Di Di at 15 months

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Di Di  just went for his 15 months injection MMRV injection (measles mumps, rubella and chickenpox).  In Singapore measles vaccination is compulsory by law, and we opted for the new MMRV vaccine.
At 15 months, he is at a very adorable stage with all his chubbiness and cutesy babyish actions.
Like his older brother, he loves music too. Whenever he hears music, he would wave and dance to the rhythm of the music.
When we bring him out, most people are so nice, they would wave and smile at him, do cutesy action to get his attention. There was once we were at Ion Orchard coming up from the escalator, this tall strong man who was at the restaurant reception, starting waving and making funny faces at Videll when he saw Videll coming up from the escalator in his stroller. At one shopping mall, we were in a lift. a father kept smiling at Videll and ask his older daughter to say hello to baby. At restaurants and boutiques, the sales personnel will often make funny faces and wave hello to baby.
Videll was fascinated with the remote control for a long time and he likes to play with them. When we were watching the TV and whenever he accidentally pressed a button that changed the channel. He would quickly walk to our direction and returned it to us to change it back to the correct channel.
Many times Videll is also excited seeing his older brother when he comes home, he would walk to him and squeaked in delight. When he saw Vincent playing with his toys, he loves to walk over to him and follow what he is doing. He enjoys following and wants to play with his older brother.
Videll’s appetite is really good, he can eat many times a day and whatever we are eating and put into our mouth, he is very interested. When we go out to eat even when he has already been fed with porridge, he would protest angrily when he sees us eating as he also want to eat. Fortunately his weight is with normal range as we are worried that he would be over weight with all the excessive eating.
We don’t know since when he learnt that when he doesn’t like or want something, he would shake his head. It is really hilarious to see him shaking his head and we like to offer him something just to see how he shakes his head.
Most places like Cinemas and MRTs, children above 90cm need to pay and Videll is already 80cm. He is only a toddler. The authorities should re-look into the height requirements as nowadays children grow up pretty fast.

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