Visit Monsters of the Sea, Omni Theatre and Snow City new attractions at Science Centre Singapore

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This school holidays, visit the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) where you and your family can spend an enjoyable and educational time together!

1st attraction, visit Monsters of the Sea at The Annexe from now till 28 February 2016 where you will be able to find out and learn more about the legendary sea creatures that rule the marine world. 


Look who is here? It is the mascot of Monsters of the Sea who is here to welcome us to the exhibition. What can we expect to see and learn from the exhibition? Follow us as we venture into the marine world. 


Upon entering the exhibit, we were transported into a vessel and into the unknown ocean where we embarked on an adventure to discover some of the most well-known mythical creatures like the Chinese Dragon, Loch Ness Monster and the Kraken.

At the exhibition which is Asia Pacific’s  largest animatronics showcase, we will also get to see some of the pre-historic sea monsters together with the displays of the existing ones.

Some of the pre-historic sea monsters that you will see are:


Elasmosaurus which means “Ribbon Lizard” has a very long neck and is 14 metres long. It existed around late Cretaceous era (83 to 72 million years ago) at Pierre Shale in Kansas, United States. 


Megalodon which means “Big tooth” with large teeth that can grow up to 18cm existed around Miocene to Pliocene era (15-2.6 million years ago). They can be found worldwide. It can grow up to 15 to 17 metres which makes it one of the largest exhibits. 


Pliosaurus which means “More lizard” is such a huge marine reptile can grow up to 13m long and its skull is approximately 2m long but it has short neck and big head. It existed during the late Jurassic, 157 to 145 million years ago and was discovered in Europe. 


Purussaurus has the strongest jaw bite amongst four-footed animals existed during Miocene era (13 to 8 million years ago) at Brazil, Colombia, Peruvian Amazonia, N. Venezuela. It can grow up to 11 to 13 metres long with its skull length can grow up to 1.4 metres.


All the displays come with useful information board where you will be able to learn more details about the sea creatures that you see. 

The two present day sea creatures that we can see today are:


Whale Shark can grow up to 20m and can be found worldwide in both shallow and deep, tropical and subtropical coastal waters.


Many of us are familiar with the Great White Shark because of the popular “Jaws” movies. These sharks are best known for its sharp teeth, can grow up to 6m and can be found worldwide, temperate and tropical coastal areas.




Besides looking at the interesting exhibits, there are lots of activity stations which are fun and science-based for the kids. 

Paid activity stations include making your own clay modelling of the sea creatures, colour and create your own beautiful foam art, put a monster in a bottle and make vibrating Isopods.


At each activity station, kids will get to enjoy making their own creation and at the same time increase their knowledge and learn more about what they are doing. For example, Monster in a bottle activity, kids will learn more about the concept of buoyancy while working on it. They get to bring home their work after completion. 

Monsters of the Sea exhibition is a good opportunity to see and learn more about these interesting sea creatures. The exhibits feature life-sized animatronics displays of 14 pre-historic marine creatures and two present-day sea monsters that will leave you in awe when you entered into an ocean-themed journey! The displays are so extensive and be prepared to spend more time admiring, reading and learning about them. 

Monsters of the Sea exhibition is by Science Centre Singapore, MediaCorp VizPro International, Dezign Format Singapore and Aurea Exhibitions. 

Additional Information:

Date:  30 October 2016 to 28 February 2016 (Temporary exhibition)

Venue Science Centre Singapore, Annexe Hall

Time 10am – 6pm (Last admission at 5.15pm)

Typical time required:

1 to 1.5 hours

Singaporean / Singapore Permanent Residents:

Adult: $20

Child (3-12 years old): $16

Family package (2 adults, 2 children): $58 

Ticket Price All other visitors:

Adult: $25

Child (3-12 years old): $20

Family package (2 adults, 2 children): $72
Note: Tickets to Monsters of the Sea exclude admission to SCS  

For more information about Science Centre Singapore and its exhibitions, please click HERE


2nd attraction, visit Omni Theatre, Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre. You will be able to find an extensive range of interesting and educating movies/live shows that will keep you and your family entertained.

For more information on Omni Theatre and its showtimes, please click HERE.

Big Bird

Photo Credit: One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure

During our visit, we watched the new digital movie “One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure” where we follow the loveable Sesame Street characters Big Bird, Elmo and their new friend from China, Hu Hu Zhu on an imaginary trip to the moon. While watching the show, children and even parents can embark on a discovery trip to learn more about the Sun, stars and Bid Dipper. What we can learn about the similarities in viewing the sky even though we are at different places/countries. The duration of the show is about 30 minutes and highly recommended for children age 3 to 6 years old. 


3rd attraction, Snow City, Singapore’s first permanent indoor snow centre has newly revamped to present its latest theme on “Adventure to the Arctic Circle”.  Visitors visiting Snow City will be excited to see its new look and interactive exhibits. They will be greeted with Snow City’s 5 new mascots; Oki, Nooka, Suki, lla and Koko. 

This is the place where you can experience, enjoy and play with real snow in sub-freezing climate and it includes a three storey high snow slope. Winter wear like jackets and boots will be provided and if you need pants and gloves, they can be rented at the venue. 



The boys have always enjoy going to Snow City, playing with snow and having snowball fights with each other. Even though the temperature is sub zero, the boys have so much fun that they forget all about the cold.



What better way to celebrate this Christmas season than to visit Snow City and enjoy a truly white Christmas. Snow City has prepared a host of activities including Christmas Carols by a group of cappella singers on 24 and 25 December.

Visit Snow City this festive season with your family and friends to enjoy a fun-filled snowy time together. For more information on its activities, timing and admission rates, please click HERE.

Goodnews! Snow City is offering our readers a discount code of 20% to visit its new feature on its latest theme on “Adventure to the Arctic Circle”. All you need to do is to show the discount code – “ARCTIC20” – when you are at the Snow City Counter, and you will be able to enjoy 20% off two Snow City tickets. 

The discount code is available until end-February, open to Singaporeans and applicable for 1 hour snow play. 

Additional Information:

Snow City Singapore
21 Jurong Town Hall Road
Singapore 609433

Telephone: 6560 2306
Fax: 6560 1297

Opening  Hours Daily
10am – 6pm (last admission at 5pm)

School & Public Holidays
10am – 7pm (last admission at 6pm)


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