The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice and Tickets Giveaway!

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Our Parenting World is pleased to announce that the very popular and highly anticipated Disney On Ice returns to the Singapore Indoor Stadium between 15th – 19th March 2017. 

Leading family entertainment production company Disney on Ice is back with its latest ice-skating extravaganza, “The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice”. A survey commissioned by the show’s producer, Feld Entertainment, has found that the majority of parents feel anxious about creating meaningful childhood memories. Parents cited conflicting commitments like parental work pressures, academic expectations, clashing family schedules and technology as some of the key problems modern parents face today. 

Family is the best gift of all Disney on Ice

Key Statistics from the survey summarised in the infographic as above. 

The survey was conducted by Disney on Ice producer Feld Entertainment with over 1,500 parents in Singapore and reveals that 81% of them feel anxious about creating meaningful childhood memories. With only 1 in 5 children experiencing weekly family outings, Disney on Ice is a great way for families to come together and create magical moments.

You can catch a really fun video containing some really cute testimonials from children in Singapore on their fondest memories in creating memorable moments for the family at

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Disney on Ice Mickey & Co

Enter a dazzling world where adventure awaits at The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice! Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy on a walk down memory lane in colorful celebration of magic, spirit and family fun. 

Disney on Ice Finding Dory

Dory is back along with loved ones Nemo and Marlin from Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory. Dive deep into the ocean with your favorite school of fish in a brand new journey of discovery as they learn a few things about the real meaning of family.

Disney on Ice Elsa

Travel to the wintry world of Arendelle with sisters Anna and Elsa, and the hilarious Olaf from Disney’s Frozen as they learn that true love is the greatest magic of all.

To read our exclusive interview with Julianne DiMura, who plays Elsa in The Wonderful World of Disney, please click HERE

Disney on Ice Rapunzal Flynn

All the above images credited to Feld Entertainment

Nothing is out of reach for Rapunzel as her friends help light the way. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs make their own magic and learn we can do ANYTHING with our friends in tow. Buzz and Woody will have you jumping out of your seat in a foot-stomping showdown; Simba, Timon and Pumbaa prowl the Pridelands; Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie show friendship is fearless; and your favorite Disney Princesses stay strong and journey on. Make unforgettable memories as you explore The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice!

Parents and children, are you excited?

Make a date to catch The Disney On Ice returns to the Singapore Indoor Stadium with your family to create memorable memories together!

Disney on Ice presents The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice and details as follows:

Show Dates: 15 March – 19 March 2017

Duration: Approx 2 hours (including 15 mins interval)

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Tickets are on sale now and start from S$25 and up.

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice can be purchased online via  

Good News!

Disney On Ice presents The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice produced by Feld Entertainment has kindly sponsored ONE Family Package of a set of 4 Cat 1 tickets (valued at S$260) for Our Parenting World lucky winner to bring your family to watch the spectacular The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice show on Wednesday, 15 March, 6.30pm.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:  

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4) COMMENT on this website post below “Why you would like to bring your children to watch The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice?”

Hurry, giveaway will close on 5 March 2017 at 23:59Hr. Winner will be announced through Website and Facebook. 

Please ensure that Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 are completed in order to qualify for the giveaway. The entries will be verified by the Organisers. 

This giveaway is only for fans of Our Parenting World (OPW). The tickets are proudly sponsored by Disney On Ice and Feld Entertainment.

Thank you and Good Luck! 


{Giveaway Closed and Winner Announcement} – Update on 8 March 2017

Dear Valued Friends and Readers,

Thank you so much for your participation in the giveaway!

The very lucky reader will receive a Family Package of a set of 4 Cat 1 tickets (valued at S$260) to bring your family to watch the spectacular The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice show on Wednesday, 15 March, 6.30pm and we are pleased to announce the lucky winner: 

1) Grace Ng

Congratulations! Please also refer to Our Parenting World Facebook announcement. We will be contacting you for your tickets collection. 

Thank you to our kind sponsors, Disney On Ice and Feld Entertainment for the fabulous prizes to our readers and friends.

Thank you to each and every one of you, please stay tuned to our coming giveaways! 🙂

Terms and Conditions 

Entry into the giveaway contest will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions. The rules of the giveaway contest and how to enter are as follows:

1) The prize is as stated, subject to change and fulfillment by the sponsors. Winners are not allowed to change the prizes. The prize will be non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other products/dates/times. The sponsors reserve the right to amend the giveaway contest, substitute any prize or with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

2) All participants have the opportunity to win as long as you have completed and fulfilled all the steps/requirements specified on the giveaway contest. Please make sure your likes and shares are set to public for verification purposes. Incomplete entries and fake accounts will be disqualified at the discretion of the organisers.

3) Winners of past giveaways in the last one month will not qualify for this giveaway, please wait till after one month from the date that you have won to participate in the current giveaways. 

4) Giveaway contest is open to all Singapore residents with a valid Singapore mailing address

5) The organiser ( is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied to any entrant by any third party connected with the giveaway contest and by the sponsors.

6) Winners will be notified by email /Facebook/Instagram after the contest has ended. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and or pick a replacement winner. 

