Raising Awareness on Children’s Healthy Digital Habits

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Our Parenting World team is pleased to introduce this meaningful campaign started by a group of three brilliant and thoughtful students from Nanyang Technology University’s Wee Kim Wee School

They aim to encourage healthy digital technology habits among children, titled Screensavers. This campaign organizes activities that encourages parents and children to learn about this important issue together. Our Parenting World is pleased to join and support this campaign to reach out to parents in addressing their digital technology concerns such as excessive use of technology, inappropriate content exposure, addiction and eyesight, through tips on how to nurture healthier digital kids.

No doubt, this has been an increasing concern as many children are now more expose to digital technology and becoming more reliant on this as compared to their parents’ generation. Even for Gor Gor when he was in Primary 1, he started to learn and use the computer to do his homework regularly. Both Gor Gor and Di Di knew how to use iPad and are very familiar with smart phone at a tender age. As parents, we must know how to control, encourage and exercise healthy use of digital technology for our children.

Here are the easy to follow six Screen Tips developed by the students which will be helpful for parents to implement on their children.

Tip 1 - Bring the Fun Out

Tip 1 – Bring the Fun Out, we will bring Gor Gor and Di Di to have some outdoor fun after some use of digital technology. Instead of staying indoors most of the time, we often bring Gor Gor and Di Di out to the playground and let them have ample play time. We also encourage them to play sports like soccer and run around in the field. These activities are good for their eyes.

Tip 2 - Not Too Long

Tip 2 – Not Too Long. As parents we have to set a healthy duration for digital technology use. It is best not to be more than 30 minutes at one go. 

Tip 3 - Be Nice

Tip 3 – Be Nice. Always act graciously towards others online.

Tip 4 - Share Your Screen

Tip 4 – Share Your Screen. It is good to cultivate the good habit of sharing for example, share your content and surf the Internet as a family.

Tip 5 - It's Yours, Not Theirs

Tip 5 – It’s Yours, Not Theirs. Parents, please remember to teach your child not to give away or disclose private information. Do not share their passwords to outsiders. 

Tip 6 - Make the Right Click

Tip 6 – Make the Right Click. Always surf wisely and safely when viewing content online. Remember to install the latest version of anti-virus software to safeguard your computer.

Screensavers is a digital campaign developed by three undergraduates from Nanyang Technology University’s Wee Kim Wee School supported by SingTel, Singapore Kindness Movement and National Youth Council.

To find out more about Screensavers, please refer to:

Email          [email protected] 
Web            screensaverssg.com



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