Top Seven Benefits of Self-Publishing a Book for Novice Writers

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Just because self-publishing has recently become a billion-dollar industry does not mean that the idea is new. This option has been available to authors for centuries and has been used widely. To date, it continues to make authors feel more empowered and independent.

While many writers still stick with the traditional publishing process, they may miss out on several benefits of self-publishing. Nothing else offers the same freedom for the writers and the self-publishing industry, from royalty profits to creative decisions.

If you are still unsure about choosing between self-publishing and traditional options, these benefits of self-publishing will help you make the right decisions.

1.     Save More Time

Every author wants their work to be published as soon as possible, especially if you are writing about time-sensitive issues. Unfortunately, it can take weeks and even months for people to hear back from traditional publishing houses. All the wasted time can cost you a lot in the long run.

On the contrary, self-publishing gives you unmatched control over time management. You can easily turn your manuscript into a book without waiting to hear back from your book agent or a go-ahead from a suitable publisher. Hence, you can make your book accessible to the readers in the shortest time possible.

2.     Take Control of Creative Decisions

One of the biggest reasons why authors despite traditional publishers is the lack of control. Many writers, especially the ones new to the field, can agree that they have seen their work criticized and altered beyond recognition. It can be the worst nightmare for any author.

Would it not be best if you had complete control over your work?

Well, it is not a distant dream because self-publishing gives you complete control over the creative processes related to your book. You are the sole decision-maker during all the processes of publication. Everything relies on your approval, from the typography of your work to the cover art.

Of course, you can choose to hire professional help from editors to book cover designers. Even then, you have the final say about the processes. Hence, all writers can agree that no other way of publication can give writers the same freedom as self-publishing.

3.     Experience Higher Royalty

Every writer wants to make the best percentage of their royalties. It also may be one of the biggest backlashes of working with traditional publication houses. Most writers earn a low percentage of royalties from their book sales.

However, authors that decide to learn how to self-publish a book do not battle with such losses. In many cases, authors can earn more than 50% of their royalties and up to 90%. Hence, it is the most effective way of publishing for writers to make the best of their hard work.

4.     Set Your Price

No one can understand the value of a manuscript better than the writer themselves. Originally, many people can agree that the writer should set the price of their book. Unfortunately, there are many other parties that have a say in this process during self-publishing.

That is one of the many reasons why more and more authors are inclined towards self-publishing. This way of publishing gives the author full rights to their work so that they can set a book’s retail price that they feel is best suited for the value of their work.

Since the author is responsible for the costs of publishing, they can set the right price to cover the cost of the book. However, it is important not to set the prices too high and scare away the readers. It is best to ensure that you keep the needs of your target audience in mind.

5.     Forget About Rejection

Rejection, especially as a novice writer, can be a very scary thought. It can let down your spirits and make you lose hope to some extent. In short, every writer has faced rejection at some point in their life and can understand that it can take a toll on their motivation and passion.

While constructive criticism must always be welcomed, you must not let less rejections let down your spirits. When it comes to traditional publishing, the fear of your work being overlooked and neglected comes side by side with baseless rejections.

However, self-publishing can save you from these troubles and many more in the long run. Since you can easily skip the submission and selection process, it does not take a lot of time for your work to reach the audience without the fear of rejection.

6.     Target Your Audience Effectively

Whether publishing with the traditional ways of exploring self-publishing, the importance of the target audience cannot be undermined. From identifying your target audience to engaging them, every writer understands that every step taken for the target audience is worth it.

Since you are working by yourself when self-publishing, you can take all decisions keeping your target audience in mind. Understanding the needs of your target audience can also help you direct your social media marketing and branding in the right direction.

This way, your audience can feel special, and you can gain popularity as an author who understands what your audience wants. After all, it is better to build a strong fan base with fewer people than to put effort towards pleasing every reader.

7.     Build Your Brand

One of the biggest benefits of self-publishing is that you can start building your brand and look at the bigger picture of your career as a writer. While traditionally published books can usually build a brand based on the performance of their previous work, self-publishers have nothing to wait for.

A well-established brand can help your readers identify you and what you represent. Hence, the readers understand what to expect from your book, and you can also build an authentic relationship with them. This process can be time taking, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Whether you have self-published a single book or already have several publications under your belt, you can start building your brand whenever you feel ready. Hence, all writers are recommended to try out sled publication to get to know better benefits.


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