Tips on time management for busy parents

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Like most parents, we have very busy working schedule and often we find that it can be quite tough to balance working life with family life.
Some of the tips which we would like to share with other parents is on how to find time for your young child at home. Most parents generally work long hours and often try to finish all their work before coming home late evening and sometimes close to midnight. By then, their kids are already sleeping and they missed the opportunities to spend quality time with their kids.
The best time for family bonding is dinner time with our children. Unlike others who want to finish all the work before going home, I believe in bringing work home to do as it gives me family time with Gor Gor. I will always try to leave office by 6.30pm (unless there are urgent meetings), go home, have dinner with my family, play with my son and then when he goes to sleep at 9pm, I will resume my work on my computer until 11pm.
In addition, I do a lot of mind planning when I drive to and back from work. Everyday, most of us would spend at least an hour or more on the road. I would use the time on the road to plan out what I need to do for the day or the week and also mentally prepare for some of the lectures which I need to deliver. Of course, I will still keep a close eye on the traffic when I drive. The time spend on the road doing these mind planning work will save me time in the office or at home later.

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