7) The organiser reserves the right to cancel the contest if circumstances arise outside of its control.

8) The sponsor’s and the organiser’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the giveaway contest will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

9) Other terms & conditions apply.



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  1. I would like to bring my children to watch the wonderful world Disney on Ice because my children love ❤️ it All Disney characters. She likes to play Ice and ice skating . And this time is awesome Disney on ice skating will bring my children more happier and make her dreams come true on this march

  2. Shawn Quek Choon Young on

    I would like to, nay, LOVE to bring my 2 kiddos to watch this show as this would be the first time they have watched any live Disney show and it would be awesome for them to see their favourite characters skating around looking “cool”!

  3. I would love to bring my kids go watch Disney on ice as our family is Disney fan. It will be a memorable experience for us❤❤❤

  4. Joyce Ong wee bee on

    I will love to bring my girls because they r Super fans of Disney and always Yearn to watch LIVE.
    It will be an eye opener for them and they will be overwhelm with joy.

  5. would love to bring them to the show as a reward for them for being obedient children for the 1st quarter at school.

  6. I would like to bring two kids to watch the Wonderful Words of Disney On ice to see their favourite disney characters like nemo & Dory, Esla & Anna! Its a totally different experience from watching the characters in movie or cartoon! They are “live” skating in front of they eyes!

  7. My children have never been to Disney on Ice and love to go to see the show as their favourite character Elsa & Anna will be there!

  8. Both me and my son favourite character. We love it so much esp the song and the dance. It bring out the character so well i love it lots. We can act like them and shake to the music just like the characters love it lots

  9. Florence De Cruz on

    I would love to bring my gal to Disney on Ice coz she loves Princesses , dancing , singing and ice skating! 🙂 She will be so happy!

  10. Disney on ice is definitely a must entertainment programme for my girl every year. She look forward to meet her favourite cast like Rapunzel, Dory, Anna, Snow white. She is in pri 1 this year and eversince she started Pri 1 she already lost her childhood, time n personal love coz of the busy schedule, late return from sch n need to sleep early thus she really hv no time to watch any Disney cartoon
    I hope i can win these tickets so that I can surprise her with this Magical Experience and she also can invite her good friend to watch together and catching up with them. Sharing is caring.

    FB : Grace Ng

  11. I would lI’ve to bring my both boys as they are fans of the Disney channel! It wI’ll be awesome if they get to see the characters live on stage! They will be thrilled!

  12. I like to bring my kids to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice because they love the Disney characters very much!! They have always enjoyed the musical show with all the familiar songs and dances! And of coz, my girl is very looking forward to seeing her idol, Princess Elsa!!!

  13. Disney is their all time fav and being a fan of Disney, I can’t help not going for this once a year event. We have been looking forward to March every year since this ever started and they have never failed to keep our family well entertained.

  14. My kids are a big Disney Fan, they watch all the Disney Movies. I would Love to bring them to watch the show in March school holidays for awesome Fun with Family. Hope we are lucky to experience the show on stage!

  15. Noorsyahidah Jumat on

    Would love to win giveaway as it will be our family’s very FIRST Disney On Ice!
    FB: Ajeek Syasya

  16. Never win anything before for any lucky draw or gift away. 1st try in year 2017. If really have that luck to get it, that will be the most wonderful present to my kids in month of march as that is my little girl birthday month. Thank you for this gift away.

  17. I would love to bring my girl to watch Disney on ice. My gal love Disney esp Disney princesses and Mickey and Minnie mouse. Also Disney on ice brings me found memories. My parents brought me to watch Disney on ice when I was a kid. Till today, I still remember how much I enjoy and love the show. Now, as a mummy i want my gal to have this special memory too, to watch Disney on ice! This precious memory will last her till adulthood like me. Pls let me have the chance to win!

  18. Geraldine Lim MH on

    Princesses and Dory are my kids favourite Disney characters. Hope to win so that they can watch them live and sing along with them.

  19. Priscilla Quek on

    Because we love Disney characters so much! Of fairy tales and far off places, adventures and more!

  20. I would bring the LOs because i myself love Disney characters and have always wanted to watch Disney on ice. Will be an incredible experience for all of us.

  21. We love all the All time Favourite Disney characters! Disney has created many magical moments for people all around the world especially for the kids! Really appreciate Disney’s works from cartoons to movies to Disneyland. It’s really inspiring for kids, teenagers as well as adults to hold on the belief where all dreams can really come true! Cheers to the giveaway! It’s been my dream to watch Disney On Ice when I was young but I didn’t get to. And now I have my own two kids, I want to own these magical moments with my kids! I am sure it’s really going to be awesome once a lifetime experience for us all! Thank you for arranging this giveaway, creating opportunity for people to experiment the magical moments with Disney!

  22. My daughter’s First Movie in Cinema is #FROZEN on 06dec 2013.
    After watching the trailer, at age 3.5yrs, She requested to watch this movie in cinema.
    She enjoys her first cinematic experience and relates to the story so well that She hums Let It Go, Let It Go when we left the cinema.

