Wipe the Floor with 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus and Giveaway

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Being parents, we are always busy with many things on our hands including keeping the household clean and tidy. 3M introduces the brand’s latest model of disposable mops, the 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus, it helps to improve cleaning experience making it more efficient, reducing the need and time taken with traditional, heavy cleaning. 

3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus

The new 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus comes with a new mop plate design, an arched shape to create a ‘suction’ effect while sweeping for a stronger hold on dust, and a honeycombed pattern design to trap and retain more dirt in one single sweep than other mops. It is also good for households with pets, it helps to clean better and pick up the furs and even hairs easily.  

We find that using the new improved 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus makes cleaning so much easier and faster! 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus is able to pick up dirt and cleans really well. The handle is adjustable, light, easy to manoeuvre with the 360 degree rotating head, it really helps in making cleaning more efficient to pick up dirt at hard to reach corners. It is more hygienic, there is no need to wash or clean the mop head after using it as you can just throw away the disposable sheets after cleaning. 

Important Features of 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus :

  • Quick and Hygienic Clean
  • Super effective dust and dirt removal
  • Wet and Dry cleaning in a single mop
  • Antibacterial wet sheets kill 99.9% household germs
  • No dust/hair left behind
  • Swivels to clean hard to reach areas
  • Clean walls and ceilings with height adjustable handle. No back pain as well
  • The sheets can be used for cleaning multiple surfaces like kitchen slabs, window grills, appliances etc

The Easy Sweeper Plus+ is retailing at $23.95 comes with wet and dry Easy Sweeper Disposable Paper Wiper refills and is available at any major retailers.

3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus 2016

Good News!

We have ONE 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus to giveaway to ONE lucky winner for you to try out the new 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus to clean your house! 

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:  

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4) COMMENT on this website post below why do you want to win the new 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus?

Hurry, giveaway will close on 10 September 2016 at 23:59Hr. Winner will be announced through Website and Facebook. 

Please ensure that Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 are completed in order to qualify for the giveaway. The entries will be verified by the Organisers. Winner please kindly confirm your prize within 48 hours of announcement of your winning on our Website and Facebook page or another winner will have to be chosen. Final decision will rest with the organisers. This giveaway is only for fans of Our Parenting World (OPW). The prizes are proudly sponsored by 3M.

Thank you and Good Luck!

{Giveaway Closed and Winner Announcement!} – Updated on 16 September 2016

Dear Valued Friends and Readers,

Thank you so much for your participation in the giveaway!

Drumroll … the very lucky winner’s entry has been chosen to win the new 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus and we are pleased to announce the lucky winner :

Felicia Leong

Congratulations! Please also refer to Our Parenting World Facebook announcement. We will be contacting you shortly on your prize collection.

Thank you to our kind sponsor, 3M for the fabulous prize to our readers and friends.

Thank you to each and every one of you, please stay tuned to our coming giveaways! 🙂

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2) All participants have the opportunity to win as long as you have completed and fulfilled all the steps/requirements specified on the giveaway contest. Please make sure your likes and shares are set to public for verification purposes. Incomplete entries and fake accounts will be disqualified at the discretion of the organisers.

3) Winners of past giveaways in the last one month will not qualify for this giveaway, please wait till after one month from the date that you have won to participate in the current giveaways. 

4) Giveaway contest is open to all Singapore residents with a valid Singapore mailing address

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6) Winners will be notified by email /Facebook/Instagram after the contest has ended. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and or pick a replacement winner. 

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  1. I would like to win that as know this 3M scotch brite easy sweeper plus is very easy and fast to clean up the house at every cornor that Super effective dust and dirt removal also wet and dry cleaning in single mop.

  2. I like to win for my hus to thank him for keeping the house clean and tidy. This will help him with the housechores

  3. I like to win for my mother in law and keep the house clean for me and whole family. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. I love 3M floor wipe because it is easy to use and I can sweep and mop together with one wipe. Make my life simple no more back pain for me, I can do it for sweep and mop just by one step.

  5. I would love to win this wonderful and efficient helper to replace my current old sweeper. Been a loyal user for wiper sheets be it dry or wet as it really saves time and hassle as I have compression at my back area can’t really do alot of climbing or tedioua chores. With this magic helper I used it to wipe my walls and ceiling and of course my kids will be soooo willing to clean the floor for me as it is a work cum play session for them. With bigger sweeper and improvised version housework chores will be faster as more coverage is cleaned and more time to spend with my kids.

  6. I have been using the old version and hope to try out this new version to make my cleaning easier.

  7. I would love to give it to my mum as she is 77 years old and she still use the traditional way of squeezed the mop using her hands which I think she is too old to do that Hope this mop will ease her way of cleaning the floor

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway

  8. As I’m still counting on my feather duster for chores, I really hope to win the new 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus. It would definitely help in battling dust and dirt in our house more efficiently.

