Zhao Wei star of Tiger Mom (STAR Chinese Channel) in Singapore and Family Day Out with Tiger Mom cast at Adventure Cove

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Photo credit: STAR Chinese Channel 卫视中文台

{Media Invite and News Highlight}

Our Parenting World is excited to announce that the highly anticipated latest and new TV drama on STAR Chinese Channel, Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> is currently showing at Singtel TV Channel 507 and StarHub TV Channel 822 from Monday to Friday at 9pm. 

Fox International Channels (FIC) will partner with the China-based New Classics Media for broadcast and distribution rights outside of mainland China for the family comedy-drama series Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸>. This is a milestone for FIC in its roadmap to take Chinese content global. The partnership will give Tiger Mom access to markets worldwide, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Australasia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa. The drama series is launched on STAR Chinese Channel which is FIC’s leading Chinese-entertainment channel around the world and the series is broadcast the same time as China. 

Tiger Mom, (L-R) Wang Sen, Zhao Wei, Huang Lan (credit to STAR Chinese Channel)

Photo Credit: STAR Chinese Channel 卫视中文台  (Tiger Mom’s cast from Left to Right, Wang Sen, Zhao Wei and Huang Lan)

The star cast of Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> comprising of Chinese A-lister Zhao Wei (赵薇), Wang Sen (王森), and Executive Producer Huang Lan (黄 澜) were in Singapore to promote their newest TV drama series on STAR Chinese Channel.

Tiger Mom Press Conference 3

Executive Producer Huang Lan (黄 澜) started the press conference held at Resorts World Sentosa Ballroom to introduce the show and since airing the first episode, the drama series continues to achieve high ratings in China and Singapore. 

Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> explores love, relationships and the challenges of raising a child in modern day China. The drama series stars Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei, renowned actors recognized in China and overseas amongst Chinese content fans. The series also marks Zhao Wei’s highly anticipated return to the screen after a 6-year hiatus.

Tiger Mom Press Conference 1

The press conference continued with the interview conducted by Host, Love 97.2 DJ Leelian from left to right with the main cast, Zhao Wei (赵薇) who plays the Tiger Mom in the title series, and Wang Sen (), who plays Zhao Wei’s playful brother. 

The beautiful stunning, 39 years old Zhao Wei (赵薇) was dressed in a cream-coloured dress played the Type A ‘Tiger Mom’ in the show and as a mother herself, she shared that she can understand the tough competition parents and children face in today’s education rat race. She expressed her thanks to Singapore audience for their supportive tune-ins to Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸>. She said that the story, which follows around a happy couple and their young daughter who has just started school and seems to be falling behind her peers, is a theme that many Singapore audiences can easily relate to.

Wang Sen, who plays the playful brother to Zhao Wei’s character in the series, shared that it is his first time in Singapore and he is thinking of staying for a few days to explore the island.  

Tiger Mom Press Conference 2

Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> is airing on STAR Chinese Channel (卫视中文台), Singtel TV Channel 507 and StarHub TV Channel 822 from Monday to Friday at 9pm. 

Tiger Mom Day Out 1

In conjunction with the promotion of Tiger Mom <虎妈猫爸> in Singapore, STAR Chinese Channel (卫视中文台) co-organised with Resorts World Sentosa, a Tiger Mom Family Day Out at Dolphin Island™ at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Tiger Mom Day Out

We have already started to watch ‘Tiger Mom’ and enjoyed catching every episode following closely the journey, conflicts and challenges between Type-A ‘Tiger Mom’ and the more docile cat Dad in their methods in raising up their child. We are thrilled to be able to see Zhao Wei and Wang Sen in person and take part in the Tiger Mom Family Day Out. Another highlight of the event included a Family Bonding Challenge between 3 selected families where each family will get to demonstrate the essence of family bonding at Dolphin Island™.

Tiger Mom Day Out 4

Adventure Cove Waterpark is one of the most popular places to visit for locals and tourists where you can enjoy endless splashes of fun and experience an aquatic adventure park. Please click HERE to find out more about Adventure Cove Waterpark. 

Tiger Mom Day Out 5

Tiger Mom Family Day Out was held at Dolphin Island™. Over here, you will be introduced to some of the most magnificent and fascinating Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. You can learn more, come closer and even interact with the dolphins.

Please click HERE to find out more about Dolphin Island™ range of programmes to give you an opportunity to meet the dolphins. 


Host, Love 97.2 DJ Leelian from left to right with the main cast, Zhao Wei (赵薇) and Wang Sen (). Both Zhao Wei and Wang Sen were dressed in a fun, sunny island get-up, made an appearance at the event to join the families and dolphins in some fun. 




All the above, photos credit: STAR Chinese Channel 卫视中文台

Zhao Wei and Wang Sen were there to judge a Family bonding challenge, where three lucky families were put to the test on communicating with dolphins. Under the tutelage of dolphin trainer Eliza who shared that the key to get dolphins to react to your hand signals is to form a strong bond with them.

The three families set out to bond with the dolphins, and in doing this, amongst themselves.

The titles presented to the participating families embodied the essences of family bonding – they were, ‘Best Hand Signals’, Best Teamwork’, and ‘Best Cheerleading’.

Congratulations to the three lucky families! 

Don’t forget to tune into Tiger Mom now airing on STAR Chinese Channel (卫视中文台), Singtel TV Channel 507 and StarHub TV Channel 822 every weekday from Monday to Friday at 9pm.


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