NEW ar FÜM 5in1 Laundry Capules


Laundry capsules has increasingly become popular in Singapore as it saves time and effort for busy urbanites when they do their laundry. Whealthfields Lohmann Singapore, maker of Ka, the No.1 laundry capsules brand in Singapore, has launched the new ar FÜM 5in1 laundry capsules – differentiating itself with 16 weeks of long lasting fragrance from wash to wear along with its unique blend of 4 floral scents. Formulated in Japan, ar FÜM (pronounced as ‘arh-fume’) seeks to make laundry a hassle-free experience for busy homeowners while providing “perfume” for your clothes.

ar FÜM 5in1 Laundry Capsules provides 16 weeks of long-lasting fragrance using Advanced Microscent Technology via Collaboration with Firmenich (Top 4 Fragrance House globally whose clientele includes YSL, Jo Malone, Gucci & Valentino) to keep your clothes smelling fresh!

Made with plant-based ingredients free of parabens, phosphate, chlorine and optical brighteners, ar FÜM 5in1 Laundry Capsules combines concentrate detergent, anti-bacterial & anti-dust mite formulation, colour protectant, deodorant & softener in 1 single capsule. With 1 small capsule, it boasts 16 weeks of fragrance along with 99.9% anti-bacteria properties besides deep-cleaning and
softening your clothes while protecting and maintaining clothes’ colour vibrancy.

Wash up to 6kg of laundry with just a toss of capsule into the empty washing machine drum. Suitable to wash active wear and good for indoor drying too.

Available in 4 scents for you to choose from:

• Amore: Top tone – Bergamot, Heart tone – Jasmine, Base tone – Almond

• Lily: Top tone – Aquatic, Heart tone – Lily, Base tone – Cedar

• Rose: Top tone – Apple Blossom, Heart tone – May Rose, Base tone – Amber

• Eternal: Top tone – Aldehydic, Heart tone – Floral, Base tone – Powdery

Available in 2 pack sizes: U.P. $26.90/ 36 capsules (Available in major supermarket & online channels) and U.P. $33.90/ 45 capsules (Available in online channels). To find out more and to purchase online, please visit


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