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It is amazing how fast children learn. Here are some of baby Gor Gor’s milestone for words and actions.
He is able to point correctly at the following when we asked him:
1) Fan
2) Dog or Puffy (our dog)
3) Lights
4) Clock
5) Lamp
6) TV
7) Computer
8) Birds
9) Moon
10) Stars
11) Car
12) Bus
13) Tree
14) Pao pao which means his bolster pillow
15) Fish
16) Bear
17) Shoes
18) Chair
19) Grandma, Grandpa, Mum, Dad, Uncle and our maid, he called her Jie Jie
20) Differentiate which one is Grandpa’s and Dad’s car
21) Book
22) Aeroplane or plane
23) Ship
24) Boat
25) Water
the list keeps growing …
He is able to pass things to us when we asked him to do and also depends on his mood, sometimes he won’t, at times he behaves like he is the “boss” and order us around. Hee hee …
We enjoy listening to him laughing and also when he started talking, it is so cute. He likes to say nei nei which used to be his all time favourite word which means milk or food. He can call our maid, Jie Jie, Daddy as Papa, he loves bears, he will point and cry out bear … excitedly when he sees bears (soft toys, cartoon bears or real bears on TV). When he sees cars or play with toy cars, he will say vroom vroom. Recently when we were on our way to church, he suddenly bursted out BUS !! when he saw a bus. We were so surprised. Now he loves seeing bus on the roads and get pretty excited when he sees toy bus too. Oh, he just surprised us with another word, when he saw cartoons on TV, suddenly he blurted out … kar … toons …
He knows how to do “high five”, clap hands and shake hand when we asked him to. He will dance by nodding his head repeatedly or shake his body when he hears music that he likes. The two most cutesy actions that he has done …
1) He will kiss us … so sweet and I found out that a lot of mummies have been teaching their toddlers to kiss too. Hee hee …
2) When we asked him to show us his belly button, he will lift up his shirt and point at his belly button.
Today at Church, he pointed at the Cross. I always tell him that Jesus loves him and he is God’s gift to us. Oh he loves the fountain in church, he will point excitedly at it and we will walk round and round the fountain.
Our dear friends have been giving us children biblical stories books for him. I will keep reading the books to him 🙂

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