What You Can Do and What You Cannot Do during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker for COVID-19

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed the nation on 3 April, Friday that more stricter measures will be imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19. These measures known as the circuit breaker will be carried for one month starting from 7 April to 4 May to prevent the infection from growing viral and to bring the numbers of infected cases in Singapore down.

Here’s a list at a glance what you can do and not do during the “circuit breaker” period as follows: 

1) All schools, institutes of higher learning, enrichment and tuition centres, pre-school and student care centres will be closed from 8 April. Schools and classes will resume on 5 May. However, limited services will be provided for children of parents who are unable to make alternative care arrangements and parents who have to continue working. Please check with your respective schools for more details. 

2) No face to face tuition during this period, including home tuition. You can either move to online learning or stop tuition. 

3) All non-essential business will work from home and move to online from 7 April. If you are not able to operate online, you have to stop operating and working during this period. 

4) Essential businesses and services and key economic sectors like hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, pharmacies, transports including buses, taxis, private-hire cars, utilities will remain open. 

5) All entertainment venues, shopping malls, sports and recreation facilities, swimming pools, museums and other places of attractions will remain close during this period. This include facilities like gym and swimming pool in the condominiums. 

6) F&B establishments like hawker centres, food courts, coffeeshops, restaurants will remain open but only for takeaway and delivery. No consuming of food at the premises. 

7) No social gatherings beyond your own household. Avoid visiting your extended families not staying with you especially if they are elderly or vulnerable. Please stay at home. You may drop by to give them food but you should leave after that.

8) You can go out to open areas like parks to exercise but you need to stay away from others and you could either exercise alone or with those staying with you but not with anyone else. Please practice and take safe-distancing seriously when you are outdoors. 

Social Distancing Ambassadors and Officers will be around to help ensure that public maintain social distancing.

Every Singapore resident will be given one reusable mask, please wear the mask when you leave your house, you can wash and dry them after each use. More details on where to collect your mask, please visit https://www.maskgowhere.gov.sg/

Let’s all do our part and stay united, together we can overcome from COVID-19 situation and stop the spread together! #sgunited 

To find out more about the list of essential business and what business and services remain open during this period, please visit https://covid.gobusiness.gov.sg/essentialservices/



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