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Do you need to write an essay but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, the web has led you to the right article that will help to cope with this issue. Here you will find some ideas on how to write a great college essay. These pieces of advice touch upon the main elements of a good paper and the way you can manage the process of writing to make it successful. You will avoid the most frequent mistakes and know how to write a really excellent college essay.

Take your time

Yes, we all know that students usually have things that are much more enjoyable to do than their homework.  Spending time in their companies of friends or peers can be so exciting it’ll make them forget about the deadlines. Because of that, the essays are often written at the last minute. Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to start working on your paper when the deadline is still far away, but only a few people actually do that. For a great essay, you don’t have to start writing long before the deadline. But it is extremely important to take a look at the instructions and determine how much time you really need to write your paper. It’s fine if you need a few hours to write and proofread the essay. But it can be very unpleasant to find out that you need to get a book from the library for your paper when it is 11:00 p.m. and the deadline for the essay is tomorrow morning. Or that you must approve the topic with your professor, and the deadline for that passed two days ago. You cannot buy extra time, but you can manage your schedule to have enough of it ahead.

Be attentive to instructions

Writing your assignment according to the instructions is very important because your grade directly depends on that. You are doing a great favor to yourself when reading instructions carefully. It is even better to review them a few times. Although you might think that you’ve understood the academic assignment right away, you can overlook some details that significantly impact your grade. It is very unfortunate when someone writes a brilliant paper and gets a lower mark because they have included one less source than required or used wrong formatting.

Prepare before start

You probably want to finish your essay quickly to have free time for your friends, hobby, or just some fun. Even church service can sound much nicer than having to spend hours writing. However, working just ten or five minutes more can help you ensure that your paper is of top quality. Think of ideas that you want to include. Make a quick draft, just for yourself, to think of how you develop them and what arguments you have to support them. You should have enough content to meet the target word count of your paper. It does not take much time but will be very beneficial for the result of your writing. Make this preparation your custom, and it will help you avoid lower grades and cheap, uninspired writing. Instead, you’ll have great original English papers.

Work on the structure

If your paper is more like scientific research than creative writing, it must have a strict structure. The standard order of elements in an academic paper is simple: it contains only three items:

  • introduction 
  • body 
  • conclusion

However, each of these parts has its own structure. An introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. It is a good idea to start it with a hook, something that can attract attention and make a reader interested. You need to provide some general information about the topic and its importance in the introduction. Finish the introduction with a sentence representing your thesis statement—the main idea of your essay that unites all arguments you provide in the body of the paper.

The body of the paper can have several paragraphs. Each one must represent only one idea and have at least three sentences. You have to start the paragraph with a topic sentence in which you describe its main idea. Then you develop this idea and show its relation with the main theme of your essay. You can provide quotations from other sources to support the topic sentence if the instructions allow. Finish the paragraph by summing up all the information in it.

A conclusion is the last paragraph of your paper. You have to start it by restating your thesis statement. After that, you sum up the main points of your work. It’s a good idea to write why your findings are important and how they can be developed further.

Ask for help or clarification

We all want to be smart in the eyes of people around us as well as in our own. But you shouldn’t be shy to ask for clarification when you don’t understand something. If the instructions aren’t clear or you have any doubts, just ask your professor. It is better to clear everything up and get a higher grade than be shy and lose points.

You can also ask your classmates for help. It could be a good opportunity to get to know the people with whom you study. You can work together and search for literature, which can make studying more fun. Moreover, it can be more convenient to ask your professor for clarification or assistance in a company of friends than alone.

If you need to write a paper from scratch for the first time and you’re intimidated by the long list of the requirements, you can ask for help from custom essay writing services for your college needs. Students from the UK and the USA who struggle to write good college papers often get help from professional writers. A potential customer of such services can easily find a website that is most suitable for them. An online expert can provide you with the best personalized writing assistance. It may help you understand how the finished essay can look based on your instructions.

The process of writing papers can seem complex at first. It’s partly true because everything is complex in the beginning. Take your time and get used to all this information. The rules for academic papers are not as difficult as they seem to be. Maybe you will need a little more time at first. However, these rules and details become natural to you when you gain some experience, and you will write essays and reviews as a professional academic writer. You can save the link to this article and come back to read these tips when you need to. And remember, the key to creating a great college essay is to have enough time and be attentive.


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