    She loves Elsa not just for her magical power, Her selfless thought for People.Elsa isolated herself from her sister, Anna after Anna was hurt during play when they were young.
    Elsa went into reclusion at the North Mountain and built an ice palace to live a solitary life as She doesn’t want to Hurt anyone with her uncontrollable power.

    Hope to #win so I can bring Her to #relive this #Magical #Frozen movie, Comes to Life Before her very eyes at The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice!
    Wishing She can have her First March-Vellous School Holiday this 2017 as a P1 child.


  23. Both my girls, 5 and 8 yos love Disney character. From Minnie mouse, Nemo to Frozen. They just learnt skating and want to give up. I hope they can watch Disney on Ice to encourage them to continue skating.

  24. I love to go Disney on ice cos it’s just brings everyone inner child out when you are there. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy it. We love all the Disney characters

  25. My kids watched Disney on Ice last year and had fond memories. My daughter love princess Elsa and Anna while my son love Mickey mouse. Hope to bring them to watch this amazing performances again.

  26. Simply because my two lovely girls , aged 2.5 & 7 LOVE Disney On Ice so , so , so much ! Jie Jie likes Rapunzel & Mei Mei likes Mickey . Plus , they’ve never ever been to such real life show before . I’m very sure they’ll be extremely thrilled to watch it . Hope to be the lucky star !!!

  27. My Lil Queen love Queen Elsa and it’s every little Ger’s dream to watch Magical Disney on Ice! I didn’t have a chance to go when I was a little Ger but I hope my Ger have a chance to go! She will definitely love watching her fave Disney characters come to life!!

  28. My children love disney characters especially princesses. Hope to win the tickets as it will be the best surprise for their upcoming birthdays!

  29. I would like to, nay, LOVE to bring my 2 kiddos to watch this show as this would be the first time they have watched any live Disney show and it would be awesome for them to see their favourite characters skating around looking “cool”!

  30. I hope to win this awesome giveaway because Disney is educational for every kid and my kids (age 2 and 5) love watching them. My younger son love watching mickeymouse while my older daughter love disney princess fairytales. Most important of all, BOTH OF THEM LOVE MUSIC! Thus Disney On Ice brings their favourite characters and music on stage live, both will definitely enjoy and love it!

  31. I would like to LOVE to bring my 2 kiddos to watch this show as this would be the first time they have watched any live Disney show and it would be awesome for them to see their favourite characters skating around looking “cool”!

  32. I would bring my family to watch Disney on Ice again and again because it’s such a fun and wonderful experience. We never get tired of seeing the beautiful choreography and listening to our favourite Disney songs. it’s such a magical feeling no matter how mang times we see it we always love it.

  33. My children love Disney characters especially Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna!! They love the songs too. Mar is also my 2nd daughter Rayna’s birthday, a good chance to bring her to watch this musical show from Disney!! Hope to win the tickets to bring my 3 kids to watch this musical show!! Thanks for organizing this giveaway!! <3

  34. Since I had gave birth in Dec 2016, I seldom have chance to spend time with my older 5 years old boy. Hope I could win these tickets and bring him to watch the show. Believe he will simply love it as he always watch Disney cartoons eg. Finding Nemo, Frozen and etc plus I could have bonding time with my son..

  35. I would bring my family to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice because it’s such a fun and memorable experience. No matter how many times we see it we never get tired of watching Disney on Ice. We love the beautiful choreography and music and costumes, everything is so magical! It’s an experience both adults and kids will enjoy time and time again.

  36. My boys LOVE disney characters and with Dory, Nemo and Marlin from Finding Dory back this time round.. They would be thrilled to watch it! My youngest loves Dory from finding Dory! Hope to win this as a treat for them during the holidays!

  37. I would bring my family to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice because it’s such a fun and memorable experience that both adults and kids will enjoy time and time again. No matter how many times we see it we never get tired of watching Disney on Ice. We love the beautiful choreography and music and costumes, everything is so magical!

  38. I would like to win and bring my children to watch The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice because they love all the Disney characters. And we never been to Disney On Ice before, so this would be a great experience for all of us. Hope to win the tickets and surprise them!! Thank you. 🙂

  39. It’s been 2 years since I started bringing my oldest (then, at 3 years old) to enjoy Disney On Ice. I definitely hope to continue with this “school holidays tradition” as it’s something we’ve started to look forward to. This year, I would also like to introduce our littlest in the family (currently 3 years old) to this as well and finally be able to make it a family-of-4 event!

  40. I would bring my family to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice because it’s such a fun and memorable experience for both adults and kids. We love the beautiful choreography and music and costumes, everything is so magical!

  41. My kids love Mickey and minnie ..hope to bring them and let them watch this fantastic performance

  42. My children would love to see their favourite Disney characters perform, and they love to watch ice skating especially! Thanks for organising this giveaway. 🙂

  43. Both my kids love Disney Characters. Whenever we passed by MRT stations or social media on Disney on Ice, they will be very excited and hope to watch the show. My Kid’s birthday is in March and this will definitely be a SURPRISE for him! Hope to be able to enjoy this excellent show together!

