Gateway Theatre Presents: The Race Around The Moon


Prepare for a sojourn to the sky as Gateway Theatre unveils its latest production, The Race Around The Moon, produced and written by gongxin (also known as Teo Pei Si). Open to the public for one day only on 23 September at Gateway Theatre’s Sky Garden, this original play promises to captivate audiences aged five to 10 (or a little above) through a journey that teaches them the value of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery.

Set against the backdrop of the cosmos, The Race Around The Moon introduces the characters Chang’e, Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang, and endears them to audiences with their strengths and weaknesses exposed. Having spent years on the moon, this legendary trio receives a rare opportunity to return to Earth. The catch? Only the victor of the amazing race around the moon will earn this privilege. Determined to seize this chance, the three friends dive headfirst into the race, unaware of the trials it will pose to their wits, skills, and, most importantly, friendship.

Camaraderie and Companionship versus Competition

In an increasingly competitive society that seems to chase the “Singaporean Dream” obsessively, The Race Around The Moon bucks the societal trend by educating young audiences on the true essence of success, diving into themes of camaraderie and companionship. It also encourages young minds to embrace their uniqueness, showing them that there is nothing shameful about losing since we all have different strengths and weaknesses—after all, losing a one-off race could mean winning a friendship of a lifetime. And since everyone experiences different emotions, it is important to be friends who support one another, even through difficult moments and competition.

These lessons are woven into heartfelt moments that will resonate with both the young and adults, leaving a lasting impression long after the curtain falls.

Priscilla Khong-Espinosa, Executive Director of Gateway Theatre, emphasises the theatre’s commitment to enriching experiences, “At Gateway Theatre, we are dedicated to nurturing a love for the arts that celebrates occasions and creates teachable moments. The Race Around The Moon exemplifies our mission to inspire and entertain all, especially young families, while imparting invaluable life lessons that are important to our mental growth and development. This magical production promises to ignite the imaginations of our audiences and also help create a more nurturing society for the future.”

The production is created by producer and playwright Teo Pei Si, also known as gongxin. Alongside her previous works, re/connecting… (2021), Dearest S (2020), and KNOTS (2019), she founded The Solitude Movement in 2021, a theatre collective in Singapore that is dedicated to producing work that explores Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and diverse identity, and that is especially invested in Chinese language performances.

“Crafting this play has been an immensely rewarding journey, and I’m thrilled to breathe new life into these age-old characters on stage,” shares Pei Si. “The Race Around The Moon is a poignant celebration of the strength of friendship and the lessons we can learn from losing. The universal messages woven into the story are something I resonate with strongly, and I hope that both the young and adults can enjoy a heart-warming and enlightening experience together.”

A Month of Tales about the Moon

This September, in commemoration of the Mid-Autumn season, Gateway Kids Club will also feature Moon-themed tales during its storytelling sessions, intended for families with young children through its Saturday programme at Gateway Theatre. Commencing on 2 September, families can look forward to animated stories such as “The King Who Banned The Dark” and “The Brave Girl and the Fireflies”.

English storytelling sessions will be held every Saturday at 10:00am, while Chinese Storytelling sessions will be held on the first Saturday of every month at 11:00am. Parents interested in Gateway Kids Club’s Storytelling sessions can register through SISTIC for free. Seats are non-assigned and limited.


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