Indulge in fine Cantonese cuisine at Huang Ting Restaurant

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{Media Invite and Food Review at Huang Ting Restaurant}

Food lovers can look forward to a new establishment that has recently opened its door at IMM that will bring you on a delightful Cantonese Gastronomic Journey using only the freshest of ingredients and produce and presenting dishes carefully prepared with sophistication at Huang Ting Restaurant.

The dishes are prepared by its renowned culinary genius Head Chef Alex Chuh who has worked in several high profile kitchens like Hua Ting and Peach Garden. During the media tasting, we had the opportunity to try out Chef Alex Chuh’s signature dishes.

Fresh Scallop with Silver Fish Salad served in Japanese Dressing (Photo as above)

This is a light appetiser that is perfectly well balanced with a crunchy taste of the silver fish, fresh vegetables and succulent fresh scallop. 

Huang Ting Resturant 2

Rich Chicken Millet Consomme with Bamboo Pith served in Hot Stone 

We really enjoy this rich, comforting and nourishing soup that is brewed for hours using old hens and shark cartilage. The soup comes with ingredients like tender chicken pieces and millet. Chef Alex Chuh shared with us that this soup owes it flavour to the shark cartilage that gives the soup its rich creamy taste and texture. This soup is certainly a must try at Huang Ting. The soup is currently not in their menu, you can request for it when you visit or call up the restaurant. 

Huang Ting Resturant 3

Crispy Chicken in Almond Flakes and Dried Chillies 

The chicken is tender in the inside and crispy on the outside, best of all, this dish is not oily at all. The taste is further enhanced with the crunchy almond flakes and dried chillies for the extra oomph!

Huang Ting Resturant 4

Assorted Vegetables with Shiitake Mushrooms in Truffle Oil

This is a healthy dish and even for those who don’t like to eat vegetables will enjoy this flavourful dish that is further enhanced by the use of Truffle Oil which gives a lovely aroma to the dish. 

Huang Ting Resturant 5

Stewed Crab Meat Vermicelli in Egg White Sauce

Chef Alex Chuh told us that they only use fresh crabs for this vermicelli dish which they will peel off the meat painstakingly by hand. Diners will be able to enjoy the freshest of the sweet crab meat in this dish. We simply enjoy this delicious smooth flavourful vermicelli dish that we can’t stop eating. 

Huang Ting Resturant 6

Crispy Yam Roll 

The yam roll is fried well with crunchy texture on the outside where the yam remains moist inside. The sweetness and texture of the yam roll is just right. 

Huang Ting Resturant 7

Assorted Flowers Tea 

Huang Ting Restaurant has specially imported flowers tea from China, it is fragrant, healthy and good for pairing with your food at $4.80 per glass. 

Huang Ting Resturant 8

At Huang Ting Restaurant, diners can enjoy original drinks recipes concocted to complement the Cantonese flavours on the menu. Cocktails start at $10 and House Mocktails are priced at $6.80. A bartender is always available on hand to advice if you prefer to have any special mixes. 

Susie Pok, the owner of Huang Ting Restaurant is inspired by her Cantonese heritage and her passion for the food industry, wanted to bring the best of Cantonese cuisine experience to as many diners as she could in an elegant setting. Summing up by Susie Pok “Our dishes at Huang Ting Restaurant are artfully created to exhilarate the palate with delightful yet unexpected flavours while treating diners to age-old traditional delicacies, reminiscent of the rich Cantonese culture.” 

Huang Ting Restaurant is a great place to enjoy fine Cantonese cuisine at a reasonable price in a comfortable stylish environment. 

Additional Information:

Huang Ting Restaurant

2 Jurong East Street 21,

IMM Building, 02-24, 

Singapore 609601

Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm daily

Dinner: 6pm to 10pm daily

Telephone: +65 6896 2735 or [email protected]

Website at:


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