WOLF + WALD offers Organic, Natural and Healthy Beverages – Interview with Ernany Jasmin, Founder and Managing Director of WOLF + WALD

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WOLF + WALD is on a mission to revolutionise your juice experience, beginning with their wine glass bottles. They work closely with small, family-owned orchards in Germany committed to sustainable farming practices. Their fruits are meticulously harvested only once each year towards the end of summer to ensure the highest quality juices.

They prioritise quality over quantity, keeping production quantities limited to minimise waste. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to purity – their entire range is free from artificial colouring, flavours and added sugar. Their mission is to put “healthy” into your glass and to make organic juices more accessible to consumers. 

Ernany Jasmin, the Founder and Managing Director of WOLF + WALD, is a former nurse and has a passion for running. Her commitment to healthy eating, instilled by her father, has been a lifelong focus. Upon moving to Germany and seeking solace in food, Ernany found the inspiration that led to the creation of WOLF + WALD. Presently, the brand’s juices, crafted from the produce of Germany’s family-run orchards, are readily accessible in 16 supermarkets throughout Singapore.

We speak to Ernany Jasmin, Founder and Managing Director of WOLF + WALD to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of opting for 100% organic juice, the various benefits associated with juices from different fruit types, essential juicing tips, and more. Keep reading to uncover these valuable insights.

Interview with Ernany Jasmin, Founder and Managing Director of WOLF + WALD

1) Can you share with us about your journey from being a nurse to becoming the Founder and Managing Director of WOLF + WALD? How did your background as a nurse influence your approach to healthy eating and entrepreneurship?

Ernany Jasmin: My background in nursing gave me an in-depth understanding of health and nutrition, a crucial asset
when I ventured into entrepreneurship and started the business. Recognising the need for healthier options led to the creation of WOLF + WALD. It’s not just about business; it’s about promoting wellbeing.

2) The inspiration for WOLF + WALD came from your experience of seeking comfort through food in a new country. Could you elaborate on how that experience led to the creation of your brand and its focus on juices?

Ernany Jasmin: My father has always been a huge advocate for healthy eating. It stuck with me and became more apparent when I left Singapore to start a life in Germany and stumbled upon fresh organic fresh fruits and vegetables at my local farmer’s market. Thus began my series of experiments with various blends of juices at home, from ingredients packed with immune support and digestion-aid functions. After a year, I came up with my very first concoction: the liquorice tamarind lemonade, which sparked the idea for WOLF + WALD. Realising that such healthy beverages were also not widely available in Singapore at the time, I decided to launch it back home.

Even till today, more can be done to increase accessibility to healthier beverage options locally. I was looking for healthy beverages when I came back to visit Singapore recently – anything apart from freshly-pressed sugarcane. It was just a simple cloudy organic apple juice I had in my mind to pair along those spicy dishes and it was still hard to find!

3) WOLF + WALD emphasizes the use of 100% organic juice. Could you explain the importance of using organic ingredients in your juices and how it aligns with your brand’s philosophy?

Ernany Jasmin: With the market gap, consumers today are increasingly turning towards healthier, more sustainable choices. Many brands on the market still use preservatives, additives, or non-organic ingredients.

When it comes to juices, WOLF + WALD steps in by guaranteeing 100% organic, pure, and natural juices. We aim to meet the daily demand of health-conscious consumers who are looking for transparent and trustworthy food and beverage options.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability also addresses the gap in the market for farm-to-table or sustainably grown products. Organic ingredients align with our philosophy of promoting a healthier gut health. 100% natural products are a necessity.

4) Your brand offers a variety of juices made from different types of fruits. Could you share some insights into the specific benefits that customers can derive from consuming juices made from various types of fruits?

Ernany Jasmin: All of our Juices are excellent for immunity, while our berry options are rich in antioxidants. Our Blackcurrant has the highest Vitamin C content.

5) The produce for WOLF + WALD juices is sourced from local German family-run orchards. How do you ensure that these fruits are sustainably sourced and that your brand supports local farmers?

Ernany Jasmin: Fair and transparent pricing is a cornerstone of our relationship with local farmers. We’re not just customers; we’re partners in a shared vision of sustainability and quality. We work with farmers on long-term contracts, guaranteeing a secure stream of income for their produce, which allows them to invest back into their farming operations. Fair pricing ensures that the farmers can maintain the high standards we require, both in terms of quality and sustainability.

6) With your background in healthy eating, could you provide some practical tips and tricks for individuals who are new to juicing? What should they be mindful of when incorporating juices into their diets?

Ernany Jasmin:  If you’re new to juicing, start slow. Don’t replace meals with juice. Mix vegetable juices with fruits to
balance sugar content. Always consider your dietary needs before you start.

7) The availability of WOLF + WALD juices has expanded to 16 supermarkets in Singapore. Could you share some of the challenges and successes you’ve encountered while growing your brand’s presence in the market?

Ernany Jasmin: Establishing Wolf + Wald certainly came with its fair share of challenges. First, navigating the competitive landscape of the beverage industry in Singapore and Germany was a challenge, especially with our commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality, natural ingredients. It took time to find our niche and our voice within the market.

A second major challenge was initiating the availability of 100% natural juices with no added sugar or sweeteners as a part of the daily choice. Unlike tea, 100% pure juices are still not a common household convenience food product in Singapore. Introducing tart juices such as Aronia, Blackcurrant, and Cherry, we sparked waves by being among the first brands to provide strictly pure juice in a swanky wine bottle.

A third major challenge was our commitment to sustainability. It took a lot of effort to establish the bottle return and refill system, especially for our Sparkling Juice bottles. Many people were initially confused about the marks and wear on the bottles. Educating our customers about our processes and the importance of these practices for environmental sustainability was essential.

These challenges were overcome through persistence, clear communication, and unwavering commitment to our core values. We made sure to communicate our mission and processes to our customers effectively and made adjustments based on their feedback.

8) Sourcing ingredients from Germany’s family-run orchards is a unique aspect of your brand. Could you delve deeper into the relationship you’ve established with these local farmers and how it contributes to the quality of your juices?

Ernany Jasmin: Our relationship is symbiotic. They offer quality produce; we offer a reliable market. We’re invested in their practices, ensuring quality from the ground up.

9) As someone who is also an avid runner, how do you personally integrate juices into your fitness routine? Are there specific juices that you find particularly beneficial for post-workout recovery?

Ernany Jasmin: Blackcurrant Juice with Sparkling Water and Lemon is my go-to after a workout. Blackcurrants are full of antioxidants, including anthocyanins which helps reduce oxidative stress and cell damage, while supporting overall heart health. Plus, it is simple and refreshing!

10) Lastly, when it comes to juicing, there’s a wealth of information available, but it can be overwhelming for many. What are some key factors individuals should consider when selecting and incorporating juices into their lifestyle for optimal health benefits?

Ernany Jasmin:

● Read your food and beverage label.
● Avoid concentrated juices or sugar-syrups beverages, as much as you can!
● Pay extra attention to handing out juice beverages to our children.
● Portion control
● Daily juicing, not just for fruits, but also vegetables.
● Apple, Celery and Ginger, anyone!?

Find out more about WOLF + WALD and get your juices at https://www.wolfwald.com/


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