  44. Both my kids love Disney characters. Every time when we passed by MRT stations or saw the advertisements through social media, they will be very excited. March happens to be my kid’s birthday. If he can catch this show, this will be a big SURPRISE for him! Both of them will definitely be extremely happy! This will be an excellent bonding time for the whole family!

  45. I would bring my family to The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice because it’s a show that both kids and adults will enjoy. No matter how many times we’ve seen the show we never get tired of it. We love the costumes, dancing and music, everything is just magically Disney!

  46. Hope to win for my boys, they will be overwhelmed to be able to watch the show ! They love Disney characters ! Happy kids=Happy Mummy

  47. Both my kids love disney chacacters. Whenever they see the advertisement, they will be super happy, hoping to watch the show. My boy’s birthday is coming in March. Hope to bring him them. Will be the best Present for him and a great bonding time for all of us!

  48. Heard so much about it but have not been to watch before . Hope to have a chance to watch this time and surprise my little boy this holidays

  49. My kids are crazy about disney characters and have been wanting to watch Disney on Ice. Hope to be able to bring them there. Will be a big Surprise for them and great bonding time for our family!

  50. My kids wanted to see but I had never bring them to Disney Ice before! It’s pricey for us. Hope to able to win so that my kids can experience the Icey feeling at Disney!!

  51. Would love to bring my boys to see if have the chance!! Hope to let them have a feel on icey feeling of Disney!! Thanks for the giveaway

  52. I would love to bring my kids there as I have not had the chance to ever attend with them (due to massive work loads in previous years).
    I believe they would enjoy this experience tremendously if mummy could finally go with them.

  53. I would like to bring the kids to watch disney on ice. It will be our first time. Hope we can win the tickets! =)

  54. My two children both under 6 were totally mesmerised by the show the last round when i brought them to watch. They kept asking for an encore! They are at an age when they still live in fantasies hence it would be great if they could see Mickey or Elsa and all other characters come to life! Hope they are able to relive the magical moments of Disney on Ice!

  55. My kids had not been to any holiday trips before and all they had been was to Snow City and they would pretend to be the 2 sisters in Frozen Anna and Elsa by acting out the movie scene. I felt sad at the same time happy seeing that. When i chanced upon this giveaway, i want to take a chance to see if i can win these tickets for the kids to catch the live version of their favourite characters, Anna and Elsa on ice. Thank you for reading my comments.

  56. Carrie Jingfang on

    I would like to bring my daughter to watch because my girl likes Frozen Olaf, Elsa and Anna. She also likes Mickey and Minnie. It is great to watch them skate on ice so gracefully with music and story. I hope to give her this surprise and watch with her !

  57. My 3 kids never have a chance to watch it even though they saw it in TV commercial. We hope we win this opportunity as they are studying hard and sure deserve to watch a great performance.

  58. My daughters love to skate. After I bought 3 months pass at RINK, they are able to skate and until now they always practicing. They wil be very happy to watch their Disney characters skating on the ice. Hope by watching this show..they will able to learn new techniques and grow their passion on skating.
    Thank you!

  59. I wanna bring my 2 girls to watch the show because it’ll feel so much like a fairytale comes alive! I remember I watched it when I was a little girl and I totally treasured the moments, especially when the I do not come from a well to do family and having someone sponsored me and my siblings to the show was a great present to us! And….this time, when we saw the advertisement on tv, my older girl said to me, “Mummy, bring me to watch ok??”

  60. I wanna bring my girls to the show because it’s almost like a fairytale comes alive! I remember I watched Disney on Ice when I was little girl and having someone sponsored tickets for my siblings and I was a great gift as we do not come from a well-to-do family. And now…..when we see the advertisement on tv, my older girl said to me, “Mummy, bring me to watch ok?” Hopefully, I’ll be able to win the tickets to bring both girls to have a memorable time there!

  61. Have been wanting to bring my children esp my little girl who like Disney on ice so much. Hope to have the chance to watch and surprise my little girl…

  62. We did not have a chance go visit Disneyland, and this would be the closest thing to reward my kids for all their hardwork in their school and to give them a day off from their activities.

  63. I would like to bring my children esp my little girl who fond of Disney ice characters so much that she always dress herself up with her favourite characters costumes.

  64. Both my kids, 5 and 7 years old love Disney character and really hope to win the tickets as it will be our very first Disney On Ice. This will definitely be an unforgettable memory for them.

  65. I believe all children likes fairytales and the happy ending, colourful world.
    My parents brought me to watch disney on ice when i was a young girl and i fall in love with it.
    Now is my chance to bring my kids to watch since my girl favourite is Elsa from Frozen and my boy who loves Nemo.
    Liked and shared on facebook.

  66. My daughter started attending ice skating classes last Dec. Watching the show would definitely inspire her. N it’s the magical world of Disney! We love the characters and the stories they have to tell!

  67. My whole family are in love with DISNEY.
    My son just can’t get enough of the Disney cartoons…. for now …. it the The Finding Dory.
    Watched it over and over again.
    Disney captivated us so much , can’t imagine going up ,without it being part of our lives.

