The City launched its new centre at i12 Katong

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The City is an interactive learning playground that recognizes the importance of high-quality role-play opened its first outlet at Liang Court. The City for the past 4 years has been providing kids from all over Singapore a one-of-a-kind playtime that is both fun and educational at the same time! It has recently opened its second outlet at i12 Katong. 

The City is designed for two to eight year-olds with meaningful stimulus provided with the aim to foster children’s emerging senses and skills in their early formative years. Our Parenting World team visited the new outlet at i12 Katong to find out more. 

The City at i12 Katong

At The City, children are able to try out different adult roles and professions at different station with the relevant uniforms/outfits and accessories. Please click HERE to find out more about the activities and the educational benefits at the learning stations.

This is the Police Station, you will get to drive a car, play the role of a policeman, learn more about traffic rules and signs. Kids will also learn to become more aware of road safety

The City at i12 Katong 1

I am a chef preparing food for my hungry customers!

The City at i12 Katong 2

Come and visit my Café at The City, I will cook delicious food for you 🙂 

The City Café looks just like the real thing and it is scaled to fit child-size measurements. Kids can have fun playing working in the kitchen as chefs, waiters and or being the customers ordering food from the café menu.

The City at i12 Katong 3

I am doing my grocery shopping at The City Supermarket, it has everything that I need!

The City Supermarket is stocked up with clean empty packages which creates a one-of-its-kind play environment. Kids can play to be a shopper, learn how to shop on a budget, learn more about food pyramid and nutrition. Kids also have the opportunities to be a cashier and have fun learning about mathematics and money when role playing as a cashier.

The City at i12 Katong 4

The City at i12 Katong 5

At The City Health Clinic, kids can role play to be a doctor, surgeon, nurse and or patient. Kids have the opportunities to learn more about the human body, be more aware of body and oral hygiene. 

The City at i12 Katong 6

At The City, we get to wear our favourite Superhero suits, for the boys, there are Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman etc and for the girls, Disney Princesses and Frozen’s Elsa and Anna are also available. These costumes are a hit with the kids!

The City at i12 Katong 7

For the girls, visit The City Beauty Salon where they can role play as a designer, learn more about fashion, play as a hairstylist with hair bands and several hair accessories.

The City at i12 Katong 8

This is the The Heroes’ area where children can wear their superheros costumes, play as a superhero, run your imagination, explore fantasies and use the giant construction blocks to construct your imaginary pieces. 

The City at i12 Katong 9

I am a postman posting letters to my friends asking them to come and visit The City! 

At The City Post Office, kids will get to create art work, apply stamp stickers to envelopes, learn more about the mailing process and distribute letters to mailboxes. 

Visit The City, the interactive learning playground where children get to learn and experience the different adult roles and professions in a safe and fun environment with the aim to provide happy playtime promoting creativity and imagination which will enhance growth and development in a positive manner. The City also conduct birthday parties and school field trips. Please click HERE to find out more about The City.

Additional Information: 

The City Flagship
177 River Valley road
#03-04A Liang Court
Singapore 179030
[email protected]

The City @ Katong
112 East Coast road
#03-31 i12 Katong
Singapore 428802
[email protected]


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