Dancing Chef’s Easy-To-Use Ready-To-Cook Asian Cooking Pastes


Most of us are staying at home more due to the pandemic and if you prefer to eat healthy, home cooked meals instead of having takeaways and delivery meals, try Dancing Chef’s pastes! Now you can whip up and enjoy wholesome homecooked meals that will only take half the usual time! 

Dancing Chef’s pastes are easy to use and you can be assured that your meal is guaranteed to be successful each time you cook your meal. The pastes are healthy and made with all-natural ingredients, contain no MSG, preservatives or artificial colouring. 

Dancing Chef has a wide variety of products from local favourites like Hainanese Chicken Rice to Asian favourites such as Red Curry, Indian Curry, Sweet and Sour paste and more that enables you to be creative in the kitchen, fuss-free cooking and provide delightful dishes for the whole family! 

We simply love Chicken rice and Dancing Chef’s Hainanese Chicken Rice paste allows us to enjoy this at home.

Here’s how to use the paste as follows:

Step 1. Heat up rice cooker and add 2 tablespoon of cooking oil, 2 slices of fried ginger, 1 clove of garlic and 2 cloves of shallot, mix till fragrant

Step 2. Add in 3 cups (400g) of washed rice, chicken rice paste and 500 ml of water

Step 3. Mix well

Step 4. Cook rice as usual

Now you can enjoy delicious homecooked meal with your loved ones with Dancing Chef, available at all major supermarkets and online grocery platforms. 

Featured Image credit to Dancing Chef


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