The Conscious Festival teams up with i Light Singapore for its 8th Edition Featuring The Conscious Concert by London’s Natural Symphony

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Prepare for a mesmerising experience on June 8th as The Conscious Festival partners i Light Singapore 2024 to present The Conscious Concert, featuring the groundbreaking Natural Symphony and visionary sound and light artist, Joey Dean. This immersive event promises an awe-inspiring journey into nature’s wonders, aligning with the Festival’s mission to deepen the connection between people and the planet.

Natural Symphony leverages innovative technology to capture the live frequencies and bio-rhythms of plants, transforming them into captivating soundscapes. This unique concert offers a glimpse into the interconnectedness of all living beings and challenges us to reassess our relationship with nature. The unseen forces of frequency, vibration, and energy that link humans with the natural world will be brought to life, promising a transformative experience that restores balance through the healing power of sound.

This partnership and the decision to host The Conscious Concert with Natural Symphony comes on the heels of The Conscious Festival’s acquisition by Awethentic Group. Known for its focus on immersive art and technology experiences, Awethentic Group aims to inspire positive behavioural change through awe-inspiring events.

Artist, podcaster and activist, Sean Lee Davies, who is the owner and CEO of Green Is The New Black and The Conscious Festival, shares, “We have the technology and know-how to live more sustainably and harmoniously on this planet, but we need to ignite our collective will to do so. We use awe, music, art and wonder to bring our communities together so that we can co-create a better future for all. The Conscious Festival has been approached to bring this wonderful event to locations around the world, including Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, and Mumbai. We want to empower people and communities to make more conscious choices for the betterment of the planet and all its inhabitants.”

Conscious Concert | Date: 8 June, 7-10 PM | Location: Level 11 Skygarden, South Beach Tower | Tickets: $60 includes a plant-based snack and drink


Running over seven immersive days in May and June, the Festival offers transformative talks, movement workshops, plant-based eats and mesmerising light installations across Marina Bay Sands. 


Conscious Leaders Bootcamp Powered by Alibaba Cloud unites forward-thinking leaders hailing from Singapore and the broader region to delve into themes such as radical collaboration, quantum leadership, circular economies, rapid technological evolution, AI-driven innovation, and technology for societal impact. Hosted by Sean Lee-Davies, CEO of Green is the New Black, this immersive experience will support those seeking inspiration while elevating those around them through purposeful innovation and relentless determination.

Highlights include: 

  • An eye-opening look at the far-reaching consequences of a warming world, through the expert lens of the Director of the Earth Observatory Singapore, Prof. Benjamin Horton, unveiling the urgent realities and critical implications of climate change on our planet’s ecosystems and communities.
  • Can we save the world in two years? We will explore real climate solutions by people with youth activist and the founding Executive Director of Force of Nature, Clover Hogan. Her TED talk, ‘What to do when climate change feels unstoppable’, has been viewed 2 million times.
  • How can businesses harness the power of data and AI for the betterment of our planet? This session willl navigate the ethical implications, challenges, and possibilities of integrating artificial intelligence into our lives for personal, business and societal growth with Ken Xu, Director of Solution Architect for Alibaba Cloud Singapore. 
  • The quickest way to expand your organisation is to expand yourself. The blocks you have in business are always a reflection of the blocks that live within you. By seeing beyond the “matrix” of your reality, you discover the patterns that have been keeping you stuck. Recode your matrix with Dr. Samantha Rader Creator of Source Code.

Conscious Leaders Bootcamp | Date: Friday, 31 May 2024, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM | Location: Stephen Riady Auditorium at NTUC | Tickets: $250


Expand your understanding of the world and your place within it by engaging with renowned local and international speakers, thought leaders, and visionaries as they share their collectively amassed wisdom and insights on the challenges faced and the determination required to move towards a more equitable future. 

Highlights include: 

The Brain of Consciousness and AI | 1 June, 1:30-5:00 PM 

  • Is there a hidden key to a sustainable and desirable future? According to Benjamin Casteillo, Founder of New World Together, the answer lies in consciousness. 
  • Will AI save or destroy the planet? We have four debaters who will battle it out while exploring themes of cyborgs, capitalism and catastrophe. Hear from Kay Vasey, Founder of MeshMinds, Miriam Feiler, Founder of Max Volume, Payal Shah, Founder of L’ Dezen and Tech Entrepreneur, Arun Poojari, Venture Partner at FutureLabs Ventures and Sabiran Villard, Founder of V-Healing.  
  • Amidst climate collapse how can we embody wisdom? Chloe Chotrani, Founder and Educator at Body As Earth, is here to tell us how. 

Fashion – Beyond the Trend in partnership with Vogue Singapore | 2 June, 1:30-5:00 PM

  • Could a conscious fashion industry exist? How can we weave climate, craft and culture? Hear from one of the leading voices in the visual storytelling and activist space Aditit Mayer
  • “The world is one fire, but we are still buying shoes”. Let’s challenge consumerism with the author of the recently released book, Alec Leach. 
  • For an equitable industry, we need to shift from linearity to circularity. To help us navigate this, we have a panel with Susannah Jaffer, Founder of Zerrin, Raena Lim, Co-Fodner at Style Theory, Devin Gilmartin, CEO at The Canvas Global Inc, Jian Yang, Owner of Asia’s largest Barbie doll collection and Mahima Gujral, Founder of SUI. 

