby Connects bring surprises to children with its ability to connect with them and it is able to correspond, sings, dances and when you rub its belly, it will twitch its ears and jiggle its body. It will even laugh and giggle when it feels amused. Furby Connect is nice to hold and soft to cuddle. That brings and builds closer rapport and connectivity between the child and Furby. 

Furby Connect is one of the most versatile and highly intelligent toys that will keep your child entertained for hours. We must admit, even adults like ourselves enjoy playing with Furby Connect! 


furby-connect-9When it is time to stop playing, you can put Furby to sleep by wearing the new sleep mask that comes with each Furby Connect and let Furby knows it is time to rest and go to bed. 

Christmas is coming, this will be an ideal Christmas gift for the kids! 

FURBY CONNECT is retailing at $249.90 and available at Toys “R” Us and major department stores.

To learn more about the FURBY brand, visit Furby Official Website at or connect with FURBY at and


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