    Liked n shared

  68. I hope to wins this tickets for my family wife and son because we love Disneys. The Disney show and others are very educating kids together with music make our son love it and not boring to watch again and again.
    This will be the most surprising birthdays present from my son. Thank you Disney.

  69. March Holidays being a short week and all and as we choose not to travel for this holiday, Disney on Ice is probably the next best thing to a holiday trip for my two kids.

  70. I have always been a big fan of Disney! There are so many characters that I have enjoyed watching over the years. I hope my children will love Disney as much as I do with the right amount of exposure to Disney cartoons, shows and even Disneyland!

  71. I’d like to bring my 2 gals to Disney On Ice – elder one learns figure ice skating & she’ll be inspired by the beatiful setting & graceful skating – younger 6Y’s @ the age where she loves all things ‘princessey’ & her faves are Disney Princesses Belle & Ariel!

  72. It’s every girl’s dream to meet their Disney princesses and characters! Emma loves Frozen and Minnie Mouse. Hope we could bring her to the show before she officially get promoted to a big sister in Jun. It would be a perfect gift for her before we get real busy with a new born. Thanks for such awesome giveaway!

  73. My boy is a great fan of Olaf!! He loves Olaf for its joyfulness.

    Hope to bring my boy to catch Olaf “Live” on stage~ it would be his best motivation to study well after the school holiday!!

  74. Because my son is still a big fan of Frozen and other characters! The last time we went, the seat was way too far. Hope to go again!

  75. My girl loves to watch Disney on Ice since young.. Hope that I can win for her to let her enjoy it.

  76. My boys loves Disney characters! My boys have been thinking about the trip last year to Disneyland.. this is probably the next best thing for them!
    Hope they will have a chance to watch the characters live on stage!

  77. Simply cos its filled with my gal’s favourite Disney character. Entertaining and breath taking setting, i’m sure my gal would enjoy it

  78. My gals love Disney on ice…hope can win and let them enjoy and motivation for them…study hard and play hard…;)

  79. Done all steps:)
    I agree with the infograph that meaningful childhood memories are vital both for the child and as a family. There is no better way to engage the child in conversation than about something they love. Disney On Ice features their favourite magical tales,especially Frozen! They get to experience the beauty of ice-skating too!

  80. Simply because this would be my son’s 1st ever Disney on ice show and get would be thrilled! Having watched mickey use clubhouse , finding dory, etc he would be excited to meet the characters live!!

  81. I would love to bring my daughter to Disney on ice simply because she loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and she will be delighted to watch them live!

  82. Hope to win this Magical giveaway for my boys to Disney on Ice to watch their favourite Disney characters from Finding Dory on stage! Definitely a great way to create beautiful memories watching the characters live on stage 🙂

  83. I would like to win this giveaway because my children are great fans of Disney characters! My Daughter loves all Disney princesses who are so beautiful and elegant. I would like to bring her to see these princesses skate gracefully on ice in real! Really hope to win this giveaway to make her dream comes true!

  84. It will be a great family bonding time for us!My kids love disney character very much. Hope to bring them to the show.

  85. I would like to win for my son as he love Mickey Mouse .I hope can get him to explore and more expensive from the amazing show .

  86. Who doesnt love Disney?! They are there since i was a baby. My favourite is Mickey. My whole family loves Disney!

  87. I would like to bring my 2YO girl for Disney on ice because she loves Mickey Mouse (she pronounces it as Peekie Mouse though). It will be our 1st, and I am sure not last, Disney On Ice show. It would be great if we can win the Cat 1 tickets for an out-of-this-world 1st experience for her.

    Liked, shared and commented

  88. My family and I are Super fans of Disney!! The magical and positive atmosphere helps to make everyone Happy.

    This would be a great chance for family bonding session during the school holiday~

  89. This will be a great exciting first time at the Disney On Ice for our 2 boys! We will be so so happy if we can win the tickets for them to see Live Disney On Ice!

  90. Christina Leong on

    I would love to bring the kids to such a Wonderful Disney on Ice show. It’s a good exposure for them, entertaining and educating as well, adding on the good family bonding time together and furthermore it’s their first time to see a REAL & dreamy Live show. Hope to win it for them ❤️. Thank you.

  91. My boy is a hugh fan Disney Mickey & Minnie he love to watch on the cartoons on the youtube, alway stand sooo near to the tv programme get so excited jump up.
    Hope to surprise him his birthday.

  92. I would love to win this family ticket set for my 2 lovely girls who totally love Disney! We grow up watching Disney shows and cartoons and now our little girls aged 3 and 5 are huge fans as well. They moved from Mickey and Minnie to the Princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel to Sophia the First! Have almost majority of the princess dresses!!

  93. Png Huat Keong on

    MY girl is a 100% Disney Fans. She is a huge fan of Princess Sofia, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Bell and of course the iconic Mickey Mouse n friends. Every year her birthday theme will be Disney Princesses. And she is so fascinated by the Princess good character n right attitude. She always looking forward to watch Disney On Ice. I as a father, hope I can win it so that we can spend quality bonding time n experience the magical moment together.

    FB : Henry Png

  94. Hope to win the tickets for my two boys esp the youngest old who born in March!! Mini celebration in Disney on Ice! They love all the characters!!

