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With healthy living trends on the rise, more people have been investing in appliances like water dispensers with integrated purification. Cosmo Quantum is one of the most popular models on this market right now, and the company has been enjoying a lot of attention from health-conscious consumers. We’ve decided to put Quantum to the test – does it really live up to the hype, and can it contribute to a healthier lifestyle?

Water Purification and Temperature Settings

One of the main selling points of Cosmo Quantum is its unique 6-step purification process. The company prides itself on Quantum’s reliability, filtering out more than 99% of impurities in the water supply. In our experience, water tasted noticeably better and fresher when dispensed from the Quantum.

The device uses a combination of industry-standard filters (like the sediment filter and anti-bacterial filter) and a proprietary solution, the Cosmo Ultra-Precision Filter. We can’t speak much about how well the water actually gets purified as we don’t have the necessary equipment to test that thoroughly, but experts on the market seem to agree that Cosmo Quantum produces water with a significantly higher level of purification than some competing models.

A couple of points we especially appreciated are the alkaline option and the UV purification step. Not many devices on the market have those features right now, and they can both improve the healthy properties of household water. Alkaline water can help alleviate stomach problems and blood pressure while also strengthening the bones. On the other hand, UV sterilization is one of the most effective methods for removing microorganisms from water and works without the use of any chemicals.

There are four temperature settings available:

  • cold (5-10 °C)
  • lukewarm (30-45 °C)
  • hot (89-94 °C)
  • extra hot (94-97 °C)

All of them work relatively fast, including the two hot settings which normally take longer in other models. The interface is simple to use, with no complicated submenus. Parents should especially appreciate the fast operation of the hot settings, which can make the Quantum perfect for mixing drinks for the little ones. The built-in child lock makes the device safe for families with small children. It’s enabled by default, so you’ll never have to worry about your kids accidentally dispensing boiling water.

Some users might find the tankless design unusual, but it actually makes the Quantum more convenient to use in several regards. First, water is always dispensed fresh, without sitting in a tank for hours on end. Second, it makes it easier to clean and maintain the device.

And last, because the Quantum is very efficient at dispensing hot and cold water with practically no delay, there’s no real need for a tank in the first place. Water can be dispensed up to 1 liter at a time, which should be more than enough in any case. You also don’t need to worry about keeping the tank filled.

Design & Aesthetics: Will the Quantum Be a Good Fit for Your Home?

No matter how your home is styled, there will always be a place for the Quantum in it. The device is sleek and unobtrusive, and its minimalistic design makes it perfect for modern households. Cosmo doesn’t offer many different color options for the Quantum, but the ones provided should suffice for most people.

The only potential issue here is that the Cosmo Quantum needs to be connected to your household’s water supply. This limits the range of options for placing it and also introduces some additional considerations, like having to drill an access hole. Since the company provides a professional installation service, that shouldn’t be a problem for most users.

Those with more expensive countertops might need to do some extra planning to ensure that the installation of the Quantum doesn’t impact the aesthetics of their home.

Maintenance and Long-term Use: Things to Keep in Mind

Cosmo Quantum is simple to use for the whole family, and it doesn’t require any complicated setup. In general, Quantum made a solid impression on us with its safety features and design. It’s sturdy and difficult to knock over, which should make it great for a busy household combined with the safety lock on the interface.

Filters are easy to replace without professional help and don’t cost much, which means that the Quantum won’t add a lot to a household’s costs over the years. Its hybrid tankless design additionally reduces the need for long-term maintenance, as users don’t need to spend that much time cleaning the Quantum. Without an integrated tank, less scale builds up on the internals as well, further making the Quantum easy to clean and maintain.

Speaking of cleaning, the touchscreen interface and the solid-body design make this device a breeze to wipe down. There are no complicated buttons or edges to work around, and it takes less than a minute to make the Cosmo Quantum look as good as new. Despite the glossy finish, the Quantum doesn’t get scratched easily. Even after several months of use, the device looks like it just came out of the box.

Is This a Good Choice for Families with Children?

Cosmo Quantum brings a lot to the table for families of all sizes, and those with children will see some particularly attractive benefits in this model. It promotes a healthier lifestyle, helping kids get used to drinking water from a young age instead of constantly opening yet another soft drink. The controls are simple enough that children can use the device on their own without a risk of hurting themselves or damaging their surroundings.

Personally, we’re happy with picking Cosmo Quantum from a parent’s point of view, as in the end it turned out to be quite the time saver. Between letting kids serve themselves, motivating them to drink water more often, and minimizing the amount of work parents need to do to keep the device in an optimal condition, Quantum is easily one of the best options on the market in this price bracket right now.

Is Cosmo a Reliable Company?

Cosmo, the company behind the Quantum, is a renowned manufacturer with a lot of experience on the market. Leveraging German design and engineering, they’ve managed to make high-grade water purification accessible to more consumers than ever before.

We appreciated the free delivery and installation, something which we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do ourselves. The device is covered by a 2-year warranty which covers pretty much all manufacturer defects and even some additional problems, making this an obvious choice for users concerned with reliability.

Final Thoughts

Cosmo Quantum is not the cheapest water dispenser on the market, but it’s one of the best in its price class. Plus, the relatively low cost of filter replacements can offset the initial purchase price when comparing the device to most alternative models. Few devices come close to the strength of its water purification. Combined with how easy it is to use the Quantum and how long it can last with minimal maintenance, this is a fantastic choice for those looking to make a solid investment into their household.


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