Titans of the Past – Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals Part 2

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Continuing from our journey from our previous post, Part 1. We have now been transported to the period of extreme cold where mammoths, mastodons and other Ice Age Mammals have ruled the earth. Detailed write up and descriptions of that period were thoughtfully provided to give us a better understanding before we start looking at the exhibits. 

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Fun booths for kids and adults to play touch to feel which part of the mammals you are touching.


The Ice Age mammals’ exhibits are also from Aurea Exhibitions, Argentina which will be showcased for the first time in Asia. It will feature 10 animatronics animals from the Ice Age. The picture above is a mastodon which looks like an elephant. 


This is a Glossotherium which was another of the giant sloths of the time. 


This is the sabre-toothed cat which looked like a lion. The sabre-toothed cat is also featured in Ice Age animations.


This is a Glyptodonts, it is a mammal with a bony cap on its head and its tails is sheathed in bony plates. 


This is Bear of the Pleistocene – Pararctotherium which looked like a grizzly bear. 

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This is a Macrauchenia which was smaller than the modern camel. Every of these mammals will have a detailed description to let the visitors know more about its habitats, physical characteristics, diets and its environments.


This is a Mammoth, we are very familiar with it as we have seen the Mammoth in Ice Age animations. 

Our Parenting World would like to thank the kind and lovely organisers for inviting us to the exhibitions and all the dedicated team for putting up this interesting and informative exhibitions. We have also met our friends at the event. A BIG Hello to all of you and thank you!

More information about the exhibitions, it will be held from 25 October 2013 to 23 February 2014 at Science Centre Singapore, Annexe from 10am to 6pm.

Please click this link to find out more details about the exhibitions. Do come and visit the exhibitions, we assured you that it will be a fun and educating experiences for the whole family!



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