W!LD RICE’s Boeing Boeing brings Non-Stop Laughter and Delight to the Audience!

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W!LD RICE’s Boeing Boeing brings Non-Stop Laughter and Delight to the Audience! – Review

We have always been impressed with W!ld Rice’s productions, like La Cage Aux Folles, which was recently performed at the same Victoria Theatre in April to May. This time round is Boeing Boeing, which is another big hit for this local theatre production currently showing at the beautiful Victoria Theatre till 22 July 2017. 

The story is about Bernard, a handsome bachelor acted by Rodney Oliveiro who has been juggling his relationship with three different beautiful airline stewardess who are his lovers and they also live in the same apartment with him. He has been managing 3 of them successfully without any of his 3 lovers knowing about his affairs with the other women. Bernard has the help of his Filipino domestic helper Roza by Bibeth Orteza to manage his three girlfriends. 

Boeing Boeing 1

All three of Bernard’s girlfriends have different striking personalities, girlfriend 1, Jeanette, she is from Singapore Airlines, sexy, attractive and flamboyant even though she loves Bernard, she aspires to marry a billionaire which she shared her aspiration openly with Bernard. Girlfriend 2, Jayanthi, the charmingly beautiful air stewardess from Air India. She is a confident, determined and a no-nonsense lady. Finally girlfriend 3, Jin Jin, a romantic lovely air-stewardess from Air China who is sentimental, passionate and saccharine sweet lady.

Bernard’s life changing moment comes when his old university mate Robert by Shane Mardjuki from Kuching, came to visit him after 15 years. Bernard was eagered to share his fling story with Robert and bragged to him how he was a born organiser and managed to juggle his 3 lovers well. 

Boeing Boeing 2

Robert was impressed with Bernard’s good planning skills and not letting any of his 3 girlfriends know of one another existence.

Like all best laid plans, one day it will fail, and in this case, it is so hilarious to see how Bernard and Robert, with the help of Bernard’s domestic helper, Roza, try to prevent the ladies from meeting each other in the same apartment. Audience was roaring with laughter with the excellent comic timing and brilliant performances by the cast! Bravo! 

The individual cast is impressive and each portrayed his/her respective role and emotion very well. Kudos to the cast for their superb acting! Oon Shu An who acts as a typical Singaporean Ah Lian, Singapore Airlines stewardess Jeanette with a practical outlook on marrying for money and not love, Judee Tan who acts as an exaggeration of a China girl with strong PRC accent in Singapore is Jin Jin from Air China and the firm and in control Jayanthi acted by Sangeetha Dorai is the Air India stewardess.

They are supported by Bibeth Orteza who speaks with the typical Filipino domestic helper accent and of course the two male cast, Rodney Oliveiro and Shane Mardjuki who are excellent buddies on stage.

Wild Rice Boeing Boeing

All the above images credited to W!ld Rice

The storyline is easy to follow, there are lots of near misses which keeps the audience excited when one of the Bernard’s girlfriend almost bumped into the other girlfriend in this small bachelor pad and the two guys trying their best to keep the ladies away from each other.

In the end, all turns out well, Jin Jin fell in love with Robert and Bernard was more than happy to let her go because he decided to settle down with Jayanthi and Jeanette who is the ever practical money faced Ah Lian went to USA to marry a billionaire. 

It is truly an enjoyable show with interesting storyline and impressive cast! If you are looking for a night of fun comedy, Boeing Boeing is definitely one that you should not missed!

Hurry, get your tickets now Boeing Boeing is performing till 22 July 2017. 

To find out more and to purchase the details, please go to:


Boeing Boeing 

Show dates and time: 

Friday, 23 June – Saturday, 22 July 2017

Tuesday to Saturday: 8.00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 3.00pm


Victoria Theatre

Ticket Pricing:

(Excludes Booking Fee)

Preview (23 June, 8pm & 24 June, 3pm)

Standard: S$70, S$60, S$45


Tuesday – Thursday, 8.00pm

Standard: S$75, S$65, S$50


Friday & Saturday, 8.00pm and Saturday & Sunday, 3.00pm

Standard: S$80, S$70, S$55


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