The Phantom Of The Opera, the Must-Watch Musical in 2019!

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… In all your fantasies you always knew
That man and mystery were both in you
And in this labyrinth
Where night is blind
The phantom of the opera is here …

He is here, The Phantom Of The Opera has arrived in Singapore, Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands! 

The highly anticipated and the world’s most popular musical, The Phantom Of The Opera has returned to Singapore! We managed to catch The Phantom Of The Opera when it first arrived in Singapore way back in 1995 at the Kallang Theatre, then in 2007 at Esplanade Theatre and in 2013 at Mastercard Theatre at Marina Bay Sands. This is a timeless, epic musical that you will enjoy watching again and again. After 6 years, we are glad that the musical is back and we have been waiting to catch it. 

The story is based on the classic novel Le Fantôme de L’Opéra by Gaston Leroux about a musical genius with a disfigured face wearing a mask to hide his face, who was known as the Phantom, living beneath the Paris Opera House. He fell in love with a young, beautifully talented soprano, Christine. The Phantom lured her as his protégé and began to coach her privately on how to sing. He resorted to terrorise and threaten the crew of the Opera House to give Christine lead roles.

However, things get worse when Christine’s childhood friend, Raoul appeared, he watched her performance and recognized her. He reconnected with her and they both fell in love. The Phantom outraged with jealousy abducted Christine and she soon found out the real face behind the mask. Raoul was also determined to get Christine back.

This alluring story featured a dramatic love triangle and Phantom then gave Christine the difficult decision, either she can stay with him and be his bride and Raoul who has been kidnapped by the Phantom can go free, or if she chose to reject the Phantom and Raoul will die but she can go free. Christine was caught in the middle, what will she do? Watch the musical to find out.

Image Credit: The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and the world’s most popular musical. This is also one of the most successful musical in entertainment history, playing to over 145 million people in 150 cities across 30 countries and just celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018.

This impressive musical is the longest running show in Broadway history that has won more than 70 major theatre awards, as well as seven Tony Awards and four Olivier Awards, including one for Best Musical. 

The Singapore’s tour boasts a stunning collection of more than 230 costumes and consisting of 130 cast, crew and orchestra members presenting this masterpiece of all time. Audience can look forward to some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most memorable music, including The Phantom of the Opera, Think of Me and Music of the Night played by a full 11-piece live orchestra.

The stars of the show no doubt have to be The Phantom played by Jonathan Roxmouth and the beautiful Christine played by Meghan Picerno with their superb rendition of this acclaimed musical and for their strong and powerful vocals. We were totally captivated by their singing and performances. Meghan’s singing reminded us very closely of Sarah Brightman, who was the original cast of Christine and also the voice in the Phantom of the Opera CD which many of us have probably listened to over the years. Sarah was also at one time married to Andrew Lloyd Webber who produced this musical and the role of Christine was written specifically for her. 

Backstage Tour

After the media preview, we were ushered to the backstage to see the on-going behind the scene. When we first arrived at the backstage, the team was carefully dismantling the grand staircase down and we were warned to be careful not to go near the stairs when they were being moved.

The grand staircase can be collapsed into a pile of stairs and then hauled upwards to the top of the stage to save space. It is fascinating to see how fast the grand staircase can be dismantled within five minutes.

It was an eye opener to see loads of containers that kept more than 230 costumes where the cast would change into during the show and the various memorable props that we see in the musical. The costume change and everything else were coordinated through the stage manager who ensured that the musical ran like clockwork. After the backstage tour, it gave us more appreciation of the effort that the team had to put in to present this amazing musical of all time to the audience. 

This Broadway’s blockbuster musical will bring you to a spellbinding journey into the dark world where the Phantom lives and to the spectacular stage with colourful, vibrant costumes, artistic props and beautiful sets. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the strong operatic singing and excellent performances of the cast. This is one magnificent musical that you must see in your lifetime! Don’t miss it! 

The Phantom Of The Opera

Show Dates and Time: 
Wednesday, 24 April – Saturday, 8 June 2019
Tuesday – Friday: 8pm
Saturday: 2pm & 8pm
Sunday: 1pm & 6pm

Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands

Ticket Pricing:
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Tuesday – Thursday
Phantom Reserve : S$205
VIP Reserve : S$175
A Reserve : S$155
B  Reserve : S$135
C Reserve : S$115
D Reserve : S$95
E Reserve : S$75
VIP Box (For 4 seats) : S$700
A Res Box (For 4 seats) : S$620
Restricted View : S$135

Friday – Sunday
Phantom Reserve : S$225
VIP Reserve : S$195
A Reserve : S$175
B Reserve : S$155
C Reserve : S$125
D Reserve : S$95
E Reserve : S$75

To purchase the tickets, please go to Sistic at or Marina Bay Sands at


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