What To Look For In A Parental Control App

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Today, technology has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. And for parents with teens, this is a cause for worry. As your child grows, she will want to have a smartphone to ensure her social life is not “ruined.” As a parent, you may also be entertaining the idea of giving your child a smartphone so that you can keep in touch with her, especially if she has started to travel alone.

The power of a smartphone in easing communication cannot be denied. However, its capabilities also come with some dangers. For example, your teen will probably get online and visit various communities or forums, some of which can expose her to danger. Apart from this, there is the issue of online predators to worry about. Will your child be able to recognize and not fall prey to these dangerous minds?

The potential exposure of your child to danger while using the smartphone should be a cause of concern for any parent. And this is why you should install a parental control app in the child’s phone.

Keep Your Child Safe from Afar

Parental control apps come with various features that allow you to monitor your child and potentially keep them safe. There are tons of apps on PlayStore and AppStore that you can install on your child’s phone. You need a parental control app that will give you detailed information about what your child is doing with her phone.

Here are some features you should look for in a parental control app.

Call and Text Logs

Today, teenagers have dozens of communication options. You child can chat with her friends by making phone calls. However, most teens prefer texting or using instant messaging apps like FaceTime and Facebook Messenger. These options provide more personalized communication as they allow the callers to see each other.

It is easy for your teen to get in trouble while using calling and texting apps. For example, the child may be coaxed into sharing inappropriate pictures. Therefore, you need a parental control app that can log the calls and texts that your child is making. Some apps can even record the calls made, allowing you to keep tabs of what your teen is communicating with other people.


Your teen will definitely be using the smartphone to get on the internet. There is a lot of useful information on the internet. Unfortunately, trouble also lurks at various forums. There is always the possibility that your child may be exposed to inappropriate material that can corrupt her morals. Moreover, some teens can be swayed online into doing things that they may end up regretting later in life.

To protect your child, install a parental control app that can track every online activity she engages in. Moreover, the app should be able to restrict various sites from being accessible on their smartphone.

Logging Website History

Your teen will become smarter and learn how to sidestep your watchful eyes on the smartphone. For example, it will only be a matter of time before she tries to hide her online footprint by deleting her browser history. When this happens, you may be kept in the dark regarding her activities.

It is essential to always be in the know of what your child is doing on the internet. One way of ensuring this is by installing a parental control app that can log the websites visited on the phone. You should be able to see the sites remotely and how much time was spent on them.

GPS Compatibility

As a parent, it is important to know where your child is at all times. With a smartphone, you can track your child’s movement. Some parental control apps are GPS compatible and will allow you to see the exact location of your child at any time. Wondering whether your teen is really at her friend’s house? Just ping her phone’s GPS, and you will know exactly where she is.

The GPS function is essential for the safety of the child. You can use GPS to trace the child’s movement within particular time periods. For example, you can check the GPS history to find out whether she was at school during school hours.

Panic On SOS Button

Your child’s safety should be a top priority. Therefore, when you want to purchase a smartphone for your teen, get her one with a panic SOS button. This button can be crucial in case your child is facing any danger while you are far away. When the panic button goes off, you will get an alert and can inform the authorities to initiate a rescue plan for your child.

The above are some crucial features you should look for in a parental control app.


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