How to raise a happy, healthy, smart baby and kid!

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All loving parents would want their kids to be happy, healthy and smart. As parents, we also need to put in a lot of effort and be determined in helping our kids to succeed.

Happy, healthy and smart:
these are three different terms and you need to tackle them differently. Let us find out how your child can be a happy, healthy and smart one.

Give the love of a parent:
Love and affection is what a child needs to become happy. There is a age old saying ‘what matters to your child thousands years ago still matters today, and that is you, parents’! Parents are the closest and dearest people to any child. Any child will be happy when he/she gets the love and affection from his/her parents.

Feed your kid right:
Your baby needs the right nutrition for his/her development. So, you need to make sure if you are feeding the right thing to your child to maintain a healthy body. Try to avoid outside foods for your baby and feed him/her with nutritional homemade food. Milk is very important for children and should be included in their daily intake.

Guide your baby properly as he/she grows up:
In order to make your kid smart, you should act smart. Learning is a long term process that the baby starts to do after his/her birth. Kids can turn out smart if they are exposed to mind stimulating activities. Also, be attentive to your baby’s company as he/she grows up. He/She might become someone you do not want him/her to be if he/she is in the wrong hands or be in the wrong company.

Ensure proper Education:
As a parent, you should make sure that proper education to your children is given. With proper education, children will get to know what is good or bad for them. They will eventually learn to take smart decisions and find a smart way to be happy.

Proper sleep and exercise
: Sleep and exercise are very important for your children. These two will ensure that they are in proper health and maintain it this way. If your child is still in his/her early age, don’t let him/her do strenuous exercise. Instead your kid’s exercise should be done via playing games, cycling, walking etc.

Pay a visit to different places:
You should plan weekend visit to interesting places where your kid may like it because of the surroundings and environment. Make it a day long event like that of a picnic and invite some other families too, and enjoy the picnic to the fullest along with your kid. It will help to widen your kid’s horizon and improve on his/her social skills through interaction with other children and adults.

Play your baby with words:
Word power is considered to be possessed by only smart kid. Don’t always trust for inborn talents as talents can also be made through practice. Let your kids learn different words or new words every now and then, and you make sure if he/she can remember them all or not. This will test his/her memory power and also enhance it. So, eventually he/she will come out as one of the smart kids. However do take note not to overwhelm your child and do it accordingly to your child’s progress.

Playing with numbers:
Numerical skill is also important for your kid. This is also a gradual process. The more your kid can play with numbers, the more he/she will be skilful in mathematics reasoning, Also, your kid’s logical reasoning will improve with time if he/she keeps practicing himself/herself with numbers. There are also many books available which will come handy for your kids’ learning.

Give encouragement to your kid: You should always encourage your kids as encouragement will create a sense of self-motivation in themselves and motivation is really important for any individual kid. 

Always remain with your kid: As your kid grows up, he/she should always have you, parents beside him /her so that your kids have this feeling that their parent are always with them. They will feel secure and grow up to be a loving person. 

Don’t shout: Your kid may do something irresponsibly or he/she may do any mistakes that upset you; whatever it is, do not shout at your kid. Shouting will create a negative impact on your kid and kid may become disobedient to you in the long run. You should be calm and try to make him/her understand the situation in a very light and friendly tone, not in a quarrelsome manner. Your kid should regard you as his/her friend and so there should not be any situation or event that might alienate this relationship.

Raising a happy, healthy, smart baby and kid requires a lot of effort from you, parents and the most important thing is not to overwhelm your child as every child has his/her own milestone. Give your child lots of love and support, let him/her grow up in a lovingly and safe environment which is essential to every child’s development stage. In the process, enjoy the bonding with your child and have lots of fun as every kid only has one childhood. 




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