Our Parenting World Joins Mediacorp’s Hey Mama Podcast With Host Sophie Gollifer To Share On Parenting Topics

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Hey Mama! podcast with Sophie Gollifer, is an original podcast production from Mediacorp based in Singapore where she discusses all things parenting and motherhood. As a mum of 2 and the host of Class 95 radio’s Midweek Mummy Meltdown, she will cover things from disastrous playdates and sneaky hacks, to screen addiction and silly questions! With each episode, they promise a deeper look into the wild and wonderful journey known as parenthood, and a space where we can have more meaningful conversations about them. 

Our founders of Our Parenting World – OPW Media, Virginia and Victor joined Sophie Gollifer and other guests to discuss on a variety of key parenting topics that are concerned to many parents. Tune in to listen to the various parenting topics with us as follows:

Hey Mama! with Sophie Gollifer Podcast

You can listen to all the episodes at this link https://www.melisten.sg/podcast/playlist/Hey-Mama!-with-Sophie-Gollifer-Podcast-174946/allepisodes

1. How to Keep Your Children Engaged in the Digital World?


With Singapore’s internet penetration rate standing at 92 percent of the total population, Singaporean teens are one of the most digital savvy in the world. For parents raising their kids in today’s digital environment, they tread a fine line between providing their children with the information to be successful in a technological world, and keeping them safe from cyber addiction and other cyberthreats. 

How do we keep our children safe from the dangers of cyberthreats, and where do we draw the line? Come onboard with us in this episode of Hey Mama, where we are joined by Virginia Goh from the Parenting and Lifestyle media website Our Parenting World – OPW Media.

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2. Is Schooling More Stressful Now Than Before?? (with Victor Teoh, Virginia Goh, and Kelvin Seah)


Given how quickly the world and technology is moving, how much has the schooling experience changed for our children? Is it more stressful now than before? And most importantly, what can parents do to adapt to these changes?

In this episode of the Hey Mama! Podcast, host Sophie Gollifer speaks with husband and wife duo Victor Teoh and Virginia Goh from Our Parenting World, and returning guest Kelvin Seah to find out more.

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3. How to find Suitable Healthy Meals for your Children


“You are what you eat.” 

As our kids grow up and start exploring new food, they might tend to favour certain kinds of food more than others- think sweets, fries, chips. While these kinds of food are accessible, tasty and sometimes affordable, they might not be the healthiest for them!

Healthy eating habits start young. How do we nurture our growing children through their meals, all while keeping them happy and motivated to eat well? 

Gain some new knowledge about finding healthy, nutritious food for your children with Victor Teoh & Virginia Goh, the founders of ourparentingworld.com, and Delia Ng, a family life specialist at Focus on the Family Singapore.

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