The Importance of Breakfast!

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Why is breakfast important?

The reason being it is the most important meal of the day. A good and nutritious breakfast will provide you energy and get you ready for the whole day.

It is not good to skip breakfasts. It is important to eat breakfasts especially for children and students to give them more energy, to be alert and do better in school. 


Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di went for The Go Nuts, Go Nutella Challenge at City Square Mall.


We are all very familiar with Nutella which is a delicious hazelnut spread that contains quality ingredients such as premium hazelnuts and a hint of cocoa which Gor Gor and Di Di love to eat for breakfast.

Nutella has launched the ‘Go Nuts, Go Nutella’ Challenge to raise the awareness of the importance of breakfast especially for kids. 

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The Go Nuts, Go Nutella Challenge will see hundreds of kids participating in a series of challenges (including tying of shoe-laces, packing school bags, and getting ready), as well as fringe activities (including face painting, and balloon sculpting), as they vie to win the greatest day ever (a day at Universal Studios and The S.E.A Aquarium).


Our Parenting World has previously announced the above events in our website and social media. Gor Gor and Di Di were happy to attend the event and they are very familiar with Nutella. They love to spread their bread with Nutella for their breakfasts. The turnout was very good at the events and with a lot of students taking part in various activities. Demonstrations were given on stage before the students started taking part in the activities to win attractive prizes.


Gor Gor and Di Di putting on their best smiles for the friendly organiser and photographer 🙂


Here we would like to thank the kind and lovely organisers and Nutella for inviting us to the events.

Thank you to the organisers for your kind hospitality that you have given to us!


About Nutella, it was originally created in the 1960s in Alba (Italy) by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, founder of Ferrero which is now one of the largest confectionery groups in the world. It is one of the biggest brands within Ferrero and is sold in over 75 countries across the globe.

Nutella® knows the important role breakfast plays in child’s day. Thus, Nutella® is committed to ensure that children are getting the breakfast they need every morning.

According to Leonardo Perrone De Almeida, Marketing Director, Ferrero, South East Asia, said, “Studies have shown that breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day!  We believe that parents can encourage their kids to have breakfast by giving them something they look forward to.  Nutella is an easy breakfast option, as it is fast to prepare, easy to eat – both at home and on the go, and of course, kids love waking up to a delicious breakfast.  A simple spread of Nutella on bread marks the beginning of a good day.”

Nutella’s campaign which launched ‘Go Nuts, Go Nutella’ Challenge, with the purpose to assists parents in getting their kids ready for school earlier, so that they can enjoy a tasty breakfast that gives them extra energy for the rest of the school day. The two-day event promises super exciting challenges, activities, plenty of fun for all children age up to 11 years old. 


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