Science Centre Singapore’s UNTAME 2023 themed “An eat-mersive experience awaits”, set to deliver a delectable dive into STEM and Food 


Science Centre Singapore (SCS) has launched UNTAME: An eat-mersive experience awaits – a four-part festival spanning blended exhibitions, games and online challenges that will run from now to 8th December 2023.

UNTAME returning for its fourth run is the Centre’s annual immersive, blended festival designed to spotlight the power of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through an edutaining mix of activities. This year’s theme features a mouthwatering twist and centres around a tasty fusion of STEM and food, offering an array of immersive experiences for guests of all ages and backgrounds.

From learning about how we obtain food, to technological advancements that aid mass food production, the festival is an opportunity for everyone to gain a renewed perspective on food sustainability and the role STEM plays in it.

Key festival highlights include an immersive maze experience set in year 2123 filled with mind bending puzzles and thrilling quests at UNTAME Onsite in November as well as experiential partner booths hosting parent-child bonding weekend workshops like creating personalised laser-engraved cookies and the chance to discover future food sources at the STEAM Festival starting 31 October. Meanwhile, the online segment offers an exclusive gamified platform designed for the blockbuster virtual event, where players stand a chance to win exciting prizes such as a PlayStation 5 and Ergotune Supreme.

Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Board said, “Our fourth run of UNTAME explores how the beauty of STEM learning can be explored further through a unique blend of science and gastronomy, creating an immersive educational experience with an often taken for granted subject – food. By showcasing how this universal element is an integral part of our lives, we have touched on larger themes of food insecurity and the vital role of innovation in shaping the way we grow, harvest, and prepare our meals. UNTAME embodies our commitment to making STEM accessible, exciting, and delicious, and it’s a flavourful celebration of the wonder and excitement that science can bring to our lives. We believe that the fusion of STEM and food not only educates but also tantalises the senses, making learning a powerful and unforgettable journey.”

SCS’s UNTAME: An eat-mersive experience awaits will unfold in the following four stages:
1. UNTAME STEAM Festival 2023
31 October – 5 November 2023, Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily The Annexe – Hall 2, Science Centre Singapore

Organised by KidsSTOP, UNTAME’s STEAM Festival is an annual learning festival that aims to spark an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) amongst preschoolers through an array of fun and engaging workshops and events. One of the highlights of UNTAME, it will feature six days of programmes such as talks, hands-on workshops and booths by festival partners to engage young learners, families and educators.

Guests can learn about STEAM concepts behind food through the festival programmes that include a mini-exhibition and an interactive installation about healthy eating habits and the wonders of the digestive system. It will also include educational highlights for parent-child bonding such as hands-on workshops on science and food, and educational talks by nutrition experts for parents and educators.

In partnership with Food Bank Singapore (FBSG), STEAM Festival will also feature a food drive to raise awareness about food insecurity and reduce food wastage in Singapore. As part of the festival’s commitment to the community, visiting schools and the general public are encouraged to bring suitable food items for donation to FBSG’s collection point. All donations will support food rations for those in need within our community.

UNTAME STEAM Festival tickets will be facilitated via SISTIC. DBS and SAFRA card holders can enjoy a discount of up to 20% off when purchasing promotional ticket bundles.

2. UNTAME Online
16 October – 8 December 2023

Get ready to cook up an adventure with #UNTAMEflavours – a free-to-play online web-browser platform where players can participate in mini-games, video quizzes, and real-world activities and stand a chance to win exciting prizes by earning in-game currency while they progress through the platform.

Players will act as characters called STEMlings who notice that food wastage is taking a heavy toll on their world and leaving visible signs of decay. They must work against time to eradicate the decay by being more sustainable with food and completing missions such as:
● Agro Lab – Save the farm by implementing sustainable methods for harvesting produce.
● Jumbo Forest – In a forest of jumbo-sized food, learn about the nutrients and uniqueness of new and innovative food.
● Nourish Factory – Understand and determine if factory processes are safe and sustainable.
● Burgerlicious Diner – Cook up new recipes through upcycling and futuristic innovations.
● Harvest Emporium – A special site unlockable with purchase of an UNTAME Onsite ticket.
Missions will be linked to the onsite festival where players can appreciate food stability.

Players can also take part in an exclusive #HuntTheMouse Silver Burger Quest and venture to real-life outdoor locations in search of silver burgers which can be exchanged for a Nintendo Switch.

UNTAME Online is available free for all via and is best played on handheld devices.

3. UNTAME Schools

Calling all educators! UNTAME Schools 2023 approaches the science behind food with its captivating theme – the Revolution of Food. The post-exam programme offers students an engaging journey through the history and future of food, touching on advancements in technology and the evolving dietary landscape.

The three-part programme includes:

STEM Challenge
11 October – 20 October 2023 and 30 October – 10 November 2023

In a race against time, students will construct conveyor belt systems using recycled materials for the challenge.

Students can also take part in the UNTAME gallery trail which allows them to explore the centre and learn about the different ingredients used in our food, accompanied with a booklet highlighting the revolution of food.

STAR Lecture – The Future of Food
28 October 2023, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Presented by scientists and partners through an interactive lecture and booths, this year’s edition of STAR Lecture will bring guests on a journey to imagine the future of food. Guests will learn more about how human’s relationship with food has evolved over the years and explore the potential of future food.

Join local food scientist Dr. Shaun Sim, a Food Scientist at A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), who will share more on Singapore’s food security and the technologies behind novel foods.

Scientists from partner companies including Fresh: Future Ready Food Safety Hub, Altimate Nutrition, NEA, Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Kerry Group, Insectta and Jungle Kitchen, will also conduct 20-minute mini lectures for students.

STAR Lecture tickets can be purchased here.

STEM Playground (Grand Finale)
15 November 2023 (Primary school) and 16 November 2023 (Secondary school)

Up to five teams of four members per school will be nominated to compete in this grand finale and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. They will be tasked to build a catapult using selected materials provided, and judged based on the number of projectiles they can land onto scoring boards, as well as the design of each catapult.

4. UNTAME Onsite
18 November (Preview), 24 November – 2 December 2023
Monday to Thursday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Open to public)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Open to public), 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
(Open to ages 18 and above only)
Marquee, Science Centre Singapore

Through a fresh and captivating approach to raising awareness about food sustainability, UNTAME Onsite allows guests to be transported to the year 2123 where food scarcity has led to alternative food sources becoming the norm.

In an immersive maze experience, guests will visit The M.A.R.T – a fictional alternative supermarket where they will navigate through activity stations, solve puzzles and discover hidden clues to earn stamps and redeem rations. The maze features a range of photo-worthy installations, such as how the future of food could look like and a radioactive garden, as well as out-of-the-norm food and drink options including artisanal beverages made from upcycled ingredients by CRUST Group.

UNTAME Xtreme ticket holders aged 18 and above will also uncover a sinister twist through a hidden escape room style section, while enjoying a refreshing beverage of Tiger Soju Infused Lager at the end of the experience. The fun doesn’t end there – guests can hunt for clues hidden around the Centre to expose the mastermind behind the M.A.R.T, while standing a chance to receive a prize at the end.

Guests can purchase an UNTAME Dining ticket for a unique experience curated by STELLAR Kitchen Bar where they will receive a picnic-style three-course meal with special access to dine in a garden-themed tent while enjoying entertaining performances.

Play your part in the future of food, and access more information on the M.A.R.T here.


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