Skinature, Premium Diaper Line by Drypers Providing the Best Care in Protecting Baby’s Sensitive Skin


Skinature, a premium diaper line by Drypers that provides the best care in protecting baby’s sensitive skin. Here at Skinature, we understand the concerns that mothers have in choosing the right diaper as a baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive toward allergies and rashes as compared to an adult’s. Skinature is an European Standard hypoallergenic, premium soft diaper that gives parents a peace of mind that they’re providing the best for their baby’s sensitive skin. Parents it is finally time to free yourself from any diaper worries!

Goodbye Diaper Rash & Allergies
Developed with Derma-Care Technology™, Skinature is free from the European Union’s EU26 Allergens – the 26 most-known allergenic substances in Europe that are commonly defined as substances that induce an allergy (redness, irritation or rash). Skinature is not only free from allergens, it is also chlorine-free and fragrance-free – not just the top sheet, but the whole diaper. Making it safe and gentle for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Premium Softness That Delicate Skin Deserves
Premium softness is another key feature of Skinature. It is made of the highest quality soft fibers throughout the entire diaper, including its softer loop, its softer air-through backsheet, and even softer leg cuffs. It leverages on air-through technology to ensure breathability, minimal stuffiness and the ultimate softness for a baby’s superior comfort – ensuring gentleness and comfort to your baby all day long.

Speedy Absorption That Prevents Leakage
Diaper leakage is every parent’s concern and choosing the right diaper is essential. Specially selected core materials quickly absorb and distribute liquid within the diaper core to prevent flow-back to the exterior of the diaper, maintaining a dry surface to keep baby clean and dry.
*Only applicable to Skinature Pants by Drypers.

3D Space For Added Breathability
The 3D embossed top sheet creates ridges that result in lesser skin contact, allowing for more space for air to pass through, thus, keeping it breezy and cool – causing less irritation for babies, even in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Skinature has an extensive range of diaper sizes in tape & pants format to cater to your baby’s needs throughout its formative years. Nothing like providing the best fit for your little one to keep them dry and comfy throughout the day and also night.

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