  95. The two kids simply love the Disney Princesses and they would do anything just for a chance to catch them “live” in Singapore. Since its the kid’s birthday in February, I am hoping to win this spectacular surprise for them!

  96. The two kids are big fans of Disney and they could recite all of their favorite lines from movies such as “Frozen” and “Beauty and The Beast”. The family has been talking about going to Disney on Ice and this contest is perfect!!

  97. As much as both my boys love Mickey & Dory, I” also avid fans of Disney!! My childhood favourite is Beauty & the Beast. Hope to bring them on a fairy tale adventure to see their Favourite characters coming live skating right before their eyes!!:)

  98. Michelle GohOng on

    I wanna surprise my kiddos with this awesome giveaway ..

    They love all Disney characters and ice skating .. combine the two together and they bound to be thrilled 🙂

  99. Wow, 81% of the parents feeling anxious about creating MEANINGFUL CHILDHOOD memories, that’s like 4 in 5 people and I’m definitely one of the 4… I grew up with Disney, my boys grew up with Disney, and yet we could never afford to sit up front to watch them in action … so, keeping my fingers crossed that my wish to create an episode of meaningful childhood memories can come true … “if you wish upon a star, your wish will come true!”

  100. Without a doubt, any kids will know the Disney characters and our family is no different! Their favourite characters are Belle, Snow White as well as Anna and Elsa.It always bring the joy when we watch the Disney movies on TV and imagine their excitement if they can watch the live performances on ice!

  101. As a child, my mother would always take me to watch Disney on Ice cause as a little girl i dreamt of being an ice skater. Now as a mother of a little girl, i hope to share my little childhood moment with her and inspire her to chase her dreams whatever they may be. And whenever she sees the ahe Disney on ice advertisement come on the tv, she always says she wants to go and watch! She would definitely enjoy herself!

  102. Disney is my girl’s favourite and my girl watched figure skating on TV before and is really interested to watch it in live! Hope to inspire her to work hard when she eventually starts learning figure skating!

  103. My family missed our vacation togethet due to work and I would love to have a small family ‘vacation’ at Disney on Ice! My kids love Dory and Nemo and they watch the movie many times a week. To be able to see their faves skating and dancing on ice would make them so thrilled!

  104. Hope to win tickets for my 3 year old girl and 5 months old boy. Im sure they will be fascinated by the beautiful world of Disney.

  105. Just so because this will be my son’s first ever Disney on ice and he will definitely be thrilled!! Hr grew up watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse and watched Finding Dory in cinemas. He will be excited to see Characters coming to live in this awesome performance!

    Did all steps. Thank you!!!

  106. My boys love both the classic and more recent-times Disney stories and animations, and I hope to enable them to catch the Disney magic live on ice.

  107. Phyllis Chua Xin Yan on

    I have never had the chance to bring my boys out for a live performance together before and would love to have this opportunity to watch disney on ice together as a family!

  108. Priscilla Kuek on

    This will be my boys’ FIRST Disney on Ice experience! Disney films and characters are a hot favourite in our home, ranging from Disney princesses for me (the Mummy of the family) to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and Planes and Cars for my little boys. We will be so delighted to win this! Thank you for the giveaway!

  109. I would LOVE to bring my Daughter to The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice because she loves all the Disney characters!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope to win this and bring her there!~

  110. My children had been wowed by the Disney characters that they saw when we were in disneyland. And I believe this experience of Disney on ice would be another eye opener to the Disney characters that they be been in love with.

  111. When I was young, I have always dreamed about Disney On Ice and going with my family. We couldnt afford it.

    Fast forward, now that I have my own family. I was trying to be prudent with a second child and only bought tickets for my daughter and my husband to go last year. It was their first time and they enjoyed it very much while i stayed home to look after the second child. Yet, i still longed to go to disney on ice myself and as a family.

    Pls help a once little girl’s dream come true and let me experience Disney on ice for the first time with my family. Thank you!!!!!

  112. My family want to enter a world of adventure at The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice! From the depths of the ocean to a wintry dreamland, nothing is too fantastical for my Disney friends, including Mickey, Minnie, Dory, and the cast of Frozen. It’s a colourful celebration of magic and fun, with songs and memories that my family will treasure forever.

  113. Never been to Disney on ice performance before and thus this is an opportunity to bring my kid for an awesome show with fun and joy!

  114. Teo Lay Ying Serraine on

    Because my kids love Disney Character and never watch Disney live on ice before,hope to win and bring them watch for a family time spend with my kids and have childhood memories for them.

  115. I love to bring my kids to watch Disney on Ice because they love Disney characters especially Elsa and it’d be a new experience for them to watch their favourite Disney character “dancing” on ice.

  116. I would like to bring my 6 yrs old daughter to watch The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice because she love princess fairy tales especially adore with Princess Elsa & Anna. I believe she will excited to meet in Live and sang whole night with her favourite character. Furthermore it’s my birthday in March 15. Wishing the lucky stars will shine on me. Thank you (* ^)

  117. The boys had an enjoyable time at Disney on Ice last year so much that they wanna to go for it AGAIN this year!! Hope I can win this for them plus the younger boy’s birthday is in March and this would definitely be an awesome advance birthday pressie for him 🙂

  118. It is a wonderful performance for the whole family, a great bonding time together and a good way to keep cool in the sunny weather!