  9. I hope to win this item as i am moving into my newly purchase flat next week and the environment will be dirty due to other units/block are still under going renovation but i hope to maintain and keep the house a clean place for my daughter to play.

  10. With three boys at home, you can imagine how quickly and easily my home floors get dirty. Hence having an effective sweeper mop is essential.

  11. I want to win as it is very useful in keeping my home clean. Easy to use and makes cleaning hassle free.

  12. I would like to win this new improved sweeper because it is efficient and easy to use, so I can train my 2 young kids to use the 3M Scotch British Easy Sweeper Plus and reduce my workload.

  13. Sincerely hope to win this useful helper as I am a working woman so sweeping can be a hassle! And I am newbie for doing housework as I just lived in my new love vest!

  14. Sincerely hope to win this useful helper to ease my load as I am a working adult who is a newbie in doing housework as I just lived in my new love nest!

  15. My boy is allergic to dust. Often sneezing non-stop and feeling itchy when in contact with dust. Hence I’ve to constantly clean the house. The sweeper will definitely help me in reducing the dust in the house (and some medical fees) 🙂

  16. Chua Lee kiang on

    Need to win cos I’ve being dropping lots my hair hope that it can make my house cleaning easy.

  17. I want to win because I want my mother to be able to sweep the floor with more ease and so she will be less tired!

  18. I would like to win this for my mum as I don’t want my mum too tired to sweep and mop the floor, this able to let her easy and fast to clean up
    the house also that can help her back with wont let her back pain again. I wish my mum healthy and happy.

  19. Lee Keng Choon on

    I wish to win this effective 3M product to ease my daily house cleaning chores as I am getting old and less agile

  20. 3M product is effective and makes my house cleaning much easier, more convenient and hassle free…

  21. I would like to win for myself as it can help to clean house easy and let me have time to enjoy .

  22. In today’s world , time is money ! As a Full Time Working Mum , with two girls , aged 6 & 2 , cleaning becomes a time-consuming & exhausting task . With the help of this 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus , it definitely can help save alot of time & effort . Plus making cleaning so much fuss free , easier & fun !

  23. I want to win because the 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus is quick and effective in cleaning. It 360-degree rotation mop head can reach under furniture and hard-to-clean corners. With longer mop stick, lighter mop head and bigger mop plate to reach further and clean faster. Cleaning of windows, walls and even ceilings will be also easy. A handy cleaning tool every home must have.

  24. I would like to take this chance to win this for my wife..Hopefuly this can helps her with her hectic housechores.The best part it can help her teach all the places that cant be reach.

  25. I want to win this for my hubby to make his household chores an easy task because he is the man in charge of the house!

  26. I would like to win the 3M Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus for my hubby coz he doing the housework most of the time. This Easy Sweeper would be able to help him to do the cleaning easier and faster !

  27. Siti Aishah Yeo on

    Really ❤ to win.Since Year 2012, im down with lumbar spine slipdisc affecting my walking.With this, i no longer daily need bring out my super heavy vacumn cleaner plus this sweeper it best its mop head 360° rotation..even how hard to reach areas, im able clean it now.No longer need squeeze my mop daily & waste water. I choose Scotch Brite bcos of its quality & durability plus it makes my life alot easier & cleaner.
    I only trust Scotch Brite.

  28. It would be suitable for a lazy bum like me. I do not like to get down on my knees and use the “traditional” method of mopping the floor with a pail of water and cloth.

  29. i would like o win this 3M product to make myself easy and fast to clean my house ,
    thus, I have a more time family bonding with all my little ones.

  30. I would love to perform this Labour of Love to my beloved dearest mummy! I know she has displayed and gone through being a ultimate super mummy that is our superhero in our house! With this 3M awesome product – Scotch brite easy sweeper plus, i could help her up with the housechores and reduces the work-load and allow her to rest & have a fufilling day ahead. And with this at home, it can also helps in improving her blood circulation since its been a long time she has been complaining about her backaches, and how her joints hurts when she climbs up the stairs, and when she kneels down, she hwill have a hard time to get up, and this persists till now. We always have those normal type of broom and dust collector, and these are more a harsh job for her. With this, it will helps her lessen her work-load. Not only that, it can show my gratitude towards her for all the hard work she has done for the family and it’s a favour in return to help her ,and so everyone else can help her too. With this wonderful Scotch Brite asy Sweeper Plus+, it can be an easier job for her in everyday life! I know, being a housewife is not easy, and having to be the first to wake up and the last to sleep always, you are tired but still shows that great smiles of yours infront of us no matter what. Soon or later, i will become a wife too, and i hope to learn and help up in whatever way i could too. You deserve the rest, and we should help you up no matter what circumstances is. This Scotch Brite Easy Sweeper Plus+ cleans all types of areas and even those hard clean areas are done so much easier now! 360 degree rotation that makes everything so much easier for you so that you dont have to change the plug here and there due to the restriction of the cord length. Light, fast and easy to use, it is something that i want to surprise my mum with 🙂