Citizen Revolution | 8 June, 1:30-5:00 PM

  • Climate doom is out, ‘Apocalyptic Optimism’ is in. This talk will be guided by the formidable Dr Meri Rosich, CEO at Oceonomy, former CDO/CIO & Professor of Data/AI. 
  • Let’s talk about how we talk about climate change with Qiyun Woo, environmentalist and Creative Storyteller at @theweirdandwild. 
  • How can we navigate through a noisy world? Deborah Henry, Founder of Fuggee Org, will share with us her guiding compass. 

What if the future was regenerative? | 9 June, 1:30-5:00 PM

  • We often forget that we are nature. Joey Dean, the sound and light artist and founder of Natural Symphony is going to help us see the connections between nature and humanity. 
  • Nature is the teacher that gives everything and takes nothing. Dive into biomimicry 101 with Anuj Jain, Director and Principal Ecologist at Biosea. 
  • Without soil, we cannot survive. This panel will explore the regeneration, rebirth and renewal of soil, with experts Ethel Pang, Writer, Researcher & Educational Facilitator, Ng Sze Kiat, Founder of Bewilder, Vivian Lee, Vision Guide and Culture Shaper at Living Soil Asia, Liz Liu, Co-founder, Wild Dot.  

Talks | Dates: 1-2 and 8-9 June 2024, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM | Location: Arcc Spaces and NTUC Centre at One Marina Boulevard | Tickets: $25 per session 


Experience the transformative power of our Wellness Workshops led by our experienced locally-based facilitators. These sessions are a sanctuary for like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds searching for self-improvement while exploring wellness practices that enrich the mind, body, and soul. 


  • Immersion – Why Don’t We Dance? Start your day with a sunrise dance, an event that combines music, movement, and meaningful conversations with Wild Pearl. 
  • Are You Breathing, Really? Discover the power of cyclical breathing with Suraya Sam, Founder of House of Ascend, in this immersive breathing experience.
  • Cosmic Calling Your Life Mission using Astrology Delve into the essence of astrology, where the elements Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, serve as guiding forces in our journey of self-discovery with co-Founder of The Conscious Festival, Paula Miquelis.
  • 9D Breathwork – Full Reset Journey. This immersive workshop will take you through a 9-dimensional sound experience welcoming you back into what ‘wellness’ feels like.
  • Neuromuscular training and energy work – Bridge the gap between science and consciousness so that we can ground ourselves while reaching the apex of our being with Melvin Hart.
  • World Yoga Day – Celebrate World Yoga Day with a special movement class by Yoga Movement, accompanied by live vocals and music from Arunditha Emmanuel.

Workshops | Dates 1-2 June and 8-9 June, 5:30-7:30 PM, 7 June, 6:30-9 AM, 21 June, 7-9 PM | Location: Events Plaza at Marina Bay Sands | Tickets: $25 per session 


Support local and regional artisans, united by a shared interest and commitment to sustainable practices and embrace the latest in conscious living at the bustling night marketplace. Explore brands in fashion, beauty, tech, lifestyle, and well-being. In this bazaar, you will find an array of unique goods and pre-loved items. Shop consciously from diverse and innovative vendors while enjoying and learning through some edutainment activities on how to lighten your ecological footprints. 

Highlights include: 

  • Wild About – a homegrown sustainable athleisure brand that designs ethically handmade pieces to empower you to take on the world and do you—all day, every day.
  • Heycann – a multi-disciplinary artist who creates semi-permanent tattoos with her handmade plant-based ink called jagua.
  • Miseico – a luxury-niche, sustainable beauty and wellness brand that creates award-winning, results-driven, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare. 
  • Katruss – Premium quality, nature-derived sleepwear and loungewear crafted from premium plant-based fabrics including rose and aloe vera.
  • Oasis Beauty Kitchen – vegan natural daily products formulated and handmade in Singapore, with a focus on making a low-to-zero waste lifestyle easy without compromising on quality. 

Marketplace | Dates 31 May-2 June and 7-9 June, 6:00-10:00 PM | Location: Lower Promenade, Marina Bay Sands | Free entry 

i QUEST | 31 MAY-23 JUNE 

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore introduces i Quest, a unique merger of art, advocacy and adventure that rallies the collective effort of festival visitors to safeguard the future of regional mangrove forests and seaweed meadows while offering a chance to win prizes along the way! 


  • In partnership with Seastainable, The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore pledges to contribute to a restoration programme located in Dompak Island, Bintan, which conducts research on coastal preservation methods, trains and hires local communities to plant mangrove and seaweed seedlings in their natural habitats.
  • The restoration effort will be driven by festival visitors’ participation in i Quest. There are 19 unique QR codes located throughout our festival grounds. Each QR code scan contributes 1 point to the festival’s community scoreboard in real-time.
  • Upon attaining 1,000 points, we pledge to plant 160 mangrove and seaweed seedlings. When this number grows to 3,000, we pledge to increase our contribution to 400 seedlings to the restoration programme.

i Quest | Dates 31 May-23 June, Sunday-Thursday 7:30-11:00 PM, Friday-Saturday 7:30 PM-12 AM | Location: Various around festival grounds | Click here for more information on i Quest.


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