  119. My 7yo and 5yo watched their first Disney on Ice last year. They will be delighted if they have the chance to watch it again this year.

  120. I would love to bring my 3 year old Son to see his first Disney on ice performance because he loves Disney characters .
    It will be a great opportunity for my family to be able to enjoy this performance .!!!

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  122. I have a set of 3 yr old twins. They went to Disneyland last year beacuse their Mummy is a great fan of Disney and they love everything Disney. It was such a great experience that they keep on bugging me to bring them over again.
    It would be a great surprise for them if they are able to be so close to the characters and seeing them perform.
    Since it is during the school holidays, it is the perfect timing for me as a teacher to finally have some time for my kids.

  123. We have not brought the kids to any of the Disney on Ice yet, though they love Disney characters! Mummy has not been too well since pregnancy till arrival of little one and has been slow in planning activities for #1 and #2, so hope this win can be a great treat to the family for being so patient with mummy all this while!

  124. Oh Xin Ning Adeline on

    I would love to bring my niece and nephew to watch Disney on Ice as they love Disney characters. They will like it as it is their first time watching this performance.

  125. My children love DIsney characters especially Elsa and Anna! Would be thrilled to see them go wow if they can see their favourite character dancing gracefully on the ice skating rink.

    This would be a perfect school holiday gift for them.

  126. Priscilla Wong on

    We all love disney on ice as it is a show with many of our favorite disney characters and favourite disney songs. It will be great to be able to take the cat 1 seat to view them close up.

  127. I would like to bring my children and parents to Disney on ice but find the tickets a bit pricey for whole family to go. Hope to win free tickets there. Thank you.

  128. We want to enjoy the magical moments with our two daughters. They will sure be very excited and happy to meet their favourite Disney characters. It always feel good to see that they are happy 🙂

  129. My girls love Disney On Ice! They are praying hard that we can win this and go watch! Their favourite is Anna and Elsa and Olaf

  130. Alex Lee Kang Leng on

    My six-years old daughter love princess fairy tales and she adore with Princess Elsa & Anna. She will be excited to meet in LIVE and sang whole night with her favourite characters. Furthermore is my lovely wife birthday month, really hope to win to surprise her too. Wishing the lucky stars will shine on me !

  131. My kids love watching the disney characters such as Simba, Toy Story as well as famed Mickey & Minnie on cartoon channels. It would be great to finally have a chance to let them meet their idols in “person” especially on the mystical ice-skating ring.

  132. We love Disney and the children will be so happy to see their favourite characters comes alive!!!

  133. The kids love the Disney charactor so much . This will bring their wildest fantasie come true if I really win the ticket. It’s gonna be most . memorable one for their life and for us to when we look back after they grow up. Please make our family fantasie come true. Thanks !

  134. I wanna reward my girls for being such good girls! They still love Anna and Elsa (Frozen fever will never die!) They will be thrilled to know they can watch Disney On Ice this year!

  135. My 4 year old loves Nemo and Olaf, and she did not have a chance to watch Disney on Ice before. She looks forward to attending this, so I hope to win the tickets to bring her there. Thank you!

  136. I would like to win this as my lo loves disney, especially dory, nemo, simba and belle!!! 🙂 🙂

  137. Teoh Thiam Lee on

    I would like to bring my children to watch the wonderful world of Disney On Ice because he Super like Disney on Ice , He said Disney characters can bring up his happiest life to make his dreams come true .
    Hope I can win it for my price to enjoy with Disney on Ice .

  138. Chee Kian tat on

    I would like to bring my child to watch Disney On ice , because they love it so much . They like Mickey Mouse so much . This is a special and awesome Disney on Ice skating , hope my child can have a amazing chance to go and watch it .

  139. Ashmika Jain on

    Hope to be bless & bring my kids for one of the most awaited show. It will be their dream come true as every time they see the poster, wish to watch their favourite characters live on the stage. Love to see twinkle in their eyes with this pleasant surprise. Txs for hosting an awesome giveaway . It is truly special for her 4th Birthday celebration.

  140. Liked and shared, would like to bring my niece and nephew to Disney on Ice. Both would be trill to watch their everlasting Mickey and Minnie mouse.

  141. Liked and shared! My daughter loves Disney! She is a fan of Mickey Mouse and friends. She enjoyed herself tremendously last year and I hope she gets a chance to go again this year. Really hope to win as I’m currently expecting, it will be a fabulous family outing before the arrival of meimei.

  142. Agnes suwandi on

    It would be great to win these and it would be the first time she will see disney on ice

  143. I’d like to bring my 3 year old son to watch Disney on Ice show. I’m sure he will be thrilled as he is a huge fan of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, not to mention Frozen! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  144. It’s simply because we love Disney’s characters! We’re huge fans and would the opportunity to sing along and bogie. It’ll be a great treat to me too, as I’m a March baby.

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway. Hope to be the lucky family!

