Ichiban Boshi Launches A New Grand Menu Of Over 40 New Items Featuring Flaming Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Steak, Flaming Aburi Truffle Salmon Cheese Roll, Kobore Sushi Series and Many More

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Foodies rejoice! If you enjoy Japanese food, check out Ichiban Boshi’s New Grand Menu featuring a selection of over 40 novel items including the Fried Mala Pork Crisp, Flaming Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Steak, Flaming Aburi Truffle Salmon Cheese Roll, Kobore Sushi Series and many more. All novel items continue to be served with the same exacting quality across a wide selection of sushi, fresh sashimi and variety meal sets, each masterfully prepared by its team of experienced chefs while always staying true to its Japanese roots.

Highlights that frequent diners can look forward to include items incorporating Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef, served as shabu-shabu, hotplate steaks, aburi nigiri sushi and more. There’s also an all-new Kobore Sushi, an open-faced style sushi assembled by the chef and which diners then pick up and bite into for the full sushi experience.


From left to right: Fried Mala Pork Crisps & Flaming Mentai Cheese Salmon

Begin with enticing bites like Fried Mala Pork Crisps ($6.90), that seasons crispy pork belly slices with addictive mala powder for a spicy punch factor. The quintessential edamame now comes as an elevated Truffle Edamame ($6.90), with a mixing of truffle paste for an added oomph.

Highly recommended is the Flaming Mentai Cheese Salmon ($14.90) that brings seared salmon on a flaming hotplate, served on a bed of melted cheese and topped with spicy cod roe mayo.

Kobore Sushi Series

If substance is what you’re looking for with your sushi, look no further than the new Kobore Sushi series, an open-faced style sushi. On a sheet of seaweed, it is piled with the freshest ingredients, which you can then pick up and take a solid bite out of.

The Kaisen Kobore Sushi ($9.50) stacks salmon, bluefin tuna, swordfish, egg, cucumber, flying fish roe and signature mixed rice for an all-encompassing experience while the Akami Kobore Sushi ($11.50) elevates things with marinated bluefin tuna, pickled wasabi, leek and signature mixed rice.

There’s also the Truffle Salmon Kobore Sushi ($8.50), that laces salmon, flying fish roe and signature mixed rice with tempura flakes, a dash of truffle sauce and spring onion for a true umami bomb with each bite as well as the Roast Beef Kobore Sushi ($7.50), that layers on generous slices of roast beef with pickled wasabi, leek and signature mixed rice.


New on the nigiri menu is the Roast Beef Nigiri ($6.50), that blankets vinegared rice with a thick slices of juicy roast beef before topping it with salmon roe, citrus jelly and spring onion. Not to be missed are the Aburi Truffle Hotate Nigiri ($7.50), of seared scallop, truffle paste and spring onion, Aburi Mentai Amaebi Nigiri ($7.50), that brings seared sweet shrimp with a topping of flying fish roe and spicy cod roe mayo and Aburi Mentai Kajiki Nigiri ($7.50) of seared swordfish belly, flying fish roe and spicy cod roe mayo.

Assorted Sushi

Flaming Aburi Truffle Salmon Cheese Roll

New on the sushi front is a Flaming Aburi Truffle Salmon Cheese Roll ($20.90) of the most buttery roll complete with egg, cucumber, avocado, truffle paste and cheese, wrapped in slices of seared salmon before brushed with more truffle sauce. For full flavour and effect, it is served on a flaming hotplate.

For variety, the Sushi Moriawase ($39.90) brings an assortment of sushi sure to satisfy with options of white and red fish as well as octopus, scallops, ikura and ebi.

Miyazaki A5 Wagyu 

Flaming Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Aburi Truffle Cheese Roll

Beef lovers will relish the Miyazaki A5 Wagyu additions, served as shabu-shabu, hotplate steaks, aburi nigiri sushi and more.

The Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Shabu Shabu ($36.90) brings a hearty pot of Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef, cooked with vegetables and Japanese vermicelli in yuzu dashi broth. Those who prefer sukiyaki will enjoy the Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki ($36.90) that cooks marbled beef, vegetables and Japanese vermicelli with Japanese Sansho pepper sukiyaki broth.

A treat for the eyes, palate and Instagram feed is the Flaming Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Aburi Truffle Cheese Roll ($29.90), that serves up sushi rolls of egg, cucumber, avocado and truffle paste wrapped with slices of seared Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef. The meaty bites are then planted on a hotplate bed of melted cheese before being set aflame to properly chargrill the rolls for a cheesy, smoky, beef roll experience.

Other beefy items that will entice include the Flaming Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Steak ($46.90), which cooks it on a flaming hotplate with pickled wasabi and vegetables, the Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Aburi Nigiri Sushi (S13.90) of seared Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef topped with salmon roe and yuzu zest and the Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Saikoro Steak ($32.90), that serves the prized beef with yakiniku sauce, vegetables and potato salad in a hot dish.

A La Carte

Gindara Houba Yaki

A new freshly premiered dish is the Gindara Houba Yaki ($18.90), a whole fillet of prized silver cod marinated with miso sauce. Grilled and served over a magnolia leaf on a hotplate, alongside fresh grated radish, mushrooms and tamagoyaki, this cooking technique is commonly used in Japan’s Takayama City.


