What is the ideal sitting arrangement for learning ?

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Daddy says:
This is a follow-up article on the earlier article below on Gor Gor’s classroom. Daddy teaches Communication skills to medical students in the university and in one of the topics taught is on sitting arrangement to enable the best communication between two persons which Daddy would like to share these tips.
If you are teaching your child at home or engage a home tutor for one-to-one teaching, you should adopt the best sitting arrangement. There are three ways you can sit :
1. Face to face (i.e. you sit across your child)
2. Side by side (i.e. you sit beside your child)
3. “L” shape where you sit 90 degrees with your child
The face to face sitting arrangement is considered “confrontational” and it is also not easy to read the book that your child is reading.
The side by side arrangement is considered “intimate”, it is not ideal as your child cannot see your facial expression and not able to communicate well.
The ideal sitting arrangement is “L” shape as shown in the picture below. Have you wondered why in the doctor’s clinic, the patient is always seated at the side of the doctor’s table and not opposite the doctor’s table? This is for the best communication between both parties.
If you have a round or square table, this will be the best way to seat for teaching purpose.
The blue square indicates the table and the red circle indicates seating position of the “L” shape

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