What’s Internet Service Like In Singapore?


Internet service in Singapore is amazing. Singapore’s internet speed is the highest in the world, with over 180mbps as an average. Almost all citizens in the country experience latency-free connections, with a 99% connectivity rate. This service is currently provided by three major internet providers.

There are three internet service providers in Singapore: Singtel, M1, and Starhub.


This telecommunications company’s history goes before the start of the 19th century. Businesses used a dedicated 60 telephone lines interconnecting individuals and establishments. Before Singtel became the brand known for its service, it was OTEC (Oriental Telephone and Electric Company). Even though the government deregulated telecommunication companies in the early 2000s, they were the first to achieve 3g connection speeds.

Singtel manages and provides connections to more than 100 nations, and is a major player in the development of submarine cables from SEA to Western Europe. Singtel’s SJC cable system has a total length of 8900km which could link up to 7 territories, and this cable system provides the best internet speeds traveling from Asia to the West.

Singtel leads the mobile phone industry in Singapore with a number of subscribers close to 640 million.


While Singtel may be the oldest telecommunications company in Singapore, this doesn’t stop the development and startup of companies like M1. Founded in 1994, they offer services that include home internet Singapore citizens enjoy. M1 stands for Mobile One, and their domain is also in the mobile phone industry. The company implemented usage of VoLTE calls in 2015, and they were also the first in Singapore to implement wireless, phone-based POS service.

While OTEC, and later, Singtel, were the first telecommunications company in Singapore, M1 is the very first digital network service provider. It’s owned by the Keppel Corporation and provides services like international call services, and home service (fixed-line) subscriptions.

M1 received an award for the best service provider for home access. They’ve implemented LTE connection speeds a decade earlier than the rest of the world.


Launched on April 1st of 2000, Starhub is no joke when it comes to providing reliable internet service to the citizens of Singapore. Before its launch, it already acquired Cyberway to help customers have access to the internet.

Last year, Starhub and M1 Limited did a collaboration and the venture was awarded by the government for creating the 5G network.

How much is a home internet service in Singapore and how much?

Depending on the provider, prices can range from $30 to $45. While individuals might be surprised at the internet speeds in Singapore, the citizens already know which internet service provider gives the best deals. While there are some loyalists to the oldest telecom company in Singapore, there has been consistent and positive support and feedback for ISP’s like M1 and Starhub. MyRepublic also receives support but they’re not as popular as M1 and Starhub.

For Starhub, internet speeds can reach up to 2 GBs for only $30 a month. Singtel is a little bit expensive, at $45 per month, but the speeds vary from 1 GBs to 10 GBs. Other companies provide internet speeds around this range.


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