For a spot of greens, the Tori Tofu Salad ($10.90) is as balanced a dish as it gets with protein and fibre, bringing together chicken, tofu, seasoned mountain vegetables served with a sesame dressing. Something more indulgent would be the Mentai Cheese Potato Salad ($7.90), a potato salad made creamier with a poached egg, cheese and a coating of spicy cod roe mayo. Potato chips await on the side for that added crunch.


Comfort is served in a claypot with the Truffle Tori Zousui ($12.90), a Japanese rice soup dish sweetened with chicken, assorted mushrooms and truffle paste. Over a long slow fire, it is simmered to a bubbling delight and served with pickled wasabi and beaten raw egg.

Dessert and Drinks

Look out for new desserts such as the Warabi Mochi Vanilla Anmitsu ($6.90), that pairs vanilla ice cream with green tea and soy powdered Japanese mochi, red bean paste, glutinous rice balls and fruits. The Warabi Mochi Matcha Anmitsu ($7.90) replaces vanilla ice cream with green tea ice cream for a dessert that’s equally as satisfying.

Other options include Apple Ice Cream ($9.50) and Pineapple Ice Cream ($9.50), imported directly from Japan and served in their natural fruits to ring home their natural sources.

Wash all the above down with new beverages like the Yuzu Tea ($3 for hot; $4 for cold), a citrusy delight that works as a delightful palate cleanser in between dishes.

New Outlet-Exclusive Specialties

Selected outlets will also carry exclusive specialties, true to Ichiban Boshi’s mantra of every restaurant offering a specialty menu showcasing regional cuisines or fresh produce from Japan.

At the Great World, Jurong Point, Novena Square, NEX and Vivo City outlets, Sakana (Fresh Fish) headlines as Salmon & Ikura Seiro Rice ($19.90), Unagi Seiro Rice ($19.90) and Hotate Seiro Rice ($18.90) bringing garlic miso salmon, BBQ eel and teriyaki scallop respectively on a bed of steamed flavour rice with a side of miso soup. There’s also the Sasa Mushi Sushi ($13.90) that brings an assortment of steamed sushi including BBQ eel, yellowtail with citrus pepper and salmon with ginger paste.

At the Causeway Point, Century Square and Waterway Point outlets, Hokkaido Ryori (Hokkaido Cuisine) takes the spotlight, with items like a Kaisen Miso Tonkotsu Nabe ($18.90) that cooks salmon, scallop, squid and assorted mushrooms and vegetables in a miso-based pork bone broth served with udon. There’s also the Salmon Teri Miso Tonkotsu Ramen ($17.90) of Japanese noodles in a miso-based pork bone broth, topped with teriyaki salmon, egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, leek and seaweed. The Hokkaido classic snack of Ebi Corn Kakiage ($9.90) is not amiss, prepared as a crunchy fritter of prawn and corn tempura just like they do in Hokkaido, served with a side of loose sea salt.

At the Marina Bay Link Mall, Parkway Parade, United Square outlets, Kyoto Katsu (Fried Cutlets) are the highlight. Take your pick from the Cheese Kimchi Katsu ($15.90) of Kyoto-style double-fried pork loin with cheese and kimchi or Rosu Katsu with Oroshi Ponzu and Kizami Wasabi ($15.90) of Kyoto-style double fried pork loin with citrus grated radish and pickled wasabi.

For something a little more adventurous, the Flaming Truffle Cheese Rosu Katsu ($16.90) serves the Kyoto-style double-fried pork loin on a bed of cheese and truffle sauce atop a hotplate set on fire. The Nanban Miso Katsu ($16.90) is also not to be missed, serving its Kyoto-style double-fried pork loin with a spicy, punchy green chilli miso.

At the Suntec City outlet, Soba (Buckwheat Noodles) steal the limelight, like the Tempura Tamago Toji Age Soba ($16.90) which serves crispy buckwheat noodles with prawns, vegetable tempura and scrambled eggs with mushroom and the Bara Tempura Soba ($15.90) that brings chilled buckwheat noodles with prawns, sweet potato, shimeji mushrooms, seaweed and green soybean tempura in a house special soba sauce.

Voracious eaters will delight in the Tontoro Mentai Maze Soba ($15.90) that is a hearty bowl of warm buckwheat noodles with Iberico pork cheek, poached egg, shiitake mushrooms, tempura flakes, seaweed, spicy cod roe and mayonnaise in maze soba sauce.

Ichiban Boshi Outlets:
• Causeway Point – #05-06
• Century Square – #02-29
• Great World – #B1-131
• Jem – #B1-01
• Jurong Point – #B1-75
• Marina Bay Link Mall – #B2-14
• NEX – #B1-04
• Novena Square – #02-13
• Parkway Parade – #02-12
• Suntec City – #B1-111
• United Square – #02-02
• Vivo City – #B2-07
• Waterway Point – #B1-19

For more details, please visit their website at https://www.ichibanboshi.com.sg


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