    FB: Gladys Tiyo

  145. My 5 years old gal loves everything about Disney Princesses whereas my almost 3 years old boy loves Mickey & friends. Together, they both enjoy watching performance live in action therefore I hope to bring my kids for an amazing magical fun!

  146. Tan Bee Chin Joyce on

    March is the birthday month for my elder Son who turning 5. He had been really a big Disney fan since baby till now. I hope I can do my part as a good Mom to surprise him to make it a memorable and happy birthday present that I can try to give him. Hope our parenting world can help me with this. Thanks a lot.

  147. I hope to win this for my kids as they did well in their studies despite their learning difficulties(one have speech issue and the other have dyslexia). They never give up when the challenges seem too tough for them, they taught me that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going just like the princesses in all the fairy tales. They have overcome all the obstacles to find true love. Sincerely hope to bring them for a wonderful show as a reward for doing well. Thanks both sponsors for this generous giveaway.

  148. My son’s birthday falls on in the month of March, hope to win so that he can have a wonderful birthday month 🙂

  149. Rachel Leung on

    I would love to have the chance to bring my girl to watch Disney on ice as she is a big fan of Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess. When I was a kid my parents brought me to watch Disney on Ice, and till today it’s one of my fondest childhood memory. I wanna give my girl this special memory too so pls let me have the chance to win this !

  150. Kong meifong on

    I would love to win for my 2 princesses as they love Disney Princesses so much ! It will be magical for them to watch the princesses glide and swirl on ice . They have never been to Disney on ice before and I really hope I can win this for them . Thank you

  151. Purlynn heng on

    It would my son’s 1st Disney on Ice experience! Hope to win! He came home fm student care 1 day telling me he watched Frozen in sch. He hope to see Elsa n friends coming to life in the rink!
    Thank you for the giveaway!!!
    Fb: plyn heng

  152. I really hope to bring my daughter to have her 1st experience On Disney on Ice.. something that i know she will love. Alot of times she heard from her friends whom attended and watch it before on how is this. However my concern is on the expensive tickets and so i hope to win this and surprise her for her march holidayexperience and fulfill her small little wish. Hope to be the lucky lady and be a great mummy to my baby. Thx u organiser for this giveaway.. hope to win..

  153. This highly anticipated show is one of the greatest way to create meaningful childhood memories indeed! Will like to bring the girls to watch their favourite Frozen tale come alive on the ice & enrich their March holidays!
    FB name- JoAn LoH

  154. Thank you Our Parenting World for the wonderful giveaway!

    I would love to win the tickets to watch Disney on Ice as my two princesses as well as their daddy and mommy are so in love with all the Disney characters! What’s more, the characters will be gliding on ice and it will be a wonderfully magical moment for the entire family! We all know that kids don’t remember everything about what happened during their childhood after they’ve grown up, but something tells me that they will remember this dazzling experience and the wonderful bonding time we had when they grow up!

  155. As a stay at home mother, my husband is responsible for bringing the bacon home to the family which includes our two children and also my mother in law.

    Despite one income gone, my husband works very hard to give our family a comfortable lifestyle. In addition,  he helps me with the household chores, coaches the children in their studies and spends whatever time he as with the family. He gave up his only hobby (golfing) as he told me golfing took up a considerble amount of time and he rather spend his time with the family.

    He looks like a punctured tyre at the end of each day and my heart cannot help but cry when i see how tired he was. The fact that he did not utter a word of complaint made us appreciate him even more. He is a good husband, caring father and a filial son.

    Hope to win and reward my lovely daughter as this can make thier birthday month excited.


  156. Huang YanLing on

    As a Single Mum, I’ve always want my daughter to feel complete even though it’s just the 2 of us.

    To me, personal family bonding time is very important and building up that strong relationship with my Daughter is what I strive to achieve. So I always am finding activities to do with my girl.

    Having this Disney On Ice is my initial plan for every year. However due to financial constraints I couldn’t give her what I had wished for.

    Seeing this post was coincidental and I hope that you guys will be able to give me the opportunity to celebrate this joyous occasion with my child. Creating special memories and forming the strongest bond with her.

  157. Koh Hock Guan on

    Hope to win this once in a lifetime magical experience for my dearest princess who always loved Disney characters especially Princess Anna from Frozen. Hope to make her wish come true to see Princess Anna perform live as that would be the most memorable Disney moment for her !

  158. My daughter loves Disney & Disney Princesses. Especially Princess Elsa from Frozen. She’s always so excited whenever she see Elsa on TV or in the stores. It will be a wonderful treat for her if she can be able to catch Elsa live on stage. Hope to be able to enjoy Disney On Ice, this wonderful show with her. Thank your Our Parenting World for hosting this awesome giveaway.

  159. Chng Keow Young on

    My kids would love to watch Disney on Ice as they love to sing Frozen song and like Disney characters a lot hence hope to make their wish come true !

  160. Tey Pei Wing on

    Wish have chance bring my girl to watch this Wondeful World of Disney On Ice show as she is the ballerina who love dance and ballet !

  161. My girls will be super excited to see their favourite idols, Elsa and Anna. It will be a dream come true:)