BUZUD Makes its Debut at Guardian Health and Beauty Stores in Singapore

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BUZUD REimagined Healthcare, a Singapore-based medical device company aiming to provide innovative home healthcare equipment is on shelves at Guardian Health and Beauty Stores in Singapore. Moreover, 2% of BUZUD sales with Guardian will be donated to Q & M Free Dental Clinic until the end of year 2024.

As a company that continuously engages in dialogue with and listens to its audience, BUZUD has heard from our community on multiple occasions expressing their desire to make home healthcare more convenient and accessible, and to expand the ways in which home healthcare can be made more widely available.

Given the common emphasis on health, wellness and consumer experience, BUZUD’s collaboration with Guardian was a natural fit. BUZUD self-test kits for urinary tract infection, male fertility, vaginal pH, Helicobacter pylori, fecal occult blood, etc. will be made available at numerous Guardian stores.

The aim of Q & M Free Dental Clinic Limited, a charity recognized by the Commission of Charities, is to provide necessary dental care to those who are impoverished and to communities in need. This resonates closely with the mission of BUZUD REimagined Healthcare.

BUZUD wishes to help to build a society that is more equal, where everyone may live happily and healthily. Their devotion to improving the lives of those in need is reflected in their commitment to serve the community through this project, and they aspire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Dr. Chang, a university professor, shared his experience with BUZUD’s H. Pylori self-testing kit. Despite having no symptoms, his H. Pylori index was high during a full body checkup. Following his doctor’s advice, he took medication for two weeks. After completing the treatment, he used the BUZUD test kit to confirm his recovery. The results were negative. This experience made him realize the importance of diagnosing and treating H. Pylori. With the convenience of home testing, he can effectively monitor his health, saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.

Ray, an architect, experienced multiple gout attacks. As a result of a family gene, he tends to have higher uric acid levels. Despite controlling his alcohol intake, he couldn’t resist eating meat, which could trigger more attacks. Thankfully, his girlfriend discovered the BUZUD Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitor. With her help, Ray now monitors his uric acid levels daily. When they’re high, he adjusts his diet to avoid gout agony. When they’re lower, he can enjoy his favorite meat without worry. Ray has been using the BUZUD monitor for over a year, successfully preventing gout attacks while still enjoying meals with reasonable diet control.

BUZUD offers personal monitoring equipment for “3 highs” – blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. They also have self-health management equipment for diabetes and gout, major health concerns in Singapore. Additionally, BUZUD provides devices like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, portable ECGs, and hearing aids to enhance people’s lives.


BUZUD manufactures a wide-range of home-based medical devices including multiple home care health monitors, self-test kits, oxygen concentrators, ventilators and a variety of lifestyle devices including highly accurate alcohol-testing smartwatches that bring medical control back to the consumer.

Established in 2006 in China, the company opened in Singapore in 2020 and is currently building a new factory and research and development centre. BUZUD plans to open 20 retail experience outlets across the island from 2023.

For more information, please visit www.buzud.com. Follow BUZUD Singapore on Facebook and Instagram @buzud.sg


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